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  • August 31, 2015

Warm welcome to dear readers. After reading the stories in this wonderful site,I cant resit my feelings to share my unexpected experience with my a lovely lady Nithya. She is 28 years very beautiful lady. She is the wife of my close friend Raghu.We are good family friends and I did not have any bad? thinking of Nithya. I used to visit them with my wife and kid and spend some time with chatting.

Last year Rahgu had to go to Malaysia for an assignment for six months. It was a good opportunity. But he hesitated a lot to go as his wife and his mother would be alone here. We encouraged him to go as we would help them when they were in need and asked her wife to feel free to ask anything they wanted. At last he planned his trip hesitatingly and asked me to look after them. I suggested to purchase a PC so that he could chat with his wife and made her feel his presence and caring. He agreed and purchased a PC. Two days after his departure, I rang up to his house and asked Nithya how the things were going on. She told me everything was fine and promised to call me if she needed a help. In the week end (Saturday) she rang up to my office and told me that her computer was giving problem. Whether I could come over there to set her PC Ok. I gladly accepted and told her that I would come in that evening around 4. Truly speaking I did not think anything otherwise. So in the afternoon I went to my house and took my wife and went to her house as they could pass some time. On reaching the house, I rang the doorbell and nobody answer for few minutes though I could hear some movements inside. We waited and the door opened.

There I could see Nithya in a Nightie and the smell the nice perfume she used. She invited us inside and I attended the PC and found one of the adopter was loose. While setting the PC, the power went off. So I could not verify. As my hands were dirty I went inot the bathroom to wash my hand, I found a lovely and semi transparent nightie on the hanger. It was new one. I could not visualise why? I little bit confused as I never saw her in such dress before. We waited for an hour and the power was not restored. So after having tea, we left with a promise I would come over there on Sunday afternoon to set it right. I reached her house on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 and Nithya opened the door with the nightie yesterday I had seen in the bathroom. It is a semi transparent and I could see her black bra and pantie. My dick began to raise his head on seeing her. She closed the door as I stepped in after detaching my eye from her with difficult. I went straight to her bedrood and open the PC. It was perfectly alright. She asked me to teach her. What a man can do when a lovely lady with the sexy dress asking to teach her. But with great difficult I composed myself calm and asked her what do u want. I dont want to spoil the friendship for this. Suddenly on Yahoo messenger Raghu called Nithya.

I asked her to chat with him and started leaving. But she hold my hand asked me to stay there and help her in chatting.On her touch my dick was troubling my shorts. Raghu started sending messages. After asking health of all, he bgan to ask about me. She seemed to be nervous as she typed Ok. The next message he asked was not imaginable. He asked whether she fucked me. She told “no” . I could not control myself and put my hand on her thigh. She added “Yesterday he came with his wife. So I could not have a try. I will try in the next time”. I was totally out of control. I put my hand around her body from backward and she laid back and my dick was pricking her back.

I could feel the heat of her body. I was not at all in this world. I slowly planted a kiss on her cheek. I made her standup from the stool and turned her around and planted a kiss on her mouth. Her tongue probed my tongue. She pressed her body on me and I could feel the twoo sponges on my chest. We stayed like that for two minutes. Suddenly the thought of Raghu came into my mind and he was waiting and asking : R u there”. She moved towards the computer but before that I reached that “Dhobi has come. i will contact u after some time” She told me ” why r u telling lies? He wont mind. In fact he only suggested this idea. ” I told her ” leave it and let us have what u need”. I took her to the bed and laid her. She closed her eyes as I laid beside and hugged her. I opened the nighty and began to caress the lovely balls over the bra. She moaned and her hands fumbled over my zipper.She opened the zipper and caressed my tool over the underwear. It trying to tear the underwear. I got up and removed my clothes and she removed her clothes. Now we r both fully naked. I took her tits in my mouth and rubbed her pussy. It was wet. She was making quick sounds s that made me more horny.

But I wanted to play for long. I moved my face down and rubbed my face over the pubic hair over love triangle. She wriggled and moved her hands through my hairs and uttered something I could not understand and need not understand. She parted her legs and I could see the lovely cunt.I cupped the underlips with my lips and brushed it with my lips. She pressed my head into her pussy.I slowly opened the lips of her pussy with mine and insert my tongue. It was hot and sweet. I moved her butts here and there and suddenly upward and I could feel the love juice. I try to drank all. She moaned “I want the big tool now. Put it inside. Fill me with ur juice”. With a slow movement I moved my head to her tits and my penis over her pussy. I made slight touch over her pussy and moved my body gently so that it brush over her pussy. She could not bear that. She begged ” Dont do it. I could not wait”. While doing that second time she captured my penis with a upward thrust of her butts and held me tight with her legs round my butts. She squeezed me with her legs and I could not move. We laid like that for a minute. I could feel the contraction of the vaginal lips over my penis.

After that she let me a little loose and I started pumping madly and sucking and playing with her balls. She was screaming .After 10 minutes of pounding, I was about to come.She squeezed me with her legs and huddered. We laid ther for another 5 minutes and then cleaned and dresed up. I promised whenever she needs me she could call me and we should stop when her hubby came back. She agreed. I advised her though her hubby allowed her have sex with me, not to tell him about this. It may create some problems to her in future. So I asked her to tell Raghu that I seemed to be not interested in Sex and she was managing with masterbation. She agreed. We used have sex atleast once in a week in different position till Raghu came back. I even fucked her in doggie style while she was chatting with Raghu. After Raghu’s return when we met, we used recall our wonerful experience with smile but never make any move to continue as it would spoil our family in future. If any ladies want to be a friend and want any help like this may mail be at All will be confidential and the same will be expected

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