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Sexy + Able = My Maid

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi to all the story readers out there. I have written a few stories before this and I have received many e mails of girls who wanted to have sex with me and I really enjoyed with 2 of them in different poses today I am going to describe u a entirely different incident but first I would like to introduce my self (my introduction is real except my name)

I am Sameer from an industrial city of Pakistan I am doing Graduation from a well known college of Pakistan I am20yrs old, 6 feet tall athletic body kool looks as all my relatives and friends say and a monster of 7 inches I am the ideal of all the children and my aged people in my family in dressings and manners specially.

Well I will not waste your time lets come to the story. One day my family have to go to Karachi for a month to spent some holidays. They told me to drop them at airport I went with them to see them off . They told me to ask your chachu and chachi to our house for some days. I said ok and came back to my city at 10 pm at night to my grand parents house and asked for my chachu and chahi and I came to know that they were also going some where, so I had supper and came to my house alone as no one came with me and as I parked my car in the garage and I was closing the door I heard a voice as some body was begging and with the voice it seemed that  there was any female and I was a bit nervous to see a female bagger and it was about 12 00 pm my first thought was that she was a thief well I prepared my Pistol as I always keep it with me when I use to go out of my city when she came to me and asked for some money (sahab roti khani hai thore pese de do bhala hoo ga aap ka). I saw her when she came in the light Wow she was damn sexy guys and girls ! she was about 23 or 24 years in age wearing a tight but dirty black dress hair were long but were tied having a figure of 38 26 38

I was not able to believe that she is a beggar I thought that my cock will torn my pants I had never seen such a beautiful girl. I asked her who are you and where you are from she asked me that why I was asking such question I asked again the same question and told her to just answer my question not to quest me . She replied that her name is Noreen I asked her that why she was begging so late she answered that she has no other chance than to beg I got an other Idea in my mind to enjoy this fuckable sex bomb I offered her if she will work in my house. She immediately said that she is ready I lead her in the house and said her to take bath and make her self clean I gave her some old clothes of my mom she took a bath quickly and changed clothes she had not wearing her bra as that was dirty too but her 38 sized boobs were still pointing as spears God I was hardly controlling on my self then she again asked me for food then I said that u have to cook chapattis she asked for floor and I provided her I aksed her that what can she do as being a maid she said that she will do any thing that i will said her to do I said in a questing mode (any thing) of course my meaning was sex and she understood as well and gave me a naughty smile and said (jee sahab aap jese ke liye to main apni jaan bhi de doon gee aap ne mujh behcari par bohot bara ehsaan kiya hai mujh ko bhikaran banne se bacha kar). I said (esa mat karna nahi to kujh ko apna khana khud hi pakana pare ga) she began to laugh with me

After that I ate my dinner and gave her too and told her that my family is gone out side of city and will be back after a month and she have to serve me till they come at least I was so tired that after eating i quickly went to sleep after guiding her to her place to sleep in the Morning she gave me food and asked that what is the task for her I told her that there are some clothes, wash them she went to do the task and when she came back after finishing the clothes her dress was all wet  with water and her boobs were easily visible to me as I saw them my sleeping giant began to awake It was going out of my control I told her that I am going to the bath and ran In my room. She was smiling very cunningly b coz she has understood all the situation I went in the attach bath and shut the door but forgot to lock I was just began to masturbate when she entered in the bath I was not able to think what is going to happen she gave a really sexy smile and said (sahab aap kiyon takleef karte hai mujh ko aap ne kis liye rakha hai takeh main aap ke sab kaam kar sakon aur sab se matlab sab). WOW I was thinking that I had not even done any thing for it. She sat near me and gripped my cock wow what a feeling that was beleive me guys her hands were so soft. She began to masturbate and I began to enjoy by pressing her boobs she was doing this job with hands and was moaning with the pleasure I was giving her by pressing her big boobs.

After 5 mints I was over and cummed on her hands she was still moaning and was stroking my cock then she said (dekho sahab main ne aap ko maza diya aap ne mera haat ganda kar diya) I said aao tum ko saaf bhi kar dete hain. I began to take her salwar off she said (sahab ganda to haath howa hai aap wahan kahan ga rahe hain )I said aaj main tum ko pura hi saaf kar deta hoon. After a little hesitation she agreed I took her salwar and kameez off Wow  her pussy was very hairy I said to clean her pubic hair And gave her a razor she cleaned her hair what a scene that was pink tight pussy was coming in to the view slowly as she cleaned her hair I was very exited to see a thing Guess what guys ? she was a virgin I was very happy that I will torn a virgin pussy today all day and all this month.

I took my clothes off too and turned the shower on and began to rub soap on her breasts her back ass pussy and every where it was feeling something great I had never touched this kind of soft and silky body after that I asked to apply soap on me to after we both were applied soap we started to French kiss . As I placed my lips on her’s she opened her lips and our tongues met wow what a fresh kiss that was  I was thinking that I have by chance found that greatest and sexiest girl on earth . I was also hugging her while kissing  the kiss lasted for at least 10 mints.

Then we washed our selves and cleaned the water I took her in my bed room and placed her on the bed my cock was ready for action I told her to suck my cock she said,” I will not do this this is dirty.” I  said that it will give u pleasure she then hesitatingly put her mouth on my cock’s tip after a few sec she opened her mouth and took me half cock in her mouth and i began to fuck her mouth then after some time when i was near to cum i told her that i am going to cum and she have to drink all the juice she said ok . I cummed in her mouth and she drank all the juice she said to me ( wakai sahab bohot maza aaya) I said do it for some more time to make my cock hard again  and she began to suck my cock again I then told her to lie on the bed and began to suck her pussy and pressing her boobs. After some time she cummed I drank all her juice and then placed my cock  on her pussy lips she said what r u going to do sahab I said that I will fuck your pussy now she said ok but be care full this will make me hurt I said I will be care full as I entered the tip of my cock in her tight virgin pussy she screamed I placed my lips on her lips and changed her attention on the kiss when I felt that she has no attention on her pussy having my cock tip I pushed my cock with my full force and the result was the same I was thinking she tried to scream very loudly as the pain was forcing her to do but my mouth was on her mouth which stopped her.

Her eyes were filled with tears I did not began to move my cock in pussy so she can forget about her pain my half cock was in her pussy after some time when I thought that the pain was no more there I began to move my cock out and in her pussy very slowly she was now enjoying this action and was responding by moving her hips after some strokes my whole cock was in her pussy and she was enjoying fully and I was too in heaven I have to fuck her with very much force she was so tight. I was stroking my cock very slowly as I was willing to make this fuck long and more memorable.

After the slow stokes of about 15 mines she requested for hard fuck (sahab tezi se chudo namujeh bhi to maza aaye) so I started to fuck her hard she was moaning with pleasure and was responding by moving her pussy.       Our fuck session lasted for about 45 mints as I have ejaculated two times before this and during our fuck she had three orgasms When I was about to cum i told her that i am cumming she said (sahab apne lund ko bahar nikalo main tumhare bache ki maa nahi banna chahtee) I pulled my cock out uf her pussy and inserted in her mouth and unloaded my load there she again drank all my cum mixed with her cum and the blood which was the sign that she was a virgin any more.

I was very tired we were laying on the bed after some time she went to the bathroom and cleaned her self I caught my breath and followed her I open the shower again and we took a quick shower meanwhile I sucked her pink nipples then she put her clothes on and went to cook  the dinner I also went behind her in the kitchen and told her that she dont need to wear clothes as I am alone in the house. If any one comes from outside she can wear them she said ok .

Some time later my friends came and told me come with them for some walk in the garden and some cricket AS I AM  THE BEST PLAYER IN MY FRIENDS RIGHT FROM MY SCHOOL TIME we played some cricket and I cam back home at 7 pm in evening as I entered the house I saw that Noreen has obeyed my orders. She welcomed me wearing only her bra she was looking damn sexy in bra I took her in my computer room and placed a XXX CD in the CD ROM she was becoming hot I was sucking her boobs after some time she met her orgasm I told her to Serve the dinner.

After the dinner I took her to my bed room and we had a great fuck again I also fucked her ass that was more tight than pussy and I knew that I will not able to keep her silent so turned my music system on loud so her screams can not go out side  Then we slept on the same bed My cock was still in her pussy (as I fucked her pussy again after her ass fuck).

I enjoyed Noreen juicy pussy and a great tight ass whole month very much. When my family returned from Karachi I told them that chachu has also gone for some holidays and that’s why I arranged a maid They asked me about her work and I told them that she works fine so they appointed her as permanent  I was very glad Because I will gonna fuck her a lot and I did also when ever I got a chance she is still living with us and working in my house and I still enjoy her pussy her ass and every thing.

Any aunty bhabhi girl (virgin or fucked) who want satisfaction can contact me every one will be kept secret only seriouse and true ladies can contact me my id is    ( I will wait for the comments

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