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Sexy Friend Ke Saath Maze Liye

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hello friend from the response which i got for the first story i m sure that u have enjoyed a lot so i got courage to tell the second sex encounter of my life this is a encounter between me and my net friend poonam.her age is 21 nad she has completed her degree..about me i m akash from assam right now i m studing .

Is was the time when both of us were preparing for MCA and MBA entrance as we both were preparing for the same exam we use to have discussion on cafe or restaurant as i use to stay alone she use to come in my room to discuss problem and combine studies she is fond of computers and i have a computer so when ever she use to come she played games and listen to music one day she came to my room at 8:30 in the morning i ws in the bath room .. i was unaware of her coming so i came out of the bathroom in underpant only when she saw me she lough loudly first of all i feel ashamed but after seeing her reaction i was comfortable and put! my pant infront of her and as it was a hot day when i was about to wear a t shirt she told me garmi nahi hai kya i said hai then she said shirt kyu pahan rahe ho auise jada ache lagte ho and give me a noughty smile i said ok thik hai nahi pahanta…… she we sat to study but she said pata hai aaj ghar mein koi nahi hai sab bhahar gai hai isliye mein yaha aa gai hu.

I will be here till 8 in the evining lakiin mujhe aaj study karne ka maan nahi hai thne i said kahi gumne chalte hai she said movie dekhte hai i said abhi koi cinema hall mere liye nahi khulega she said computer mein dekhte hai i said ok then i said let me bring a movie cd she said ek hai na computer i got shocked as it was a xxxmovie i said nahi hai then she said hai na meine dekhi hai ek hai wohi dekhte haiu i said sure she said ha bilkul thne i said ok i started the computer and close the door and window she asked me kya hua i said bahut halla hai na isliye then th! e first seen came its was a seen of a couple in which the guy was sucking the gals pussy nad licking her she said ye kya hai meine kaha film hai then i said isliye kaha tha nahi dekhne ko tumko dekhna hai na dekho ab she said ok i will see the whole movie and we weare watching then she said akash tum ye sab dekhne ke baad kya karte ho i said kyu puch rahi ho then sach sach batana i said tumbhi apne bare mein sach bologi na she said ok then i said i use to masterbate and she again ask me how guy use to masterbate i said abhi mein tumko kar ke dekhna wala nahih hu then she said bol too sakte ho then i said with the help of hand i use to do then she ask me sach bolna kya sochto ho uus waqt kiske bare mein sochto ho i hesitated but said kabhi tumhare bare mein aur kabhi my dream gal ke bare mien akash kya sochte ho tum miene kaha jo tum dekh rahi ho na mein sochta hu ki woh sab tum aur mein kare to kitna acha hoga phir mein kaha bas ho gaya aur qu! estion nahi now u tell me she said kya i said do u masturbate she said ya how u do it i again ash her she said with finger then last time when u did it she said nearly 2 weeks back…… then i said have u ever haved sex she said pagal ho gaye ho kya kisse ke saath karungi mere ladka friend sirg tum ho aur koi nahi thne i said ok film dekhte hai and meine apna legs straight kar diyashe said kya hau meine kaha garmi lag rahi hai usse has kar kaha kuch jada lag rahi hai ??? meine kaha tum jo ho???????? and smiled after few time she become restless and stand i said kya hua she said bathroom jana hai i with a smile pucha masterbate karne usse kaha malum hai to puchte kyu ho i said yahi par kar lo she said i have to open my dress aur tum ho yaha then i said tumne bhi to mujhe andies mein dekha hai ab kya sarmana and i make her sit with me in the bed and i put my hand on her tigh and started rubbing it she got more excitted and she started touching her br! east mien kaha kya hua kar bhi lo mien nahi dekhunga and i started opening her pant she saidni said hoga hoga ans i open her zip and button and i touch her pussy over her panty it was already wet i said ye gila kyu hai.

She said juice pre cum ke wajah sse i said then why dont u satisfy urself can i help u she said ok then with the permission i undress her making her totally nude she also make me nude and we both we standing nude we forget about the film and got busy with ourself i started with a kiss on her forehead then i kiss on her cheeks then i kiss on her lips for more then 10 min after then i suck her lips as a result of that her lipsstick got in my mouth thne i came dowm and squeeze her right breast she started moaning and making lovely sounds i kisses her both breast and started sucking her right one i mean the nipplea nd squeezing the lets one hse said akash slowly i dint hear anytihng and continued this for more then 20 min while doing this i! put my one hand on her wet pussy it was shaved i tease hey pussy wih my finger she said aisa na karom jo karna hai kar do tease na karo plz plz akash plz dont teas me then i slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy she stand on her toe and slowls came down with a moan like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wow i like it itna maja mujhe akele mein nahi aata tha plz karo na aur karo hen i asked her tum kitne finger se karti ho she said one then while sucking her left breast i inserted 2 finger she first said ahhhhhhh dard hota hai but after a while she said aur thora dalo na and i startet my in out with my finger first slowly nad then faster she moa and started making sounds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuu akashhhhhh tum kitna acha karte hhooooooooooo aur karo zor seeeeeeeeeeeee plz aur sor seeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bahut acha lag raha ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aur karo and agter 15 min she cum filling my hand with her cum i said kaisa laga she said tum bahu! t ache ho then she said mein baith jau i said ok thne i sat on my knees nad she was sitting on bed i kept her legs on my knees and put my mouth on her poussy after clwaning it she asked me kya kar rahe ho i said just wait and i started teasing her with my tongue aisa na karo aaj ke liye ho gaya i said just wait and i started kissing her pussy lips withing second she got aroused and again started moaning ag akashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh acha lag raha hai ye to mujhe malum hi nahi tha bahut acha aur karo aurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maja aaaaaaaaaaaaa aa rahaaa hai aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa then i inserted my tongue in her and started plying inside her pussy she gone crazy and started pressing my head on her pussy and after nearly 12 min .

She said akash i m going to cum i said cumm in my mouth she then with loud voice she cummed and i drank all of it it was little salty wow what a taste then after cleaning her pussy i got up and said ab tumhari chance hai she said ok and set d! own and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like a loyypop wiw what a pleasure i got … then i hold her head and started making it pump my cock after 2 or 3 stroke she started doing it herself i release her head and hold her both breast and started squeezing the more i squeeze her breast she stroke more harder and after nearly 20 25 min i filled her mouth with my cum she drink it and cleaned it nicely as nothng camre out from it then she said i want to lye on the bed i said thik hai and i went to my reading table nad after that in the bath room and weared the comdom and wrapping towel i came she said kya hua i said nothing and lye near her and started plying with her breast and my finger on her pussy then she said akash tumne kabhi ye sab kisi ladki ke saath kiya hta i said nahi dear poonam u and only u then she hugged me and said i love u the way u give me pleasure u always give me this evenafter my marraige will u give me i said sure i will honey and ! i kiss her for 10 min on her lips this maked her lips become red i said kyan hua tumhare loips ko she said ye tumhara rang hai then she said towel kyu laga rakha hai i said now i will give u the ultimate pleasure tum ready ho she said woh kya hai i said just be ready and i open my towel and lye over her with my cock again hard and erect like a iron rom she said kya karoge i will become pregnant i said dont worry aisa nahi hoga i have condom she then smiled and hug me tightly which makes her breast crushed on my chest then i slowly put my dick on her small virgin pussy nad spread her legs uusene kaha dhire dhire karna plz i said ok then with a little jerk i enter my cock i though 1/2 of it enterd but only1/4 of it entered but it broiingsds lound noise from her mouth i saiod daro nahi then i started kisisnh her and she also become busy kisisng me and forgot about pussy in the mean time i slowly entered the whole of the dick she just scream a bit in the last jerk! we keep on kisisng each other with my dick inside her pussy then i slowly started to stroke her in the first few stroke she scram but after the she also started with mre and now we can only hear her voice and the sound of the bed she was saying ahh akashaur zor se karo aaaaaaaa jada dalo ander aur jada aaaaaaaaa aaj sach mein bahut maja aaaaaayaaaaaaa aur dalo we did the stroke for 15 min in the means time she cum once with a loud noise when i feel that i m aobut to cum i stop a bit and kissed her adn after 2 or 3 min i again started stroking and i did this till she cum again then again i stop a bit as i was about to cum but i want to continue so i stop and with my dick inside her i kissed her squeeze her breast making it pink as it was white like milk before then agian i stroke thos yime i did it with great speed she said akash bas is baar akahri bar zor se karo aur zaldi jaldi karo while i was stroking she was making all short og noise like aaaa aur zor! e seeeeeeeeeeee maja aa gayaaaaaa aaaaaaaa akashhhhhhhh aur aaaaa aue zor seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and stroking for more then 30 min we both cunm at together she wih a great and loud sound akashshhhhhhhhhhhh ye gayaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaooooooooooo thanksssss akahhhhhhhhhhh she lfall on the bed in the mean time she cum 3 time makin her total 7 time in a single chance then she just fell on the bed hugging me and i was over her with my dick inside her her cunt was over flowed making it pinkishwe we slept like this and she just close her eyes and i was plying with her lips and breast squeezing her breast and sucking it by doing this for nearly 1 hour we bith got up took bath in the bath room i fucked her ass that was a anotherr story i will tell u some other timwe and on that day we did 3 more time wat a days was it i have relation with her when ever i use to come in guwahati we meet and have fun ….! ..

Any gal aunties aor any women interested in making friendship or like to share her view can mail me at just feel free everything will be in parda no one will know what we have in between us bye for now.

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