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Sexy Aur Mast Niddhi Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi! I have been reading the stories of desi fans and I’m eager to narrate my true story to all DESIPAPA fans. Well , I am from middle class family and 19 yrs of age and living in an old fashioned building in Mumbai . I wont waste any further time but the reason to tell this is that in our building common latrines are there. The story begins now. We have a neighbour whose daughter is just 17yrs.I always had an eye on her as she was the only sexy girl ( more developed than her age ) in our building. Her name is Niddhi (name changed).

As she was my sis’ friend I always used to find chances to touch her on her ass, breast(exceptionally large),etc. After some days later I was told by my sis that Niddhi was telling her about the physical contacts I was making with her . From this I came to know that she understood my gestures . In my building because of common latrines (only 5 in number ) in the morning many people of the building visit them ( b’cos of the morning nature’s call ) .Of all this people I and Niddhi are also included .Also due to limited number of latrines there is sometimes a queue . The very next day of my sister’s remark I saw Niddhi standing in the queue alone and few minutes later she went in. I saw that this is my chance and went to the latrines and waited for her. I didn’t have to wait too long. Soon Niddhi opened the door as she had finished her nature’s call . At that very moment I pushed her back into the latrine inside and closed her mouth to prevent her from shouting . Inside there she objected and asked me what was I upto . I boldly removed my night-shorts and underwear to reveal my 8″ cock to her and told her that I liked her very much and wanted to make her my sex partner .

On this , she got astonished and did not speak a word . I lifted her hand and placed it on my shaft which was rising like a serpent . She too got aroused and I forced her face towards my cock and told her to suck it .To my surprise she was an excellent sucker . She sucked my cock hungrily. She also gave me bites on my balls .Now I was highly aroused and was determined to fuck this bitch in a manner that she will remember me every time she wanted to have sex in her life . I started removing her skirt and to my surprise she was wearing no panty . I licked her pussy and sucked it hardly . Then I started finger fucking her . First I put my little finger inside her pussy . It slided inside easily. Then I put my 2nd finger . she moaned in pain loudly . I understood she was a virgin . I closed her mouth and started fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples to make her forget her pain . She was again aroused and this time I put my hot rod into her pussy . She to wanted me madly . I fondled her breasts , slapped her ass and bit her ass ,licked her ass , inserted 2 fingers in her ass , squeezed her balls and pinched her nipples ,etc.,etc.,etc. I pushed my dick slightly inside her virgin pussy . She jumped up with pain . But I held her back with great force and inserted the whole 8″ prick in her pussy and shot my load of cum inside her .We both came at the same time . But still somewhere inside me I wanted to make it the best fuck of my life . So I removed my cock from her pussy and told her to suck it again . She obeyed me and soon it again attained splendid erection .

This time my target was her fluffy ass ( which I had always loved ) . I told her to bend forward and inserted the erect serpent inside her ass after lubricating her ass and my cock with my saliva . She cried in pain but I was adamant ( kaun parwah karta hai ? ) . I took forward and backward strokes—slow at first and increasing my speed gradually . This time just as I was going to cum I removed my dick and shot the cum all over her body and made her to lick the remaining cum sticking to my cock .Then I made her masturbate myself and made her swallow all my cum . By now I became empty and told her to dress up and go out of latrine one by one as somebody might watch us . So guys can you’ll imagine that even latrines can be such a wonderful place!!!!!!!!!! Afterwards I had many sexual encounters with her . Some days afterwards her mother caught us enjoying sex in the latrine since because of our excitement we did not close the latch properly . I thought that she will complain to my parents and I was very afraid . But that day her mother didn’t tell anything to my parents . Next day when I was on our regular encounter time Niddhi came and we enjoyed . I asked whether her mother didn’t object .She replied that ” I told everything to my mother . On hearing this my Mother pleaded me whether she could get the same enjoyment from you as my father does not satisfy her . Would you mind to come tonight to our house when everyone in building is asleep since my father is out of station ? “. I readily accepted the proposal .

From that day I used to keep telling my parents that I am going to my friend’s house to study and I will sleep there only . We then had group sex and enjoyed every night the next 15 days. I found that her mother was really wonderful and experienced in having sex. She taught me several new positions . Afterwards my encounters with Niddhi continued in same fashion and my encounters with Bharti ( Niddhi’s mom ) continued in the latrines in the night . Any girl in Mumbai interested in losing her virginity or just simply enjoying sex and learning new positions for fucking contact me on That’s me dear . I advertise my site . Do u like it ?

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