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  • September 11, 2015

Hi everybody. I am Abreham. 22 yrs and live in the Chennai city. My father is a retired officer. My mother is a home maker. We have a middle class status, so we have rented the upper portion of our house. We use to have a Medical Representative renting that upper portion with his family. It was a small family though. Just husband and wife and sometimes their cousin use to visit them. The wife’s name was Indu. She was from Chennai. When they moved in I was about 22, and after my exams, I was rather free and was not doing any thing. Her husband Mohan was on the move and mostly stayed out of the district for weeks at a time. As the time went by me and Indu became close in the sense of friend ship. We use to watch movies together and I use to take her to market and stuff like that.

At first, I though that she is just being sweet. After a while she started talking to me about love and asked if I have any girl friends. Whenever we were alone she intentionally brought up the subject of intimacy. She use to tell me how his husband is neglecting him.I tried to explain that it’s the nature of his job. But her intentions were other wise. Let me first describe Indu to you. She was about 32. 5 ft 3 inches. Very fair and quiet elegant looking. She had the features like a fox, so, was her attitude.Well, I use to rent movies for her; she wanted me to bring some love stories that have explicit and obscene love scenes. I brought her a few. She use to invite me to watch the movie with her but I always made an excuse because my folks were getting suspicious about two of us .I could some time hear them talking bout telling Mohan to find another house. I knew that suspected something. To tell you the truth I was very much tempted to have sex with her but always scared to make the first move thinking that it might be the cook up of my vivid imagination and may be she is just being polite and being honest to me. Then, when her husband was away she started calling me up on my phone late at nights talking about stuff mostly involving sex. I use to get excited and some what waited for her to call.One day as my parents went away to attend a wedding. They were not supposed to come back for 4 days. They did left one of my uncle in charge of the house. I guess they did not trust me and Indu in the same house alone.

By that time she was already gone very open to me and even asked if I could have sex with her.. And I told her to wait for the right time. My uncle was rather a fun loving person and had no clue to what I had planned. It was a warm July afternoon.He was sleeping in the air-conditioned room. I told him that I am going out to see some friend in the neighbors. He was so sleepy that he did not care. I called Indu up and told her that ” this may be the right time” She got very excited and said that she had been waiting for this for a while. She had a maid in the house that use to come once daily to clean her house and wash her clothes and other stuff. She gave her an early break and told me to come up stairs as soon as the maid leaves. I was dressed up in jeans and a T-Shirt. My heart was pounding and my head was spinning a bit. Thinking I am going to have the first ever experience of my life. The maid left and I rushed up stairs from the spiral staircase. As I entered their living room there she was wearing a red nightgown. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail. She even had a bit of make up on. She smiled at me and said ” Ready” She signaled me to follow her to the bedroom. She closed the door behind her. And I felt as if the life was getting out of me. I was very tense.Well wouldn’t all of you guys be in my position. I was not exactly a playboy at my time. I never ever had a girl friend before that. I was a very shy person but I did desires. I was human after all. Before that my best sexual experience was tossing off to magazines in the bathroom.

Anyhow, she came close to me. I could smell the sweet perfume that she was wearing. It was very exotic. I could see her nipples getting erect even under from a thin nightie. She was almost as tall as I was cause she was wearing high heels.She kissed me on the lips and told me to relax. That first kiss was awesome thigh it was brief. She told me to show some excitement as I was standing their motion less like a statue my heart was saying yes and my mind was saying no.Then I said to my self ” Hey what the heck” I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Still a bit confused I kissed her with my tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each other tongue and I could feel her saliva going in my mouth. The feeling was out of this world. She stepped back few feet and with looking me right into my eyes she slipped out of her dress. She was not wearing any thing else. There she was like a roman goddess. She was naked in front of me. The girl of my dream who actually belonged to some one else. Well, who cared at that point. She asked me ” Well, what do you think”. “Wow’ was my answer. She came close to me a pulled down my zipper. My dick was begging me to take it out. It did have the mind of it’s own though.When she pulled down my jeans my cock plunged out and to my surprise she put the thing in her mouth. She must have been watching those hard core movies. The touch of her tongue on my penis was very ticklish at first but as my mind slowly accepted.the fact that its in a gorgeous woman’s mouth, It grew harder and harder. She sucked onto it for a while and then got up and with steamy eyes ahs looked at me.

She turned around and lay down on the bed. She got her legs up in the air and wide open. She whispered ” Oh, Fuck me, Fuck me hard” I got on top of her with my heart beating like a techno beat. I looked down at her vagina. It was shaved recently and was very clean. The lips of the pussy were pink. I first felt the hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my prick right inside her. Her pussy was warm rather a bit hot. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. I started with a slower pace and worked my way up to a steady motion. It was quiet an effort though. She held my arms very tightly and her long beautiful nailsWere embedding in my arms. Her breast was jumping up and down with every stroke. Her eyes were tight shut and so were her lips. From time to time she got her tongue out and rolled it over her lips. She was surely enjoying this. The thought of me being the instrument of her pleasure made my cock hard and wild. At this moment we were both participating in this wild session with full involvement. She was feeling orgasms over orgasms. As, I was ready to cum I pulled my dick out of her but she grabbed it and guided it right back in and told me to continue ” I am on the pills, cum inside me, deep inside” Within few seconds I butted all inside her. She must have felt that because she screamed and yelled “Oh Yes” I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked, it was heaven. I laid down beside her, she held my hand and said ” Now you are a man.” I smiled back. She went into the bathroom for a while but kept the door open. I could hear the sound of her pee going down the flush. A wild and crazy though came to my mind to drink that piss but then I shook my head. She came out holding a brush in her hand. She started to brush her long brown hair. And I said to myself ” Is it all over” My dick was coming back to life and she realized it too. She climbed the bed and said ” you are ready again, that’s quick”. Well what do you expect from guy who had his first fuck just minutes before.

She bent down and kissed me. Holding my cock in her hand she got on top of me and guided it into her still wet pussy. A shiver went down my spine as she started fucking me. I was holding her breasts and pressing her nipples with my thumbs. She got very excited and got very fast. That was a wonderful experience. We fucked for about ten minutes and felt like if its not going to stop. She got off and said ” i’ve never ever been fucked in the ass, Please, put it inside my ass” She knelt down in a doggy position with her ass towards me. I said to myself ” Wow, virgin ass” I open her buttocks and saw a very tiny hole. I asked her if she was sure about it and she said ” Shut up and fuck me” At first I just inserted the head and she cried out loud with pain. “Do you want me to stop” she replied ” No, not at all push it all inside’ With a bit if hesitation I forced my way into her tight rather very tight ass. About half of my modest 8 inches went inside. She was begging for me to insert the whole thing. I pulled it out a bit and then with a massive jerk got the whole thing deep inside her ass. The experience of anal sex had always fascinated me. After a few times the penetration became easy and she was moaning and screaming. Her face was buried in the pillow. I held her breast from behind and with a fast continuo pace, I fucked the woman of my dreams in the ass. We fucked for at least 20 minutes in the same position and finally I came inside her and filled her ass with my cum. I step off the bed and she resumed that position not saying a word. “Oh, my god, are you all right” I said. ” Yeah sure” She got up and stood on the bed with a grin. ” How do you feel?’ I replied ” Like a new man”. She jumped towards me and I carried her like a baby. She wrapped her legs around my waist and bent down to kiss me.She was a perfect woman. She lived with us for another month then they moved to Bangalore. I never heard from them again. Since then I always fantasize about her at least every other night any females or aunts wanna have in chennai!! Can mail me in my id –

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