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Sexy Birthday Gift

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi, all desipapa readers hope you enjoy this hot story and it was my girlfriend’s birthday and I wanted to give her a present which she would never forget. I thought I should make this experience about her. I called her up on her birthday, wished her and asked her to meet me and spend some alone time with me. She wanted to spend the day enjoying with all her friends.

It took some time to persuade her to spend some alone time and in the end she agreed for it. I went to pick her up and saw her and she had her hair open, slightly curved and dropping just past her bare shoulders. She was wearing a beautiful white strapless dress which ended at her mid thigh showing lots of smooth creamy skin. She has light brown colour skin with nice firm tits which are handful, not too big or too small but nicely shaped and firm.

She is in a good shape overall & has a tight ass and slightly muscular legs courtesy of her playing soccer and running a lot. She was wearing open toed 3′ heels which showed red toenails. I greeted her and we talked for a few minutes as she was constantly reminding me that she wanted to spend the day with everyone, I told her I want to do something special for her and she gave me a look which said I know what you want to do and then we departed for my friends place.

It was a nice secluded place, less populated with lots of trees and mountain roads everywhere. I took her inside the house it was a small 3 room house with a kitchen and only 1 bathroom. We entered the bedroom which had one bed a small dressing table on the side wall and a TV and Rinki said if all you wanted to do was fuck me, we could have done it at my place why waste 1 hour and come all the way here and I told her.

I want to do something to you which you will remember for the rest of your birthdays. She gave another quizzical look and said ‘ok let’s do it and go back and I told her to get naked she looked at me asked me to pull the zip down from her back. I went behind her placed my fingers on her back inhaling her perfume which was exotic then I pulled her zipper down to reveal her smooth skin and the strap of her bra. She pulled the dress down her slightly muscular thighs and removed her feet from it one by one.

She stood in front of me in only a white strapless bra which covered half of her breast her ample cleavage was visible and her skimpy white panties. The contrast of her white lingerie and her light chocolate coloured skin made my cock grow hard. She seductively removed her bra and panties revealing her tear drop shaped tits and black curls of her nicely trimmed pussy. I took a blind fold from my pocket and tied it to her eyes.

She said you going to do something naughty’ then I took her to bed and made her lie on her back. I took her left hand above her head and tied it to the bed and did the same with her right what are you doing? She asked I placed a finger on her soft red lips and ssshh her and then I took her feet and kissed her red toenail then her in step & ankle and tied them at the end of bedpost one by one. I stood up and looked at the sight.

She was blindfolded, helpless and tied in her full naked glory not able to move her arms and legs. I placed a pillow under her ass to elevate it. She asked if I was going to fuck her now looking at her slightly opened mouth, her tits heaving up and down as she breathed, her open pink pussy on display mine to do as I pleased. I want to make you cum, I am going to taste you, lick you, finger you and eat you but I’m not going to feed you my cock.

I said grabbing her soft yet firm tits in my hands and squeezing them. A soft moan escaped her lips. I placed my mouth above her left nipple and gently flicked her nipple with my tongue. She sighed as I took her breast in my mouth sucking on it lewdly, coating it with my saliva. She was moaning now as I placed her right nipple between my thumb and finger and started pinching it, tugging at it, squeezing it and pulling at it distorting the shape of her whole tit.

She was squirming now and the sensations making her lose control and I removed her left nipple from my mouth and my tongue started its journey south to her treasure. She had light sweat forming on her skin making it shine a little. I ran my tongue on her trim stomach and dipped it in her belly button. I stood up and went to the foot of the bed, she was breathing heavily now asking me not to tease her.

I ran my hands up and down her lightly sweat coated thighs as I slide my tongue from her right knee to her trim thighs up to her pussy then did the same with her left thigh, then her right and left and right again. She trying to move her limbs but was unable to as she was tied, she asked me to untie her so she could play with her pussy, but I just kept on licking, kissing and nibbling at her thighs.

I brought my face close to her pussy and inhaled her musky scent and sweat forming around her pussy, she was dripping wet her puffy pussy lips were drenched so was her asshole and the pillow below her ass. I lightly blew hot air from my mouth on her pussy and she moaned. I was enjoying teasing her but it was very hard for me to control myself as I wanted to pound the shit out of her but and I wanted this day to be about her and not me.

I started caressing her pussy lips with my fingers eliciting loud moaning sounds from her pretty little mouth. I saw her face as there were sweat beads on her forehead and above her upper lips. She was shining with sheen of sweat on her whole body. I roamed my free hand on her slippery stomach and then her sweaty tits pressing them. I put one finger inside her pussy and started fucking her with just one finger and she was writing her hips against my hand.

I flicked her clit with my thumb as I entered a second finger her tight wet drooling cunt, her pussy gripped my fingers like a vice. I asked the birthday girl if she wants to cum, her respond was ‘yes make me cum, I feel helpless and at your mercy. I removed my hand from her pussy watching her pussy gape open then close slowly as being empty now what? Were the only words from her mouth, I told her to ask me nicely if she wants to cum.

She responded with ‘please make me cum please I will do anything to just cum right now. I again started finger fucking her with two fingers and flicking her clit with my thumb as my other hand was massaging her torso, stomach and squeezing her wet, sweaty tits. Her nipples were swollen and I pinched and twisted her sensitive nipple. I then removed my thumb from her clit and replaced it with my tongue as I tasted her musky pussy juice which was smeared all over her pussy and my fingers.

I was lapping up her vaginal juices as my fingers were sawing her slick pussy hole. I tried to put my third finger inside her drenched hole but it was tight and difficult to slide it in after a few trials I was fucking her now with 3 fingers and sucking her clit in my mouth this made her scream a little and she started making loud noises. I brought my other hand and with my finger tickled all around her wet asshole.

I caught her clit in my lips and sucked it this caused her to scream and thrash her head side to side. I tried to push my finger in her slick asshole which was well lubricated with her own secretions, my finger slid up to first knuckle ooh! This is naughty she said almost in a whisper. I was now fucking her asshole with my finger up to second knuckle as my three fingers were screwing her pussy with my mouth sucking her clit.

Her body almost froze and then she shuddered making a loud scream saying and I m cuming so good don’t stop aaah and her pussy tightened around my fingers drowning them in juice as it started to flow like a free river along with drenching my chin. It looked as if her orgasm was going on and on and on until her body went limp. I removed my hands and placed my lips just above her sweat smeared mouth.

I kissed her red lips sending my tongue in her mouth making her taste her own pussy on my tongue and lips. I moved up untied her arms and legs then removed her blindfold. She had a satisfied look on her face as I told her to clean up and get ready we have to go to cut the cake at her place. She looked at me smiled and said best gift ever.

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