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  • August 30, 2015
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Writer: Vicky

Hi to all desipapa readers Vikky here again with my real incident with my wife’s behan. I am not a good writer so sorry for mistakes first of all I will like to introduce myself. I’m 41 years old from Delhi and like married lady. I don’t believe in emotional relations except my wife belive in Fuck and Forget. This real incident happened around 3 months back.

In my last story I told you how I made relations with the wife of my brother in law. Now as I promised you to tell that how I fuck her sister too, I write here. I made my relations with my sister in law Suman many times. 3 months back I have to visit officially at her town for a day only. So I decide travel to her town by my car (200km away) but till evening I could not finish my work in office so after talking my MD

I decide to stay there only so that I could finish my work next day. Then I ring to my wife and told her the situation. Then I visit to house of my in laws for stay. But did not inform them so that I could surprise them and when I reach there elder sister of my sister in law (Poonam) open the door. She wishes me and we reach inside. When my sister in law seen me, I feel she her more then happy.

I could not understand first. But when I ask for my brother in law, she informs me the he had gone out of city for 2 days. Then I understand but also disappointed that I got so good opportunity but will be fail due to her sister. Then we had chit-chat for some time. I will like to tell you about her sister (Poonam) also, I will not say her sex bomb but good looking married lady after chit-chat around 1 hrs.

We take dinner. When Poonam goes to bathroom, Suman told me that she will reach in my room after sleeping the Poonam. I was happy for that. Around 11pm we leave to our bedroom. They both were in her bedroom and I was in another. After waiting around ½ hrs due to tiredness I sleep but both of them having some chit-chat till that time. I night Suman came to me and arouse me.

We huge and kiss each other. Both of us were waiting for this time and involved in sex. But unfortunately she forgets to lock the bedroom. After some time we made necked each other and go for 69 position and she was moaning. We involved in each other so much that we could not recognize that her sister also awake and I was outside our bedroom. After listening our moans she stay outside and seen us involving in sex.

I came to know latter that she was standing outside around 15-20 min before entering the room. When she enter the room and seen us in bed necked, she shout her sister. What are you doing Suman have any ashamed? After listening her voice be both scared. Suman told sorry to Poonam and begged her for not to say her hubby or any other person. But Poonam shout again to her as well as me. I was quit on bed. I see that in between she was seeing my thick cock from her side.

After requesting around 10min. Poonam told that she will not say anything to anyone but there will be one condition. Suman agreed for any condition. Then Poonam told that only and only condition is that Suman will stay in her bedroom and Poonam will stay in my bedroom all the night. We both were surprised. We see lust in her eyes. Listening that I jump to Poonam and lip-locked

Suman also requested to stay in same bedroom but Poonam shouted her again. After requesting so many times she agreed but told that she could come in this bed room only after 3 hrs and told her if you want to see us we will not lock the room and can see us from her bedroom. After which Suman leave us and we both hug each other I kissed her neck and press her large boobs from her top.

Then slowly I removed her top and suck her nipples, in between I loosen the thread of her salwar. Which was slipped down I see her without any bra panty (fully necked). She was looking stunned beauty. I kissed her again and suck here boobs for some times. She was playing with my cock. After some time we were in 69 position. She was moaning loudly.

Because she knows that now one is in home except Suman. Who knows all and we were around 1 hrs in 69 position. She cum 3 time in between and I cum once in her mouth. She says that her hubby never sucks her and neither she sucks him. She was crazy then I leave her request her to allow Suman also to come in room. Then we call to Suman also in the room.

But Poonam already told us that I will not fuck Suman today night. Now I was ready to fuck Poonam. I position my cock at the entry of her pussy and push slightly. Head of my cock goes inside in slippery pussy but stuck then. On pushing heavily my cock was inside her pussy completely but she shouts loudly “bahanchod fadega kya? Itna mota lund liye huye hai.

On listen these words I was excited. I begin to move slowly first and then faster. She was moaning loadly. In between Suman come and sit in her head facing to me. Now I was fucking hard to Poonam and Poonam was sucking Suman’s pussy and Suman was lip-locked with me after fucking hard around 25 minute. I came inside her pussy in between Poonam cum 2 times and Suman 3 times. After that we slept on each other around 10 minute then

Suman requested to Poonam to allow her to be fucked once with me. She agrees and then I fucked all the night both of them and slept necked around 5am in the morning for 3hrs around 8 am Poonam awoke us. We all were nude in bed. I huge both of them and leave to bathroom. Then we bath together. There I again fuck both of them and come outside. Then they leave to prepare breakfast.

I have leave for my office so I agree but told them to be necked till I leave to office. They both agreed and told me also to be necked. The both preparing some snacks I goes to kitchen and seen them necked. I was horny again. On seeing my cock Poonam smiled and say that your Jr. seems hungry till now. Listening this I come on back on Poonam and kissed her. She takes support of kitchen slab and pushed her ass on my cock.

Now her pussy was in front of my Jr. again. I pushed hard in the pussy and fuck her again. Till then Suman completed the snacks and told us to come to dining table. We sit there and begin to take our breakfast. In between Suman comes to me and sit on my cock. Now I was pressing her boobs and finishing our breakfast. She was rubbing her pussy on my cock. After some time my Jr. was probing her juicy pussy.

I push my Jr. to her pussy. She turned immediately and sit on my cock facing me. Now she was fucking me hard. We both were moaning load and Poonam was enjoying our seen. She fucked me some times and we both cum together. After washing us I leave to office around 12 in noon. This was awesome tour of my life. I will like to get your responses specially female mail me at

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