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Sexy Boss And Colleague

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

I’m working as an executive in a private Bank. we have received a news that we are getting a lady as our manager in the general transfers.Her name is Seema.I being a sexholic, dreamt about my new manager even b4 she comes.I used to fantasize about her while fucking my collegue(Radhika). I’m 28 year bachelor, 6″, fair, slim, with athletic body attracts many a girls.I have been fucking Radhika, the cute unmarried clerk since last six months.I told Radhika that i’m going to fuck Seema.

The day has arrived and Seema came to our branch and taken charge as Manager.WOW! She is gorgeous and more sexy than i have imagined.I learnt that she is married and her husband is working in some other bank in Delhi. She has to depend much on me b’cause she is new to the place.I helped her much personally and in the bank and we have created a good friendly relation ship. I guessed that she is also attracted to me.I have been searching for her a new flat as the existing quarters are far from our branch.I got 4 her a very good flat near to mine. this sunday she is shifting to the new flat. and she has asked me to help her in shifting. We have finished shifting by 12.00 noon b’cause she didn’t have much luggage.

We both went to a Restarunt and after finishing our lunch she asked me to give company for that day because she is feeling lonely in the new house.We sat in the drawing room watching TV.I’m looking 4 right time for making amove. I’m sure that she will agree.I gathered my courage and told her ‘U r very beautiful Seema’.She smiled and asked mey ‘which part of myb body u liked most’.I told ‘ ur tits and ass’.She asked me ‘do u want to see my tits?’
and dropped the pallu of her saree.what a beautiful shape! Her tits are not very big but very firm and pointed. The nipples are showing up through her blouse. I touched her breast and feel her firm tits.I quickly unhooked her blouse.She lifted her hands to pull up the blouse.
I attracted to her armpits.She is having thin hair there.I hold her hands with mine to keep them lifted.and I sniffed her armpit. What a lovely fragrance.I deeply inhaled her body fragrance.It turned on both seema and me.And my jack is throbbing in my pants.I licked her both armpits and pulled the hair with my teeth. Then she has removed her blouse and revealed a lacy black
Bra. It complemented her sexy body.I removed the bra and pressed her fleshy tits with my hands. I took her nipple in my mouth and worked on it biting and teasing and then swallowed her full tit into my mouth.At this moment she turned on and making cooey sounds and moans. I surpised hearing she uttering dirty words.she is calling my name. Rahul1 u r sooo nice!I die to fuck u!Rahul u fuck me nice noooo!m y pussy is urs! u r my guy!!!

She touched the bulge in my pants and opened the buckle and Zipper. She wasted no time in pulling my dick out of my brief! Wow what a nice and hard dick u have rRahul! she gasped.
I souldn’t tell much about my dick! But each time a girl watched it i get more than the compliments!!Her hand r busy playing with my dick and balls.all this time i’m sucking her beautiful tits.I lifted my head and take her on to the bed. i have been kissing all her body .I removed her saree. i couldnt help admiring her tummy.She is having a very nice and flat tummy with a deep belly button.I licked all her tummy and inserted my tongue into her belly button and kissed it hard.She sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me to stand b4 her.
She rubbed my dick to her cheeks tits and belly.She pulled the foreskin of my penis and exposed the red hot cock head.She bent and licked along the slit of my cockhead teasing my peehole.Then she took all my bulged cockhead into her mount and swirled it with her tongue.She has taken all my 8″ dick into her mouth!At this moment i couldnt bear and started fucking her mouth. She asked me to cummm in her mouth she wanted to taste my cummmmm.She slide her index fingure in between my buttocks and inserted it into my asshole.I surprised b’cause Radhika also do same thing while giving me head.I could not withstand all this pressure and i know i’m near to cummming!Seema is urging me to shoot my cummm in her mouth and working her mouth feverishly.I came with agrunt.Loads of cummm errupted from my cock and into seemas mouth.Seema said U handsome guuy! U r cummm also very tasty.Her mouth is full of my semen and some of the semen overflowing on to her chin and she licked it sexily.

My cock is now half errect and reluctant to budged down.I lay down on the bed and asked seema to sit on my face.She came on to me and sat on my face spreading her legs wide.Her lovely pussy is hanging inches above my mouth.She has a nice trimmed bush.She lowered slowly on to my face and i sniffed the smell of her lovely cunt juices.her pussy is all wet and streaming.Seema put both her hands ander my head and lifted my face to her pussy.i chewed her pussylips in my mouth and then swirled my tongue all around seemas pussy.I pressed her lovebutton with my tongue.Seema again lost and started uttering dirty words. Rahul!eat me1 eat my pussy and ass!give my pussy a good fuck !I have lapped all her tasty love juices b4 my tongue switched to her asshole.She has a gorgeous asscheek and thet puckered brown hole teasing me.I inserted my tongue into her ass and licked her inner flesh.My cock is leaping and bouncing! Seema i will fuck u! make u cummm with me! u sexy girl let us fuck all day.She
stepped down the bed and bent holding the plank of the bed with her hands.i got bhind her.She is waiving her Gorgeous ass and begging me to fuck her. I positioned my cock onto her pussy.
I plunged into her pussy at once.She is moaning and cooeing and uttering Rahul!! fuck me!
U r so nice!! U r fucking me like nobody else.i started moving my dick in and out of her sweet hole.I stretched my hands and held her boobs.Pressing them and banging her cunt.Her cunt is tight but slippery with all her juices . I ‘m fucking her very hard and pressure is building up in my nuts.She is buckling under me like an animal and matching with my thrusts.Seema on the verge of cumming and she announced Rahul1 I’m cummming! cummm with me!I Strted to give deep strokes and pumped my semen into her pussy as she came hard.Her pussy is full of my semen and her juice.We both r sweating very much even the Ac is on.We regained our senses and lay down on the bed side by side holding each other,What a memorable fuck with this sweet sexy lady! Seema told I didnt get such a nice fuck in my life! i asked Seema have u fucked anybodyelse other than her husband.
She told she fucked the Bank’s General Manager for getting her promotion and her husband knows it.I was wondering how she has got promotion at such an young age.
and she asked me what about u? I told that i’m fucking Radhika!She gasped ‘Radhika that nice and innocent looking girl’.Yes!i told she is very active in bed.I’m looking forward for a 3some with seema and Radhika and come back to u after i get both the sexy girls at once.

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