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Sexy Friend Divya

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi! Today I’m gonna tell you a fiction experience with sex. This is just a fiction .And to tell you all cute and sweet girls out there on Desipapa that I am still a virgin and wana loose it as soon as possible .So girls feel free to contact me at .

This happened when I first made out with a girl named Divya. Divya is a sexy girl with a great figure. She is 19 and is in Some College (Mumbai) and this is where I first met her. I liked her body at first sight and dreamt of sleeping with her. And one fine day she asked me if I could come to her place. I said ok and went with her. She stays very close to the college and has got a big two storeyed house.

She asked me to sit in her bedroom and make myself feel at home. She went to her bathroom and changed her clothes. She came out wearing a see through nightie. And inside it she was wearing  a black bra and panties. She came towards me moving her body in arousing ways. By this time I was really turned on. she came to me and said, “I know you dream of fucking me and today I too want the same from you.” Saying this, she came forward and kissed me passionately on my lips.

Oh my! what a kiss it was!

After the kiss she started removing my shirt and had it off my body within 30 seconds. Taking the initiative I too worked with her see through nightie and took it off her body. Now Divya was in front of me wearing just Bra and Panty and waiting to be fucked. She moved forward and took off my jeans and undies, and started giving me a blowjob. My fantasies were coming true. I made her stand up and took off her bra whike we kissed passionately. After having done with her bra I took her sexy boobs in my mouth and sucked at them. With this move of mine she became more excited and started making various moaning sounds.She too was now desperate to be fucked.She removed her boobs from my mouth and urged me to fuck her.She went to her table and got a pack of condoms.Taking one condom in her hand she put it on my erect dick.After putting on the condom she sucked me for another 10 minutes.

The condom was strawberry flavoured. And she likes strawberries.After she was finished with her second blowjob, she insisted that now we both have sexual intercourse. She lied on her bed,her legs apart,and guided my hard on into her vagina. Now we were totally into each other. Making errotic,yet sensous noises. We kissed other during this period. We moved in sync with each other for about ten minutes. We both were nearing our orgasms and I could feel her breasts shudder as I sucked on her for umpteenth time. She now eagerly wanted me to explode inside her.I wanted to delay her orgasm as well as mine. I slowed down my movements and tried to delay my orgasm and make her desprate to want one!  Now none of us could control. She started moaning and I kissed her passionately while pressing her breasts and pulling her body closer. At last we had it.

Our bodies arched and I loaded my cum inside her.She was very much satisfied. After this act we bathed each other where we had another round of sex.

We both enjoyed that day

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