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Sexy Maid Pooja

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

I was given a big house when I was appointed and transferred from Ahmedabad to Chennai as Bank Manager. I was appointed in the branch in the out skirt of Chennai. So instead of staying in some other area I opted to stay in the house which was less than 3 kilometers from my bank.

The house was on company lease by bank, and was solely used for manger’s residence only. The house was fully furnished with all amenities one need for a small to medium family. But, anyway, I was going to stay alone, because my wife and kids were already well settled in Ahmedabad, wife having her own State Government job and kids in 10th and 12th.

I settled my self in few days. I purchased some groceries and few other things to run my kitchen show. I am fond of tasty food and also know cooking. After few days I understood that I can’t run the show without a helping hand.

I decided I should have a house maid, to do all other work also. That day I went to my grocery man and discussed him about my need for some good house maid. Thinking he may be in touch with someone, because he is in contact with many people in the surrounding.

The other day he sent me one maid, I found her totally like a dirty slum dweller, I didn’t employ her. He sent me one or two other ladies also, but I found all not suitable to a reputation of Bank Manager.

I contacted another grocery shop, from where also I use to purchase few things. He told me that he has some one in mind and he will send her tomorrow to my place.

The other day early morning he came with a lady, she was neither good looking nor a bad one. She was just average looking type of lady, her physical appearance made her look more like a girl. She was little anemic also.

I welcomed both of them wearing a welcome smile. I asked them to settle on the dining table. The shop keeper was in hurry, he introduced her to me, saying she is Pooja, and she is a distant relative of a man who was working as accountant in their shop before five years.

He told me to discuss everything with the lady, and if you found her suitable employ her. He soon asked my permission to leave. I went up to main door to see him off, out of the house he told me that, sir, check her credentials well of your own, I will not be responsible for anything. I don’t know her directly, so I don’t take any responsibility.

I said, ok, don’t worry, I shall check everything before employing. He went. I came inside, and sit before her. I asked her many relevant things and gathered that, she is from a village far off from here about 100 kilometers and she had her husband handicapped due to accident, she has one child of 4 years, her husband’s parents also living with them.

They have small piece of land with farming of vegetables and other cash crops. The land was given by government as Brahmins are considered economically weaker section in that area.

Her husband though invalid, can work a little in the field with the help of some neighbors and everybody; her in laws also help them in doing the same, and all living side by side. To increase their income level and for future of child they wanted to settle in city, so she had come here.

She wanted some type of white collar job, but as she is not S.S.C pass, she can’t get such job, after failing to get such job she now understand that she has to do hard labor work only. She thought that a full time house maid job is not that laborious or below dignity for her.

I showed her the house, and made her know what my expectations were. I told her that, I wanted someone to cook and also do washing of clothes, cleaning utensils and also keep the house neat and clean.

I told her, that if you don’t have a house in the city, you can also stay here, till you bring your family in the city, you can have a separate room. A sign of happiness glitter on her face. I asked her can you do all these. She said, yes sir.

I told her to prepare lunch today, and if I find ok, I shall see if I can employ her. When I took her to kitchen and asked what will you cook, I found that she can cook only South Indian dishes. I told her that you will have to learn many Punjabi and continental dishes and also Gujarati food.

She asked who will teach me. I told her that I can teach her everything. I know all cooking. Sir, I am a fast learner, I can learn everything you guide me. I said ok. That day she cooked nice food for me.

I asked her salary. She told me she needs two thousand rupees. I agreed to her salary and asked from when you will join. She told me that she will come from tomorrow morning.

The other day she came with a small bag in her hand. That was Friday; she cooked nice food for lunch and dinner on Friday also. After dinner we sat on the dining table and asked her, to make list for groceries required. I gave her pen and paper, we both discussed and made brief list for the things required for few days.

I found her handwriting good and without spelling mistake and everything. I asked her why did you not finish SSC, she said her father died on the exam day of English, and she failed in that subject only, in all other subjects she has more than 60 marks.

I asked do you still wish to study further. She said, how its possible sir. I told her that, if she works hard she can do it, I will teach you. Later on you can also graduate from home, I added. She was astonished hearing all this. She said, sir don’t show me unreal dreams. I said, its not dream.

She asked, is it possible sir? I said, sure you can do it. Sir, will you teach me also? I said, sure I will teach you, I was teacher before I joined bank and I like teaching. She was happy, but soon she had tears in her eyes. I did solace her, by putting my palm on her palm.

She sobbed, I went near her, and caressed her back. She was not stopping; I sit in the chair next to her, and try to keep her quiet. She cooled down after a long; I asked her why you were crying so much.

She told me that her father had a dream that I graduate and get good job, But after father’s death, and because she could not pass S.S.C and due to poverty she was unable to go school again. And at that time, she cried to much and she was very sad that time, her mother did beat her when she insisted to go school, and now her mother was also not there, she remembered all these and that is why she was crying.

I wiped her tears, and brought water for her, I caressed her back while she was drinking water. She kept her one arm around me while I was caressing her. When she cooled down, I raised her from chair and told her to go in her room and sleep.

The other day was Saturday; I had only morning working hours, after lunch, we both went to market, on my motor bike. She was unable to sit properly on the bike; I leave the bike and took out car. We went to shopping we purchased almost everything as per list.

Last I took her to a ladies cloth stores selling ready made, which was little modern shop. I talked to a sales girl, to show few dresses. I selected few cotton Punjabi dresses for her and two to three different types of gowns and nighty also.

I showed those all to Pooja and asked her opinion about colors and styles of the same. She said they are good. I purchased and paid for the same. When we settled in car, I told her, Pooja these are all for you.

You need not wear sari in the home, this will be comfortable while working. She was in wonder, all for me sir? Sir, I don’t need these many. I asked, I am a Bank Manager, and you have to stay as per my standard, do you understand? She nodded her head and kept looking at newly purchased dresses like a small girl.

In few days she arranged the house so nice, no one can say this is the house maintained by a maid. I daily teach her one new recipe of Gujarati, Continental or Punjabi dishes; slowly she grasped many new things required for modern cooking.

I found that due to all hectic work loads, she was getting tired. She was anemic also. I sent her to Bank’s panel doctor; he advised her to take multivitamin tablets and asked to take healthy food and milk. I brought medicines for her and made it a practice for both of us to have a glass of milk two times a day. I like fruits too much, so I use to keep my fridge full of fruits. I told her to serve fruit dish after dinner for both of us.

I started brining family magazines and books, her English being good, she started learning soon. She tried different recipes from family magazines. To try most modern food, she wished to have a micro oven, I fulfilled her wish and brought one, the fridge provided by bank was small and older model; I got approval for fridge and micro oven both from bank authorities.

One month passed I gave her Rs.2000 as salary, and Rs.500 as bonus, I asked her to send all money to her husband and for her personal expenses she should take from the house hold expenses, which she use to maintain account for.

The other day, I asked, Pooja have you forgotten your studies. She said, no sir, I want to do it. I took out SSC English text book and other material for exam from my bag and showed her. She had all smile on her face. Her face has a new glow, the glow of confidence. The other day, she went home to give money to her husband and also brought her old mark sheet and school leaving certificate.

I being manager of the bank, arranged for her appearing in SSC exam to be held in couple of month or so. I taught her so good that she did well in the exam. Results were awaited. Now she concentrated more on home.

She arranged the whole house so well. On one hand the house looked lovelier and lively, on the other side, Pooja started showing up signs of improving health. Her colour turned from pale brown to fairer and redder at cheeks and lips. Her hair also started showing signs of good health becoming long rich and blackened due to staying with a rich family. Her health on the whole improved a lot. She started filling up flesh at desired place. She learnt to be careful about her body, skin and general health.

She noticed me using one and half hour for exercise yoga and meditation. Once she asked me to teach her few yogasans and necessary exercise suitable and required for women. She said that she will do it during noon. I taught her few yogasans which were good for women and explained the benefits of each.

Her face showed glittering with new smile and confidence, which she lacked when she first time came to my house. I thought she has already started doing yogasans and meditation. I confirmed this with her during dinner once. I was very happy to learn it. Though I have never treaded her like a servant, my regards for her increased as an enthusiastic learner.

Every month I use to go home at Ahmedabad for couple of days. She uses to visit her village during that time. She was so punctual about her work that, she was always back before I reach back. Every time I found her waiting for me at the door at the time of my arrival. Once, the flight was delayed too much. I have seen mixture of anxiety and pleasure both to gather when I reached home. I didn’t say anything that time.

She was very anxious about her results. She inquired with somebody and found when the results are to be declared. She was restless on the prior day and early morning of the results day. The results were declared and she was happy to see her results. We celebrated that day with sweets. She went to temple adorning her self in a beautiful way, I asked whether I leave her to temple. She refused gently saying that she want to go bare foot walking.

After receiving mark sheet I took her to University for filling up form for external graduation study with IGNOU. It was some 15 kilometers away to the other side of the city, because we have to pass through crowded city area I opted to take bike.

She was wearing a new Punjabi dress she looked so attractive in this dress. After five months of staying with me, she had learned many things; her language and her tone of speaking have changed drastically. Her speech and pronunciations also changed. Her information about her studies and everything was excellent.

She also learnt dressings and little bit of fashions from the magazines I use to bring for her. Medicines and good food showed more effect than expected. Her skin was glowing. She looked like hailing from a reputed family. No one can say that she is a servant at some place.

We filled up the form, paid fees and went to the curriculum section, where there was a lady for counseling, she made her understand how to study at home, I was also taking active part in discussion, and she gave all the information about the course and everything.

Pooja was still not sure how she can appear for exam without attending classes, and how she can study at home without help. The lady told to Pooja, that you have such a nice husband and he is taking so much interest in your study, you need not worry anything at all. You will sure succeed.

He will sure guide you and teach you, so you will have never any problem. Pooja and I both froze due to the counselor’s words ‘your husband’. I and Pooja looked at each other and smiled, the counselor was busy doing something at that time.

Pooja was going to say something, I put my palm on her thigh and pressed and looked at her, she understand not to clarify anything. She brought her palm on my palm and hold, I reversed my palm and we locked our palms to gather.

After thanking the counselor lady, we leave her room, and started going home. The weather changed suddenly when we reached on highway, it soon started raining heavy. It became difficult to see anything on the road, because it was Saturday evening. There was least traffic on the road, it was a barren road.

It became dark before sunset and the rain was pouring in cats and dogs. I asked, Pooja shall we wait on road side for time being. She said yes, no problem, if you cannot see the road, how can you drive? I took bike under a tree and took shelter there.

Under the tree also it was difficult to stay. We both were drenched to full, the rain slapping on us was unbearable. Pooja was standing next to me and she was shivering. She came closer to me and said sir let us find some other place.

I said wait, let us first cover ourselves with raincoat, I brought out raincoat from the bike and tried to cover both of us with it. To cover both of us we were required to be very close to each other. Her body was pressed in me. I held her to support her, at the same time there was a sudden thunder in the sky, and lightening looked like falling just next to us.

Pooja panicked and shout a loud with fear; she cuddled in me tight, her full body pressed in me, till now she was next to my left side, to cover her more and to cuddle in me she was required to come in front of me. We were fully in to each other now. Her boobs were crushed in me.

I recalled when we first got down from the bike, her full boobs were visible due to her wet clothes, and even her skin was visible from her top. That image brought tingling in my spine and I pressed her more in to me, and started caressing her back. She also started caressing my back.

Our heads were covered with raincoat. I raised her face and try to look at her face; sudden lightening made both us look at each other. I kissed her face, she responded with a kiss on my cheek. We started kissing each other furiously. She started pressing herself more and more in me.

I was hard, my cock was pressed on her lower naval. She was so much on fire that she was acting like she wanted to come into my body and due to that she was pressing and grinding her body in my body. We kept kissing each other lovingly and in between looking at each other eye in eye.

The rain intensity was reduced after half an hour of our cunnilingus now we were able to keep our head out of raincoat. We kept raincoat as a cover to our body. Only stray vehicles were passing on the road, no body was in need to care what we were doing on the road side standing in such heavy rain, with our bike standing lone next to us.

We were both into each other and just caressing each other. I raised her chin again and looked in her eyes and I said, Pooja, I like you. Pooja said sir, I love you and you are my man. I rose her holding her with a tight embrace; she responded by trying to rise her self keeping her full body pressed in me.

I put my lips on her lips and sucked them. I thought that she is from a village and ordinary family, so she may not be knowing how to kiss, so I gave full lips to lip rustic kiss, when I stopped, she started kissing my lip by first just licking my lower lip and than slowly caressing it, when I open my lips a little she took my lower lip fully between her lips and started sucking it lovingly. I was astonished with her fancy kissing style.

Soon I also changed my kissing style and took her upper lip between my lips and fondled her lip, slowly started sucking it. She was a nice kisser and she knew how to kiss in modern days. After having passionate lip kiss and fondling tongues in each other’s mouth, I let her stand on her feet. We kept in each other’s tight embrace and keep caressing each other.

We stayed like that for another half an hour, just kissing, caressing and fondling each other lovingly. When the rain stopped fully, I said, Pooja, darling let us go home and finish what we are doing after reaching at home.

When we reached home, I took the bike in the compound and we got inside the house and locked the main door, I dragged her in to my room’s bathroom. I started removing her clothes, she started unbutton my shirt, we were in our inner wears and I started hot water shower.

We started enjoying the hot shower and also started fondling each other, I looked at her beautiful boobs covered in the bra, her boobs were average size, but they were so tight and erect, even her nipple was beautiful because it was standing erect and the bra could not hide its shape. I took her in embrace and with my arms around her unhooked her bra.

Soon she covered her boobs with her palms. I went closer to her and lowered my self; started kissing and licking her skin around her boobs. I didn’t use any force to remove her palms, she needed to remove them, due to my pleasing kisses and licking around them.

She removed her palms and I started covering them with my mouth my palms and tongue, she was now moaning and caressing my head, the hot water was still falling on both of us. I removed my knickers and her panty. We were both stark naked.

I looked at her snatch, she was having thick heavy snatch of hair. I caressed her there with my palm, she moaned a loud and said sir please I can not bear it. I leave it and started sucking her boobs one after another and kneading the other while sucking the first one. Soon she was shouting sir, sir, sir; I said speak my name, Prakash.

She soon started calling me with my name and I started fingering her pussy. Soon she convulsed and buckled she had her climax too. I held her tight in me while she convulsed and climaxed. I stopped the shower, we wiped each other dry, and I took her to my bed without saying anything.

I make her lay herself on the bed, I settle between her legs, and came over her, my most of the weight on her, just my upper part raised to look at her face and her boobs. I caressed her face and asked her, Pooja sure you want me to do this? If you are still not willing I can stop from here.

She looked at me; she put her arms around me and said, before that lady presumed you as my husband, since very long I have started to think you as my second husband. You don’t know sir, what you are to me. Prakash you are everything to me, you are my soul, you are my savior, you are my man, you are my God.

When she said God, I put my palm on her mouth, and said Pooja never call me God. After saying this much she had tears in her eyes and she embraced me tight. Due to her embrace my full body was pressed on her, I took my arm between us and adjusted my hard cock to touch my cock’s head on her pussy.

I wiped her tears and kissed her eyes, kissed her cheeks and gave many more kisses on her face while adjusting my self to enter her womanhood.

Soon she widened her legs and took them up with her arms around each one. This opened up her pussy; I started to caress my cock head on her wet slit. She was looking at me intently and was enjoying the caress on her pussy inner folds. Her pussy started pouring juices on my cock head.

I tried to push my cock in her, she was tight. I started working hard on her sweet cavity, try to push and push and push and after trying very hard for quite a long, I could mange to get inside her just one and half inches, just bulbous head of my cock disappeared in her warm hole.

Keeping my cock head in her, I started making love to her. I started kissing her lips, pushed my tongue in her mouth, she started responding so well, she started some time sucking my tongue, some time sent her tongue in my mouth, some time try to probe my mouth with her tongue.

While doing that I started caressing her face, caressed her head, caressed her hair, caressed her shoulder. After long mouth sucking and tongue fucking in each other, I started kissing her face, kissed her cheek one after another, take her ear in between my lips and fondled it, kissed her neck.

While kissing her neck I started pushing my cock, she was already flooded with love juices, my cock started gliding in her, and I pulled it a little and pushed it in again. Again pulled and pushed with full vigor, I felt like breaking her barrier.

I wondered whether she was virgin! She started getting in to ecstasy I loved looking at her, while she was moving her head from one side to another side; I was on one side making love to her body lovingly and on the other side trying to push my full cock in her warm inviting pussy.

I loved the way her pussy was inviting my cock. Her pussy walls were acting like human intestines, pulling my cock inside by the movements of her vaginal muscles. I thought she has rare capability of doing this.

I kissed her shoulder and kissed her arm, I raised her arm and sniffed her armpit, her armpit was hairy, but she didn’t have foul smell, I kissed her there. Soon she responded with her giggles. Soon our pubic bones met, I pulled full cock out and sent it back at a stretch.

She has forgotten her pain and her ecstasy, she looked lovingly at me and started caressing me, her both legs entwined at my back, some time she use to leave them on the bed. I keep pull and push continuously and at the same time make love to her cute figure, and kiss her face, lips, eyelids, cheeks and chin.

Her skin looked like little fair, but was glowing and tight, she was having nice curves at every place, her boobs also nice shaped, as if boobs of a teen age girl. I loved to fondle them while my cock doing in out, in out.

Whenever I fondle her she also start caress me every where. Her soft small hand moving on my body, make me feel great. Her palm was very soft and she was doing that from the depth of her heart, I can understand from the feel of her palm and her facial expressions.

We both loved the way I was going inside her and pulling out, she was responding to each of my stroke, by pushing herself upward when I pushed in her, and that was making my shots more powerful.

She was building pressure in her, she wanted this game to last very long, I thought of giving her full pleasure by prolonging the game. I slowed down my pace and started licking her beautiful boobs.

First I tongue between her both boobs, from there I circled my tongue around her left boob, I allowed my saliva to drop more and more, that was making her boobs wet, now started licking the roundness of her boob leaving the nipples, than do the same thing with her right boob, this made her boobs completely wet.

I gathered her boobs with both my palms from both the sides, and started moving my face from one end to another end of her boobs, including her nipples. So, her full boobs were caressed with my face, my cheeks, my nose, and my lips everything caressing the set of her beautiful boobs with my saliva acting as lubricant. She loved it.

She said sir, sir, sir, I looked at her and caressed her face and lovingly asked, tell me how do you feel? She closed her eyes and said you are doing everything so nice. I said your boobs are so beautiful that I have to give them full justice.

I again started licking those beautiful boobs with my tongue and allow more saliva to drop and soon again started caressing them with my face, while doing all these I keep pulling and pushing my cock in her vaginal cavity with deepest of strokes, hardest of strokes.

Soon she was convulsing, she stiffened her body, she stopped moving and doing anything, her eyes closed, her lips locked, she was in some other world. She circled her legs around my thighs and locked them making me unable to move.

I stopped doing anything except just looking at her cute little face. I leave the boobs and take support of my arms to keep my self little raised to look at her. I kept looking at her like that for a long time. Later, I lowered my face to kiss her sweet innocent face.

As I kissed her she opened her eyes, she embraced me tight with her arms around my neck and started kissing my face nonstop for few seconds. Soon I started pounding her again, this time I went very fast and hard, my ejaculation was impending, and I soon wanted to cross the line.

I pounded and pounded and pounded, that make her to build the pressure again, soon I was on the verge of ejaculation, I give few more stokes with one of her boob in my mouth, and soon I sent my first wad of semen in her, other to follow soon, before I sent another one my first hot stream made her to cum again. We both now cumming to gather and I went on sending spurt after spurt of hot baby making semen in her.

I was spent, I fall on her, and soon she started caressing me. She caressed my back, another palm caressing my face, wiping sweat from my forehead and caressing my shoulders, and embraced me tight.

Soon I was passed out, I lay over her for quite a long time, when I opened my eyes, and looked at her she was looking at the ceiling in deep thoughts. I caressed her face and asked, what are you thinking Pooja? She smiled and said, nothing sir. I kissed her cheek and said, Pooja darling you should not hide anything from me. Tell me what were you thinking?

She looked in my eyes. Smiled and said, please come on this side. Sorry, you must be feeling weight I said. I came on her right side. Our embrace was little broken. She doesn’t want to have space between us. She came closer, pressed her self in me.

She kissed my chest. She started caressing and feeling every manly muscles of my body. Her touches made my hormones boil. My cock started growing. She felt it, she looked up at me. She brought her one arm around my neck and pulled me near her.

She kissed my face; she slowly and sensually started showering kisses all over my face. She said, Sir I love you so much, with the last word she kept her lips on my lips and we started having a new love making session of lip lock kisses.

When we finished the mammoth kissing session, I caressed her face and said, Pooja darling, this was not the thing you were thinking. So don’t try to hide. She said, sir I will tell you everything in details. But that will be later on. She caressed my face and said just now I know my darling is hungry.

When she finished I took her in embrace and showered her with mighty kisses all over face neck, shoulders, while getting her showered with my kisses she shudder and came closer to me and pressed her self in me cuddling tighter and hiding her face in my hairy chest.

She said you have made my life sir. Sir, you taught me cooking nice food, you taught me wear modern clothes, you taught me speak nice language, you made me SSC pass, and now you are dreaming to make me graduate. Sir, you are the man, I was dreaming when I was a teenager.

She sobbed a little, I caressed her, her tears were making my chest wet. I held her tight and brought her over me, she was light weight, I raised her face and looked in her face. Pooja till the time I am here, you live the life of a queen, forget everything, I will be here for next 3 years. I want to see new Pooja living with her head erect. She was all happy and caressing me and kissing me every where.

I was hungry now, I told Pooja, let us get up, I want to go market and bring few things for us, till than you make food for us. Afterwards, I went to market and purchased few things, we were going to have great time ahead.

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