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Sexy Mitali

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I was talking to a buddy of mine I knew in college.   We were a few states apart because I accepted a job in a completely new city; I thought it was time to start over.   We had the usual chit chat about each others boring lives.   His woman was being a complete pain in the ass lately.   He told me she would hold out on sex for months at a time.   He even said that he is enjoying masturbation as much as he did as a teenager.   I felt bad for the guy.

We had talks of starting a business together.   It had been our dream since we were freshmen in college.   Well, we talked for years about it, nothing ever being done about it.   Then one day, I said, FUCK IT!   I’m going to get the ball rolling.   I decided set it all up and get going!   Sandeep said that once the LLC was set up he would move out so we could venture into self employment together.

I called Sandeep up and told him that it was time, everything is set up.   Sandeep told me that he would be moving in a month, he had to sell his house and pack up all his junk.   He arrived on a hot and muggy day in early September.   We hugged and talked with great exuberance about how excited we were to finally be doing what we had dreamed of for years.

One day we were sitting at our computers drawing away when I asked Sandeep if he would give me a blow job.   “Only if you give me one first,” he replied.   I told him that I was kidding and just wanted to see what he would say.   “Why don’t we make it a threesome and have somebody else lick my ass!” Sandeep exclaimed after a few minutes.   I laughed it off and just kept working.   A half hour later the thought kept appearing in my mind; me sucking his dick while he got his ass eaten out.   I had to get that thought out of my brain.   I quickly started surfing the net for porn, anything to get my mind off it.   Luckily a client came in and we had our meeting that lasted till 5:00 and we closed up the shop and went out for a beer.

Sandeep and I went to a bar not far from the office and my house at Panaji-Goa.   It was a typical sports bar with lots of TV’s showing every game that happened to be on.   Our waitress came by and asked us if we wanted another round.   Both of us said yes, and after she left we started talking about what it would be like to fuck her.   I told him that I wanted to fuck her ass; he wanted to have her suck his dick.   She returned shortly and dropped of our pints, right before she walked off I said, “What are you doing after you get off work?”   “Probably go home and shower and watch a movie.” Mitali replied.   “How about after you shower you come over to my place and we can watch that movie together?” I retorted.   “Hmmmm, let me think about that one, I’ll let you know!” she said as she walked off.   Sandeep blurted out, “Preetam, she’s going to come over to your place!   You have to let me come over too!”   “Nah man, I gotta fuck her in the ass and she really doesn’t seem like the person who would want to be with two men.” I told him.   “OK, fine, you ass, just be that way.” Sandeep said.   I took a long drink of my beer and said, “I don’t even know if she is coming over, so let’s drop it till we hear what’s going to happen.”   We both finished our beers and Sandeep raised his hand to signal Mitali and let her know to bring us another round.   As Mitali was putting two more beers on the table she told us that she would come over but only if both of us were there and we both took a shower.   She said, “I get so horny when I smell fresh and clean men.”   I gave her directions to my place and paid our tab, I also gave her a huge tip. We both gulped our beers down and had visions of a night with Mitali, the hottest chick in town.

Sandeep and I left the bar and went to our respective houses to get cleaned up.   I took a shower and got my bedroom all cleaned up.   I hurried out to the living room and tidied up there too.   Lit candles and made sure the place looked great.   I was so excited that Mitali actually wanted to come over.   I couldn’t wait to stick my rock hard dick in her ass.   I’m sure she wants to do some DP.    Damn, this was some kinky shit.   “I can’t wait,” I muttered as I splashed on some cologne.

“Ding-Dong Ding-Dong,” went the doorbell.   I went and answered the door.   It was Sandeep who met me with a high five.   As he walked by he yelled, “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of this chick!”   We went and sat down in my living room.   I flipped on the TV.   “So what time is this shit gonna go down?” Sandeep said as he rubbed his hands together in excitement.   “She is supposed to be here at 10:30 !   I can’t fucking wait!” I exclaimed boasting a huge smile.

Shortly after 10:30 the familiar “Ding-Dong Ding-Dong” of the doorbell chimed.   “YES!” I yelled as I walked down the hall to let our guest in.   I opened up the door and there she was.   I thought to myself, “Holy shit, she looks 10 times as hot not sporting her work uniform!”   She was wearing white high heels, a white mini skirt, a light blue tube top that accentuated her C-D size breasts, her make-up was perfect, and her bleach blonde hair was up in a bun.   She had some bangs hanging down that she had tucked behind her ear.   Her skirt was so short if she bent over she would give any eyes that happened to be on her a peek at that pert ass.   “Well, are you going to let me in?” Mitali asked questionably.   “Oh, I’m so sorry; I was just basking in your beauty! Damn, you look so so so so good!” I praised.   I lead Mitali down the hall to my living room and said, “This is my humble establishment.”   Sandeep stood up and said, “Wow Mitali, You look great! You look so different from the bar!”   “Thank You!” Mitali said, blushing as she looked away.   I thought to myself, “Hot, Sexy, Shy, I hope she’s a freak!”

“So, what movie are we going to watch?” Mitali asked glancing over my way.   I looked back and said, “Any movie you want, go pick one out” I directed her to my closet where I stored all of my DVD’s.   She walked over to the closed and let out a moan and a huff.   “You have too many to choose from!” Mitali yelled out.   Sandeep and I looked at each other making sex faces that we imagined she would soon be making.   A few minutes after looking over my selection Mitali returned to the living room with a DVD in hand.   “What did you pick?” I asked as she walked by towards the DVD player.   In a sexy voice she said, “It’s a surprise.” And she winked at me.   “OK, you want a drink to go with that surprise?” I asked.   She replied, “Yeah, you got any rum?”   “Of course I do, would you like 151 or spiced?” I asked walking by to go get her the drink.   “151, I love it hard!” She exclaimed.   I couldn’t believe that she wanted that strong of a drink, I thought to myself, “I’m gonna get her drunk and go nuts.”

I returned with drinks for all.   We all leaned back on our chairs as I pushed play.   The movie had started and then what happened next made me spit out my drink!   She had picked out a porno!   I couldn’t believe it!   The first time we ever met outside the bar she starts watching porn.   “Wow this is some beautiful girl!” I thought in my head.   She had picked out “ Come in my ass” one of my favorite movies.

“Do you guys want to do some stuff?” Mitali asked, after watching less then two minutes of fucking.   “Oh God yes!” Sandeep blurted out.   “Lets move to your bedroom and get comfortable.” She said.   We all got up and walked to my master bedroom.

She walked over to the bed and lay down on my comforter.   She looked seductively over in our direction and raised her hand and called us over with her pointer finger.   We both started walking over as she pulled off her tube top.   She was sitting spread eagle and he skirt had rode up so high we could see her exposed pussy glistening with wetness.   I sat down next to her and leaned in to kiss her and she accepted my lips and we joined in a passionate kiss.   Sandeep sat on the other side of her and started massaging her leg’s and breasts.   She let out a sensual moan and broke our kiss.   “Do you want to fuck me?” she innocently said.   We both started nodding our heads.   “OK, you can but I want to see something first.” She purred.   “Preetam, I want to see you suck Sandeep off” as she pointed right at me.   My head started racing, thoughts of me sucking dick flashed back in my head from earlier.   “I can’t believe she said that!” I thought.   “I want to watch you suck his rock hard dick, then after a bit I want to lick his asshole.   I love licking an asshole while a guy is getting head!” She exclaimed excitedly jumping up on her knees.   Sandeep and I just looked at each other in disbelief.   I looked down at the bulge in Sandeep’s pants and thought, “If that’s what it’s going to take to fuck her ass, I’ll do it.”   I stood up and started to strip.   I told Sandeep, “You better start stripping to so we can get this party started!”

When I turned around Sandeep was laying back on the bed spread eagle, his bonner standing to attention.   I slowly walked forward, my head was filled with thoughts, I was franticly trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.   I got on the bed and lowered my face towards his meat.   I wrapped my lips around his 8” cock.   It didn’t really taste that bad as I had imagined earlier.   I stared bobbing up and down and then swirling me tongue around his head.   I glanced up and Sandeep had his head back on my headboard, eyes closed, and a look of pure pleasure on his face.   I kept going, taking more and more of his cock in my mouth.   I took all of his meat in my mouth and I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat.   I kept going; I grabbed his balls and started playing with them.   My pace was getting fast and furious.   Sandeep was moaning and he sounded like he was on cloud nine.   I was so into Sandeep’s cock I forgot about the beautiful women sitting on the other side of the bed.   I slid my lips to the top of his dick and started sucking like a lollypop and I looked over at Mitali.   She had removed all of her clothes and was rapidly fingering her pussy.    Her eyes were almost all the way closed and she was in a dazed state.   When she noticed I was watching her she stopped and said, “It’s time for me to lick some ass!   Sandeep, get on all fours Preetam, you get under him and keep working on his dick, you are looking like you are doing such a good job, and it looks so hot!”   We both did at we were ordered.   I was now under Sandeep sucking away and Mitali was sitting on my stomach eating Sandeep’s ass.   I could feel her playing with her clit.   But all I can see is Sandeep’s huge cock.   After a few more minutes she started sliding her ass towards my rock hard dick.   She put her pussy right on my dick and slammed it all the way in, in one thrust!   She was riding my cock while tonguing Sandeep’s asshole.   I couldn’t believe any of this was happening!   Then all of a sudden, Sandeep shouts, “I’m going to cum!”   “Preetam, don’t swallow all his hot cum, I want to share with you!” Mitali yelled out.   No sooner than she stopped talking Sandeep shot his load in my mouth.   Gob after gob of his hot semen was being pumped into my mouth.   I tapped Sandeep, he took the hint and rolled off of me and then Mitali fell down on my chest and we met in another long and passionate kiss.   At first I could taste a little of Sandeep’s ass, but it quickly went away when we rolled over and now all the semen fell into Mitali’s mouth.   “Mmmmmmm!” she moaned as she pushed the sperm back into my mouth!   We swapped Sandeep’s sperm for a few more times before she swallowed all of it in one gulp!   “That was amazing!” I cried out.   “Don’t you want us to cum?” Mitali asked.   “Fuck yes I do!” I exclaimed.   I took my dick and shoved it in her ass.   She yelped in pain at first.   I didn’t stop pumping my cock in her ass.   She cried out, “Preetam, you’re hurting my asshole!”   “Shut the fuck up bitch, you’re gonna take my cock in your ass, there is nothing you can do about it!” I yelled as flipped her over on all fours and I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.   I ordered, “Now I want you to start sucking Sandeep’s dick!” Sandeep jumped up and stuck his now hard cock in her mouth.   “That will shut you up” I murmured out.   I was going to town on her ass, and by this point her hole had warmed up to the size of my 7” cock.   I kept pounding furiously on her tight asshole.   “I’m going to cum” I exclaimed.   Mitali took her mouth from Sandeep’s dick and said, “I want you to shoot your load in Sandeep’s mouth!”   Sandeep just looked at me and raised his shoulders to say, why the hell not.   So I pulled my cock out of her ass and gave it a slap.   I stood up and shoved my dick right in Sandeep’s waiting mouth. I grabbed his hair and started to fuck his face.   Damn, “He is a good cock sucker!” I thought.   When I was ready to cum I told Sandeep, “Here it comes!”   I started blowing my load right in his mouth.   Either he is a fast learner or he’s done this before because not a drop of jizz came out his lips.   He sucked me dry.

“Wow, what a night!” I said.   “No shit!” exclaimed Sandeep.   “I had a great time!” Mitali chimed in.   After all the excitement we decided to cuddle and go to bed.   “Who knows what will happen next,” I thought as I spooned with Mitali.   As I was dozing of I could fell her jacking Sandeep off.   I couldn’t fall asleep with this going on.   “I had to be involved some how,” as I imagined what to do next.   This little beautiful girl will do anything.

I sprung up from bed and told Mitali to 69 with Sandeep.   “I want her on top so I can fuck you from behind!” I said.   She willingly obliged and got into position.   I moved in behind and just watched Sandeep lick her ripe pussy.   Her neatly trimmed back yard looked so inviting.   My cock was aching to get another chance at her ass.   I decided to stick my cock in her snatch to lube my dick before I have another go-around with her asshole.   “Sandeep, lick my dick as I fuck this little whore,” I ordered.   I started fucking her while Sandeep went back and forth licking Mitali’s clit and flag poling my rock hard meat.   Mitali was moaning with pleasure as I eased my dick in and out of her sopping wet love hole.   As I was pounding her pussy I thought it was time to get back in her ass hole.   With no warning I slipped my dick from one hole to the other.   Mitali let out a sharp cry at first but then she cried out, “Oh yeah, fuck my ass!   I want to come all over Sandeep’s face!”    I switched my pace up and started to assault her ass.   Every now and again my balls would slap Sandeep in the forehead and nose.   It felt so fucking great.   After a few more minutes of fucking Mitali said, “I need to feel two cocks in me!”   So we all got up and switched positions.

I said, “I want to keep fucking your ass.   Your asshole is so fucking fun to fuck!”   So I laid back on the bed and Mitali got on my dick reverse cowboy style.   This allowed Sandeep to get his manhood in her puffy pussy.   I was holding her shoulders forward and Sandeep and I got in a good fucking rhythm.   It was almost a stop, go, stop, go action.   Mitali was screaming and yelling, “Fuck me harder, OH YESSSS, you guys feel so great!   Don’t ever stop fucking me!”   I was getting so hot.   “I’m going to shoot my load in your ass! Get ready her it comes!” I yelled.   “Do it, give me your full load!” she replied.   Sandeep was still fucking her hard.   Right before I was about to jizz in her ass Mitali said, “I’m cumming, cum with me!”   That was all it took for me.   I emptied my balls in her bowels.   I was slowing my pace down when Sandeep started to cum, “It’s my turn, here comes my pearly cum!” We both pulled our dicks out of Mitali’s gaping holes and she stood halfway up and put her hand under herself and let our hot cum drip out of her abused holes and then she raised her hand and licked her palm clean!   “Boy’s that was great!   You both taste so sweet! Mmmmmm, I just can’t get enough,” she said as she went back for seconds.   Before she could say another word I walked over to her and set my halfway limp cock on her face and told her to lick it clean.   She wasted no time and took my whole dick in her mouth and cleaned my manhood off.

Something came over me and I leaned over and took Sandeep’s still hard prick in my mouth and started to give him more head.   “That feels so nice, keep sucking my dick!” Sandeep said.   I could taste Mitali’s lovely pussy combined with the salty/sweet taste of Sandeep’s seed.   I kept blowing him for just a few more minutes when Mitali inserted her finger in my anus.   I turned to look at her and said, “I’ve got a strap on dildo in my bottom drawer, go get it and fuck me hard.”   I turned my attention back to Sandeep’s dick and kept sucking his cock.    Mitali found the rubber dick and stepped into the harness and tightened it up.   I told her, “Grab some of that anal lube that’s in the same drawer and get right over here and fuck me.”   She put a few gobs on her new dick and spread it out.   I had spread my legs in anticipation of the ass fucking I was about to receive.   I felt the cold tip of the dildo press up against my hole.   “Slide that big boy in!” I yelled out.   She did just that and stuck all 10” up my hole.   I was now a pair of Chinese finger cuffs, taking cock in both holes.   Mitali got her pace up and was drilling my ass.   Every time her body hit mine it drove my mouth in and out on Sandeep’s cock.   It felt so good to be sucking on cock while being fucked by the most beautiful girl in town.   “I can feel my balls twitching, I’m gonna blow,” Sandeep exclaimed.   Mitali blurted out, “I want you to shoot your load on Preetam’s ass.   He needs more lube anyways!”   So Sandeep got up and jacked off onto my ass while Mitali never slowed down.   “Argggg, aahhhhhh!” Sandeep moaned as I felt his jizz shoot out onto my ass and into my spread cheeks.   It felt so warm and squishy.   I had to start jacking off.   I grabbed my meat and started beating off.   Mitali was really getting into this, she grabbed my hips and was yelling, “Take my cock your bastard!   Oh yeah, I’m fucking your ass now big boy! How the tables have turned.   Yeah, who’s the bitch now mother fucker!” Since Sandeep was just sitting there looking like he wanted to get involved, I suggested that he come over and suck my dick and make me cum.   So he got down on his knees and started sucking right away.   It felt so amazing, a getting fucked in the ass while getting a BJ!   I said, “Fuck, I’m cumming!” When Mitali heard that she said, “Don’t be greedy this time and let me have a little taste of that sweet cum!”   So Sandeep held all he could handle in his mouth and he got up.   I shot such a big load in his mouth that some semen ran out of his mouth and down his lips and chin.   When he got to Mitali’s mouth she rapidly licked it all up and they started swapping my hot cum in-between their mouths.   After a few more exchanges Mitali spat my whole load out onto my asshole!   I felt my load splash all over my ass and back.   Either Mitali knew that my ass had taken enough abuse or she just wanted to lick some more bung because she pulled out the dildo and got down and started lapping up all the cum off of my asshole and what had ran down my leg’s.   “You cum hungry beautiful girl!” I told her.   She just looked up at me with jizz all over her face and smiled, licking her lips.   I’ve never seen a bigger beautiful girl in my life.   She took off the strap on and tossed it on the ground.

After the great orgy we just had, I suggested that we go to take a shower and get cleaned up for bed so we could get some rest do some more fucking in the morning.   Both Sandeep and Mitali agreed that it was late and we should clean up and hit the sack.

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