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Sexy Debjani

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi Friends ! I’m Kaps. A daily reader of Doodhwali erotic stories. Today I am going to tell you about my experience with my classmate & neighbour, Debjani. Both of we were in two besides flat. Actually a Coridoor was the junction connector between two houses. Moreover only a wall was there between my & her bedroom. She is beautiful and her Boobs and body is looking realy Sexy. It is story of 1994 and the day was just next day of my sister’s marriege. Everybody of my family was so tired so they sleedped early except me. So I was on the veranda. Suddenly I saw that Debjani was also stood on their veranda. I gone to her, she opended the grill of Coridoor, I asked her but she was silent. When I asked her for second time, she close her eyes, hold me tightly and started to kiss me quickly. I was realy surprised. After 5 – 10 mins. she stoped and gone to her bedroom slowly. After that day we meet with each other at night nearly everyday and we had into the sex deeply.

One day both of sour parents gone to their relative’s place for three days. Both of us were in alone in our houses. First day nearly at 10’0 clock she came to me and told me tha “we will take dinner together”. So we finished our dinner and watching the TV.

I was lying on my bed and she sitted just infront of me. Suddenly I changed the TV channel and saw that Blue Film was running on our Cable Channel. Both of us watching and became Hot. After some time she off the light laid on me. She weared just a thin nighty and me a barmooda. We were kissing each other.

After sometime I opened her nighty and her 38 inch. Boobs cameout. She was too hot that day so she also opened my barmooda and my 9 inch. Dick also came out. I started to suck her b……i…….g boobs. She was moaning like o…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , y……a……..h, u………mmmmmmmmm. Sometimes later I opened her white panty and touched her juisy Pussy with my toungue. She just shouted o….hhhhhhh f……..u…….c…….k me. I was rubbing her boobs one after another. I told her to suck my Dick but she became toooooooooo excited so told me “I can’t, please Fuck me immediately”, she hold my Dick and kept on her juicy Pussy. I pressed slowly and it gone into her pussy fully. Both of us were enjoying this after 10 mins. of ups & downs we both hold each other tightly and cum together. She requested me “please don’t take it out”. So I kept my Dick into her pussy.

After sucking her boobs and kissed each other we became hot again. So I started to Fuck her for the second time. She was shouting like o……hhhhhh, f…….u………c………k me whole night like this. After 10 – 15 mins. again we cum together for the second time.

I tookout my Dick, gone to toilet and change my Condom. After came back she gone, came back and straitly sat on me spreading her legs both of my thies and hold my Dick and put into her pussy. I was just silent. Now she started to Fuck me. In this way we enjoyed that night to Fuck each other for the several time without rest. And we enjoyed those three days fully. Now she is married but till now we meet with each other physically when she comes here [obviously in absence of her absence].

Till date I have sex with many married & unmarried women several times but didn’t enjoy like that Fucky night. Any married / unmarried women age between 20 to 35 within Kolkata to Kharagpur want this short of enjoyment in their life can write to me on I will tell my Phone no. over there. Now I am just 30 yrs. Young, Unmarried, Tall, Good looking man.

I promise about your secrecy. So write to me immediately and get full enjoyment in your life. Kaps.

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