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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi my name is sam.i am here to share my true experience.I live in chennai. I study in a reputed college , here is a girl whose name is Riyaa(name changed for need of privacy) she is very innocent girl with extreme beauty and have a fair appearance . i was interesed in her ,so i made freindship with her . now when after one month she became a close freind of mine . one thing i want to say that i am sure that she didn’t knew about sex at all. i wanted to exploit her this ignorance . but how to do it i was not getting any idea . but one day she came to me and told that , she was very upset .

Then i asked the reason . then she told me that every one in her house , behaves her like child , no one thinks that she has grown up now . suddenly a brilliant idea came in my mind . firstly , i expressed my compassion for her and then told her ,”iam sorry riyaa but , actually u r not grown up , u should accept it.” now she became furious and cried “what do u mean by grown up , tell me . iam grown up girl .my age is 18 years , and this is not the age of child , u r my freind and u also telling that i am not grown up . “she began to weep . i understood that she was very upset due to childlike behaviours from her home. this was the point from where my plan stared to work . i told her ” look . have patience it is true that u r not grown up . but if u want to become gownup girl u will have to do something very special “.

Then she asked what she should i do ?. i told her to promise that if u want to become grown up girl . will u do whatever i will tell u to do? . she told she can do every thing for being grown up . then i told her to come to my home on a fixed day . let me tell u one thing that i live at my home alone ,to study here in chennai,as my parents and siblings are in bangalore .

so riyaa came to my home the fixed day.we spoke for some time and slightly she asked me what to do to grow up? i said i’ll make u up,but u should hardly say it out,she agreed and i went close to her and caught her face she smiled at me ,i was gone mad with that smile and kissed her tightly holding her head she didn’t show any reaction but kept quite for some time and pulled my head after a minute and asked me is this how to grow up?,

i said its just starting ,she said okay continue,i was full of joy that she had known something and also like to do something with me,i kissed her for about 20 minutes tasting her juicy saliva and she too enjoyed the kiss to great extent. then i started to unbutton her shirt .i could not control myself i pulled it so it tore apart . now i told riyaa is she ready for becoming grown up , she replied yes shyingly .i fearsingly tore her panty and i freed her big fleshy boobs from her bra . Now a fairy complete nude was standing in front of me.i told her to suck my cock she obeyed me and sucked it then i started pussing my cock in to her mouth,and i pussed it harder,she gagged . then i cummed in her mouth ,now i entered my cock into her pussy she yelled like hell and it waas a great experience to both of us and her pussy was a bit wet and it was very narrow ,then i priclked her boobs and she released the passage to her hole so now without wasting my time i entered my cock deep in her hole and she became horny she started to moun OOOOOOOMMMMM OOOOOOHHHH OR JOR …. SSSSSEEEEEE…..OR AAAAAHHHHH OOOOOOOMM.

i then started to move up and down she to moved as i did and she was enjoying it a lot and after about 10 min i cummed in her pussy and both kissed and lied on the bed for about 1 1/2 hr,and we did it again after sometime later ,but this time she was much matured and she took me off guys ,but this was a great experience to get on by a girl ,a young innocent girl had sex with me with a horny and fiercing force,then we slept for sometime on each other.she told it is very enjoying ,she want do it again and again . Beleive friends fucking riyaa was like fucking a fairy , if any girl in chennai (aunties within 35 y.of a) want any type of relationship with me then please contact me to my e-mail id

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