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  • August 16, 2015

As it happens, one gets to fuck quite a lot of girls/ladies in ones life. But one remembers with fond memories only few of them as these have touched ones heart or these were something special. Normally, one remembers the first fuck one has. But in my case, besides the first fuck, I remember quite a few of them because these were quite different and gave me something to think about. The fucking experience I am going to narrate to you is the one where I got to fuck a women (Seema). How and where? I was studying in University and one of the Lecturer Mr. Balraj Tandon was teaching us Accounts/Cost Accounting. He was young, around 30 years old, married and was staying in the University Campus.

I used to get along quite well with him, because I was fairly good in Accounting subject. I was young and if not quite handsome, good looking with fairly good physique. I used to go to Mr. Tendon’s house, whenever I got stuck on some points regarding Accounting. I got to know his wife Seema quite well as she used to serve me tea whenever I went to their house. I never looked at her from a bad angle or with intentions of fucking her. She was around 25 years old, small round boobs, small hips, 5ft 3in tall, fair smooth skin. One day I went to their house in the morning around 9.30 AM. Mr. Tandon asked me to accompany him outside to the market. So I went with him. On the way the conversation went this way: Balraj: Can I ask you for something? Amar: Sure, sir. Balraj: Can I trust you to keep a secret. I mean, you won’t go around telling all your friends about what we talk. Amar: Sir, you can trust me. I will never tell anyone anything if that is what you want. Balraj: OK. I trust you and I hope and pray that you will keep it secret. Seema, my wife likes you. I didn’t say anything, as I didn’t know what to say. Balraj: She is sexually attracted towards you. She will like to have sex with you. Amar: This is strange coming from your mouth. You are not angry with her. Balraj: In fact we have discussed it amongst ourselves. I agree to this. Amar: Why, Sir. Balraj: We have been married now for 3 years and we don’t have any child so far. All our relatives keep on asking about it. My parents have started accusing her of being good for nothing and blame her for not becoming pregnant. Amar: You can show her to a doctor.

Nowadays there is a cure for everything. Balraj: No point. The reality is that I am impotent. The fault is mine. What we want is that, you have sex with her and make her pregnant with your child. I also want it this way. I will accept the child as mine and will always treat him as if he is my own. Amar: But Sir, it is not proper. How can I have sex with your wife? Balraj: What is not proper? Suppose my wife has sex with someone else whom I don’t know or has sex behind my back, how will I feel then. Here we both want this to happen. Don’t worry, I am requesting you this favour. Please accept this and make us happy. Amar: OK sir. If that is what you want and desire. Balraj: Go to your room. Come at 8PM. Can you stay overnight. Amar: Yes, Sir. No problems. I can stay overnight. Balraj: Good. Come at 8 PM. Bye. I went back to my room and throughout the day I kept on thinking about the conversation I had with Mr. Tandon. It was strange but the request was there from him. I never got to talk to Seema and find out what she wants. If she agrees or not. Was she prepared to have sex with me in the same house where her husband was also there? Anyway as I had committed I had no choice but to accept the fact that tonight I had to have sex with Seema. I waited patiently for 8PM with butterflies in my stomach. The time seemed to pass very, very slowly. The appointed time came and I left the hostel room to go to Mr. Tendon’s house. I reached there on dot and was received by Mr. Tandon at the door. He took me inside and asked me to sit down. I waited for about 15 minutes and then he told me to go to the guestroom as Seema was there, waiting for me. While I was going inside, he stopped me and said- Good luck. Have a nice time. Give me a son.

Go and don’t keep her waiting anymore. I slowly started walking towards the room with my heart beating fast, abnormally fast. I crossed the door and was stunned to see the scene inside. The room was all decked up with flowers, Seema was sitting on the bed, and all dressed up like a bride waiting for her husband to come and make love to her. I stopped for a minute, as I was unsure what to do next. This was something new for me. I very hesitatingly walked forward few steps- stopped, turned back, walked to the door and locked it. Then I started walking back to the bed. Once I reached the bed- I stopped. Very slowly and hesitatingly I sat down on the bed, facing her. For a minute or two, I just stared at her. I could not bring myself to touch her, always thinking that she is my Prof.’s wife. Her face was covered with the sari pallu (ghungat). I gathered sufficient courage and I took a deep breath and slowly reached out to remove the ghungat. I removed the ghungat with trembling hands and saw her face. My fingers touched her face and started tracing all over- her lips, cheeks, neck, forehead. I brought my fingers back to her lips and tried to put it in her mouth. She opened her mouth and my finger went in. She started sucking it. I inched closer to her. By now I had become bolder and whatever hesitation I had was no more there. I pulled her nearer to me. She was behaving like a newly wed, hesitating, but came nearer to me. I then put my one hand around her and with the other, I raised her chin. I inched closer to her and put my lips on her lips. We kissed like that for a few seconds, and then I pushed my tongue inside her mouth.

She eagerly opened her mouth to take my tongue in and she started moving her tongue. Our tongues met and played with each other’s. I was holding her very tight in my embrace, my hands encircling her body. Our kisses becoming hotter with each passing second, exploring each others mouth, tasting/exchanging saliva. I then kissed her on her cheeks, neck, and ears. She was moaning-aaaahhhh, ooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh. My hands moved and started exploring all over her body. Pressing her boobs/massaging them and the other hand was on her gaand- pressing then slowly and lovingly. Aab tak to hum dono garam hogay thay. Maine ussay kaha- Seema, Apne kapre utar do. Seema- Nahin, mai khud nahin utarungi. Aap mere kapre utaro. Mujhe sharm aati hai. I pulled her from bed. I started taking off her sari, then her blouse. The moment I saw her boobs trapped in the bra, I was in seventh heaven. I slowly put my hands on her bra-covered boobs and pressed them. I wanted the whole thing. So I immediately took of her bra and the most tantalizing boobs were in front of me. I forgot everything and attacked them as if it was the end of the world. I pressed them so hard that she cried out in pain- Dheere say karo. I was not listening to all this and carried on pressing, massaging and twisting the nipples between my fingers. I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked and played with it for God knows how long and the other hand was busy kneading the other boobs. She was trembling and feeling weak and wanted to sit on the bed. I stopped all activities and then removed her petticoat. She was just in panty. I also started taking off my clothes, then stopped. Amar: Seema, you take off my clothes. She started taking off my clothes and soon even I was in my underwear.

I led her to the bed again. This time there was nothing to stop us from making love. Once on the bed I started licking her forehead down to her eyes,nose, her lips, throat then her breasts, nipples & then I inserted her right nipple inside my mouth for some time then her left nipple she was holding my head against her body so tightly then I moved down to her deep naval I licked her naval clean I inserted my tongue into her deep naval and licked her naval sides clean then followed down to her bushy cunt …… I at first took down her panty and started licking her pussy, inserted my tongue in her choot, one hand was still busy massaging her boobs while the other was opening her pussy lips and twiddling her clit. She was getting hotter and hotter She took her one hand and placed it on my head, pushing me harder in her pussy while the other was fondling my cock. She was thrusting her hips upwards to meet my probing tongue. It was too good to last any longer and while moaning, she jerked hard, thrust her hip upwards and I could feel her cunt muscles twitching and then she had her first orgasm. I drank all her juice and then licked her pussy clean. She had the most satisfying smile on her face. But I was still horny. My cock was rock hard. I asked her to suck my cock. At first, she hesitated but on my persistent demand, she took my cock head in her mouth. She licked the pre-cum and slowly she started taking the entire rod in her mouth all the while looking at me as if to ask if she was doing fine. I thrust my cock deep in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. Very soon she got the hang up of sucking and licking and masturbating my cock.

She was engrossed in sucking and soon after about 10 minutes, I shot out my load in her mouth. She gagged and wanted to take her mouth away but I pressed her head and kept my tool in her mouth till I emptied my balls of juice in her mouth. Both of us rested for a short while, facing each other, holding each other tight. I held her more tightly and whispered in her ears “Seema Tum bahut sexy ho, mujhe tum bahut pasand ho aur mai hamesha tumhare bare soochta tha”. Saying these words I hugged her more tightly and started kissing her neck and cheeks. My hard lund was trying to get in between her thighs. My kisses aroused her and she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly . I put my lips on her lips. I sucked her lips for a while then I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She hugged me more tightly and started sucking my tongue. We both lay on the bed with arms around each other and continued kissing. After about fifteen minutes I started kissing her neck, ears and finally her breasts. I licked her boobs for five minutes and then I took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. Mean time I held her hand with mine and brought closer to my hard lund. She hesitated to touch it for a moment but afterwards she held my lund and left it immediately saying “Ye to bahut bara hai. Kisi bare Kale ki tarah” .I held her hand again and put it on my lund and said “Seema, Ise pakro, ye hi hai jo tumhe anand dega aur isay ek chabhi samjho”.

She moved her hand on my lund and pressed the head of my lund saying “Iska tala kahan hai”, after this she tried to hide her face in my chest feeling shy.. I moved my hand down and inserted between her thighs and pressed her choot with my palm and said “Tala to yahan hai” She pressed my lund and said “Na baba, itni bari chabhi, is chote say tale may kaisay jaygi” I inserted a finger in her wet and hot choot. She moaned and tightened her thighs, which gave me more pleasure. I said “ Seema Darling, Ghabrao mat, mai apne lund aur tumhari choot pe tail lagadoonga aur dhire dhire under daloonga. Ek bar chala jayga to tum kabhi bhi isko bahar nahi hone doogi.” She moaned and kissed on my ear and said “Aap bahut gandi baten karte hain”. “Kya tumhe pasand nahi hai” I said and bit on her nipple. She hugged me more tightly and said, “accha lagta hai. Maine kabhi gandi baten nahi ki hai ” . “Chalo. Absay gandi baten karte hain” I said. She did not reply but brought her hand near her mouth and poured some saliva on it and rubbed it on my lund and started masturbation. This made me more exited. I put my tongue in her mouth and suck her lips and said “ Seema, kya tumhe mera lund apni choot mai chaheye” She pressed my lund more tightly and said “ Aap ka lund bahut bara hai. Meri choot ko phaar dega.Meri choot to bahut kasi hui hai” She sucked my tongue and said “Lakin itna bara lund mujhe bahut maja dega, choot bhi isko lene ke liye mast ho rahi hai”. She brought my lund near her choot and rubbed it on her pussy hairs. I kissed on her eyes and said “ Mai tumhari choot ko apni tongue say lubricate kardeta hoon”. She hugged me with a loud moan and said “ Chalo aap meri choot ko aur mai aap ki lund ko lubricate karte hain.” Then we assumed 69 position. First I licked her choot lips and then inserted my tongue in her hole and she took my lund in her mouth and started sucking it.

We did this for about 20 minutes. Then I stood up and placed a pillow under her waist, this exposed her choot more. She gripped my lund and brought it near her mouth and spit on it and rubbed her saliva on my lund. But her saliva was not enough to lubricate my big lund. She asked me to pour my saliva into her mouth. I gathered some saliva in my mouth and then while kissing her I poured it into her mouth. This filled her mouth with saliva. She took my entire lund into her mouth and with her tongue she rubbed saliva on it. As she brought my lund out of her mouth it was fully bathed by our saliva. I spread her legs and placed my lund on her choot. She hugged me tightly and took my tongue into her mouth and started sucking it. I pressed my lund into her tight choot but could not insert in her choot. She was really very tight. I kept pressing my lund on her hole. She continued sucking my tongue and brought her hand under her hips and parted her choot lips. This gave way to my lund in her choot. As the head of my lund entered in her tight hole I pressed my lund more and with a 2 hard jerks I inserted my whole lund in her tight choot. She gripped me tight and her nails pressed into my back and shouted with pain “Ooee ah oh ooee hi ma . Bahut dard kar raha hai. Choot phar dali.” I kissed on her lips and said “Tumhari choot bahut tight thi- kunwari jo thi” . After few seconds I started slow fuck of her choot, she was now feeling a little less pain and started enjoying the thrusts.She inserted her tongue in my mouth saying “Aap ka lund bahut lamba aur mota hai aur meri choot kasi hui. Ab to mai hamesha isi lund say chudwaongi aur jindigi ka maja loongi” We continued kissing, hugging and talking filthy with slow movements of my lund in her choot. After about 10 minutes I started moving my lund in and out of her choot very fast like a super fast train. She also responded by moving her hips up and down.

This made me horny and I started fucking her like a mad dog. During the movement of my lund my balls were touching her chootters and this touch was increasing our pleasure. During fucking I continued kissing her lips and tongue. After about twenty minutes, I cummed deep inside her choot. At the same time she also reached her second orgasm. She tightened her choot and squeezed every drop of cum with her choot. After that I did not withdrew my lund from her choot. We remained in this position for about 15 minutes. After which we started kissing again. With her warm kisses my lund got erection again and I started slow jerks in her choot. I withdrew my lund from her choot and lifted her legs up so that her knees met her shoulder. I entered her choot again. This time it went in easily and fucked her hard. All the while she was moaning- aaaahhhhh, oooohhh. Aur jor say. Chodo jor jor say. The fast movement of my cock entering her choot and coming out for the next thrust,was giving me immense pleasure. After about 17/18 minutes of intense hard fuck, I was ready to explode again. With a loud grunt, I cummed in her choot. Our juices mixed and a little bit started coming out. After this tiresome fucking we laid motionless for about one hour. Then again we started fucking and during the night we fucked 4 times. During the next 2 months it became a ritual for us. I used to go to their house at any time convenient to us and fucked Seema. Then one day Mr. Tandon gave me the good news that Seema is pregnant.

Seema gave birth to our daughter. Mr. Tandon was disappointed and asked me to give him a son. Well my relations with Seema continued for 2 years till I was in The University. She later on gave birth to our son. Seema was also instrumental in fixing me up with her elder married sister, who had come for Seema’s delivery. In my 8 years of fucking(which started when I was 15 years old), I have fucked many girls/ladies, and there are few fucks which I remember quite vividly as they were quite different, out of the ordinary happenings. In case any of your readers wish to know more about these, can contact me In case any hot/horny girl/lady wish my company, they can also contact me at the above address.

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