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  • September 9, 2015

My Name is rehan. I m 21. Basically I am from Islamabad, Pakistani m 5.9 in height with an athletic body I want to share my story with u. I have a girlfriend. Her Name is Shazia. She is also of 24 & she lives in near our house in Gujrat. She is the sister of my friend. Shazia is very beautiful girl with 34, 25, 34 figures. Her Height is 5 feet & 7 inches. She has nice boobs. Her skin is like a silk. We are interested in each other from the last few years. Shazia is also the friend of my sister. She often comes to see my sister. Especially, When I come back at home on leave. So, this interesting incident took place, when I came back at home on Bkara Eid. Eid was on 6th of March this year. On the very next day of Eid, Shazia came to see my sister but infect She had came to see me. Fortunately, My Sister was not at home & my parents were also not at home. Parents were out to see our relatives.

Now the story starts. On 7th March 2001 at about 11:00 am our door bell rang. I rushed to the door & there I saw Shazia with her little nephew. His nephew went back after leaving Shazia at the door. She asked me about my sister. I asked her to come inside. She came in & I told her that Sister is out to see some of her colleges. She asked me that when my sister will come back. I replied that she will come back in half an hour. So she decided to wait for her. I asked her about Cold Drink & Tea. But She said took nothing. I was waiting for this great chance for the last few years. Shazia was looking gorgeous & sexy in tight printed Shalwar Qameez. We were just talking about ourselves & Shazia was asking me that why not I see her daily on the roof. I replied her that I love u & like u. At this Shazia smiled & she also has same condition. After talking few minutes, I got courage & touched her hand & she took it normal. Then I came near her & said that Shazia I love u very much & then I tried to kiss her lips But She resisted at this & asked me that What I m doing? She got confused & stood up. But I told her that we both like each other & such chance will never come again.

So please Let us enjoy these golden moments of life. Then I kissed her beautiful lips passionately & she also responded me well. It was feeling very good. Meanwhile I was doing massage on her back & her whole body was shivering. She was also feeling good. Then I put-off her Qameez & She was wearing nice black colored bra. I kissed her boobs over the bra. She felt that good. Then I removed her bra & took her boobs in my hands. Those were nice & sexy. I took her right boob in my mouth. Shazia said Ohhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssss its great. Then after few minutes I took second one in my mouth & I suck it for about 5 minutes.

She was moaning as Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooood ccccccccccccccccccccc Her Boobs were becoming hard. She was enjoying it a lot & she was saying Ohhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhh that’s good Ikhlaque. Then after sucking her boobs, I went her lower part & my goodness that there was Elastic in her Shalwar which made my job much easier. When I tried to pull her Shalwar down, she tried to stop me. But I did not pay attention on her saying. She was not having panty. I grabbed her sexy butts & she responded me nicely. Actually she was also enjoying this entire situation. Then I took her on my bed & I started licking her sweet pussy. Shazia said Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooo Hhhhhhhhh Ply Ikhlaque Leave me Ahhhhhhhhh. Her juices were coming out of her sweet pussy. She was rolling over my bed & I was looking all this. I was enjoying this entire situation. Now she was looking very Horney & She was looking for something in her pussy. Then I put-off my T-shirt & then My Pants & underwear. She saw me nude & this was her first time that she was looking any male nude in front of her. She was feeling very mush shame on looking me nude. But I tried to maintain her confidence. I kept on kissing her whole body & then I asked her to suck my 8 inches cock. But she resisted on it & I said Ok. I was already very much in form..

My 8 inches cock was hard like rock. But she touched it with her hand & said that Ikhlaque it’s very hard & long. She asked me that what I will do with that. I replied her that Darling It will give u great joy. She asked me that How it will give joy. I replied her that I will enter this cock in your pussy & U will enjoy it. At this Shazia said but My Pussy is mush tiny & this is long & thick. I satisfied her by my reply & she got agree but also requested me to do that gently. I said ok. Now both of us were totally nude & I layer her on the bed. I put a Pillow under her Butts & I came over her. I opened her legs & tried to enter my penis in her tiny pussy. When I just entered the head of my dick in, She cried Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ikhlaque please do not do it. Its horrible. But I told her that As its urs First time & thats why u r feeling pain but after sometimes U will enjoy it. Then She again got satisfied & I came near her & directed my dick into her pussy & this time I entered that in a jerk. Shazia cried Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Mar Gaeeee Ohhhhhhhhhhh Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Ikhlaque Bara Dard Ho Raha Hay. Mujh say Naheen Ho Ga Please Stop it Ikhlaque. She was crying loudly aaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hay Bara Dard Hota Hay ccccccccccccccccccc. But I continued my job. Her eyes were full of tears by that Pain. Then I said her Ok. I just come. I went & took some Oil. I applied some on my cock & some on her pussy. Then again I entered & She again cried ccccccccccccccccc aaaaaaaaaaaaa . Actually She was Virgin & Her inner seal was torn by my cock’s strokes. But after applying Oil, Her pain was reduced as compared to the prior one. Now Shazia was also enjoying all this. I was applying Big Strokes on her pussy & She was also enjoying them.

The whole room was full of her screams & I was also enjoying her moans & screams. Meanwhile She come twice & after sometimes I also got speed, my strokes automatically were fast. Shazia was crying Aahista Please Slowly Ikhlaque & then I came with great force & My whole Semen was on Shazia’s Belly & Boos. She checked it by smelling it. Now it was almost 12:00am & I knew that My sister is now just to come back. So I thought Its enough for today. I laid over Shazia. She was also looking happy & satisfied. After Few minutes We got up & I saw that Bed-Sheet & Pillow both were red. These were red due to the blood of Shazia’s Pussy. We rushed to the bathroom, washed ourselves as well as Bed-sheet & Pillow. After that We came 2 the drawing room & again started talking. At 12:15am door bell again rang I went 2 the door. Yes There was my sister. I told her that Shazia is waiting for u & then I left the home to see my friends. This great & lovely incident was truly remarkable & After this incident Me & Shazia often arrange such meetings whenever we get some chance. I request u people i.e readers to please send me views that How did u find my this story.

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