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Sexy Dream Come True

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

This was my first experience with my Aunty Hello friends I am 26 yrs handsome and very sexy (Tremendous sexy) Calcutta guy (Raja). This is real story when I prepare my ICWAI exam. in my uncle house my uncle live in Calcutta and he is govt. emp. and my aunty 31 years housewives she is very sexy her body description H- 5 ft 5″ body type slim 34-26-34. She looking very sexy and she is very sexy (I know this after Sex).

Very very sexy and if any one see her, they will not even blink their eyes to miss the glance. Really she was a sex pataka. As she does lot of exercise, that the reason she is in perfect shape. I was 25 when this incident happened. I am 5 feet 6″ tall and have a perfect body attractive to the girls & sexy woman. My uncle out of station for official tour in Delhi where I am living. Ek din meri aunty ne mujshe kaha mujhe bazaar le kar chaloo, to maynay uncle ka motorbike nikala aur us din aunty ne jeans and t-shirt pahaney hui thi she look very sexy I was very nervous and feeling very exited riding her on my bike. I used to enjoy a lot as she put her hand on my shoulders and some times her boobs used to touch my back and she also did not mind that much. But I never made any move as I was afraid that I might loose her relationship.

Next day maynay internet may ney desibaba , desipap & amatueurindia dekh raha tha tabhi meri aunty birthroom say aa gaai she wear only towel she looking very sexy jab pani unki shoulder say unki bahomay gir raha tha tab lag raha tha ki may unko pakar lu or baddan ki saray pani leaps say chat ta chalu , usnay desipapa stories dheley or naked photo bhi dekh li (actually maynay jan buzkay dekhai a tha). May dar gia tha lekin usnay ek sexy smile say mera tension dur kar diaya. Usi raat ko may Business Math par raha tha to karib 12Pm may nay TV on kiya to Cable may Chamaia CD raga rakha tha may dehk raha tha or mera lund hot and big ho raha tha sudden I feel any body standing my near. I wake up and saw my aunty usnay white color ki nighty or black bra & panties pahan rakhhi thi may na pucha what happened she told me very frankly I want fuck u, u fuck me (Yes/No) I tick y she told lock ki jayay , yes kahay ke me ne usko shofa may khich liya and kiss her immediately. May ne uski nick may hand may kiss kar nay laga and may ne uski nighty utar di and bra kay upper say boobs pressure karnay lagi than she moaned oooooooooha please fuck me. May ne sex ki maja lanay kay leaya freeze say ice nikala or apnay mouse may lekar upeer say nechay tak ghista raha tha uski sex or bar nay laga or usnay mera pant utar kay meri lund mu may lekar jiv say chusne lagi ooooh this is very lovely feeling and heaven then I think I am a lucky person in the world and mera jeevan may sabsay bari kusi ka paal Now my hands were on her boobs and were rubbing and squeezing them. Now I was trying to taking off her nighty and she helped me to take her nighty off. I unhooked her bra and pulled it. I throw her nighty and bra on floor. She has got the best teat from heaven.

They were neither too big nor small but a desirable breast. She ahas breasts just white like milk on which the lights brown areola and a small brown pap. I took them on my both hands and looked it for a while and then wildly put my mouth on this treasure of Aunty and sucked hard them one by one. Even I bite one of her tit so hard that Aunty screamed. But she didn’t stop me. Her eyes were closed and her both hands were on my hairs. She moved one of her hand to my prick, which was erected like hard rock. Now I slid my mouth from her tits to wards her flat tummy and lapping it. I inserted my tongue in her navel and twisted it in her navel for a minuet. I put my hand on her pussy. It was cleaned shave recently. I rubbed and squeezed her pussy and then inserted one my finger in her cunt hole.

She was moaning highly saying ahh my god I am going to die oooohh may mar gai. Now I asked her to rise from the coach and she stood totally nude before me her hairs have disheveled and she was looking just like an idol. I wrapped my hand around her ass and pushed her pussy towards my mouth and put my mouth on her pussy lips. I kissed and sucked her pussy lips and inserted my tongue in her hole. My tongue was moving in and out of her sweet hole. She was moaning and she tell me u r my complete sexy man. Now she asked me to stop these and said I need you in me. I took off my cloths and she saw first time my dick. Again she sucked my deck head and suddenly she took all in her mouth. My prick reached to her throat, she sucked it for a while and became more long and hard. I lifted her and he lay on coach and spread her leg wide to give way to my cock. I now said her to laid and she laid on couch spread her legs wide .I sat between her thighs and rubbed my cock on her clit. She asked me to take it in me I can not wait more I am dying. She up her hips little and her self took my cock and put on her pussy hole. I inserted my cock in her sweet hole and with strong stroke it went inside her cunt with her loud scream. I put now my lips on he mouth and stayed in her pussy for a while. Then I started my cock fro and out. She has now pitch my hips on he both hands and was trying to pushed me towards more to her cunt. Which made more exited and I asked aunty are you need more long than that and your husband has big one than this. Oh no it is too enough for me. I increased my speed of her fucking due to dirty talking like these.

She was also in her bloom. She Shake your hot ass! I am fucking you I. She jerked her hands from my ass and doubled her arms up near her shoulders. She closed her eyes, her expression intense. She was jerking her ass up and down, with my every stroke to get my cock deep inside her. She said to me please do it hard, harder and I was trying my best. I was now eating her boobs her nipples. Then after sometime I asked her to change posture to be a doggy style she agreed and said please try this. Fuck me and I put my dick ass hole I am thirsty and when I saw XXX movie then I think mer saath yeh kui nahi hota your uncle not try this so I am thirsty .You first fuck me like this and after that will do as you wish, even you would be allow to use my every hole and with this she increased jerks .she was jumping up and down. She has caught my hips and was shaking them ruddy. She was swooping by now. I was now sucking her boobs tongue was deep inside aunts ass when She suddenly shrieked. “Oh, God! I’m coming, darling! . She said that will be really painful with your Cock’s size. But I was not listening to her. She was reluctant and said please no in this way. I will use every hole of your.slid my tongue in her ass hole. You have a pretty ass. I kissed her creamy ass cheeks, and She gurgled with delight. Oh, I probed her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She hissed and mewled and squirmed into my face. “Ohhh, darling, shove your tongue up! ” Shaking her ass into my face, I ‘s tongue stiffens, pushing at her tight asshole.

As my tongue slipped past the ring, she cried out softly. Again the play I was now ready to insert my cock in her ass I then lubricated her asshole and my own cock by oil. I know your cock is very hard, She finally whispered. It’s hard as hell, aunty replied. I put my cock on aunty ass hole. I rubbed my dick up and down her thighs, over the cheeks of her ass. She shook and trembled with the feeling, shoving her ass back eagerly. I placed the head of my cock upon her asshole, and gasped with the steaming heat of it. Oh, that feels huge she held her breath as she felt. I increased the pressure of my cock, staring down, seeing the ring of aunties ass hole giving way. Then more I pushed then more her asshole stretched. She was holding her breath; She cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open to loose her hole. It was strange, a very strange feeling, to have cock pushing at her asshole, but one she found exciting and delicious. She moved her naked ass back, urging me to push my cock in. I pressed harder, and the swollen head of my cock penetrated the tight ring of my Aunt’s asshole. “Ha,” She cried out. “You’re in me. She was now feeling that wonderful pressure and sensation. I stared down, seeing the ring of auntie’s asshole stretched around the head of my cock. Her ass was very tight, very hot. I gasped with pleasure as auntie’s asshole squeezed my prick, gripping it deliciously.

She sobbed with rapture, finding my cock in her ass to feel very good. And after some strong stroke I felt that I could not stay more so I increased my speed to pumping her ass and fingering her pussy. And suddenly she shouted I am Cummins and with this I fill her ass hole with my cream. And now my cream was coming out to her pussy as she was still in doggy style and my cock was in her ass hole. Uske baad u mera Cream penay lagay, eay sil sila uncle ke tour say lotnay tak chalne laga, es kay bad bohot bar hum log sex kare different style (after Watching XXX movie – and XXX style sofa, bed, bathroom pe) any Indian (First preference Calcutta and Lucknow) girls, women ,widow share any sexy story ,sex and telphone may kuch bol na chati ho to mera email ID is & (I think may sex ka pura maja thay sak ta hu kisi sexy girls, woman , widow ko yoh jis tarikay say chahay ga usi tarikasay). I am wait for u.

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