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Sexually Unsatisfied Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

This is Khurram from BahawalPur. My uncle Sharjeel is my father’s youngest brother. This story is five years ago when my uncle got married to a good looking sexy lady named Salma. I was in my final year of graduation that time and constantly in tension of getting good marks in my last year. I must tell you about Salma now. She is a well-endowed lady with correct weight at the right place. She was 24yrs old, fair, 5.4 in height with black eyes and with 36-30-34 vital stats.

That was a summer night and every body in our house was sleeping. It was very hot so I went up to get some cool air. When I passed through uncle’s room, I heard some voices of aunty and uncle like they were fighting at some issue. I kept my ears at their window which was closed and heard. I could not understand what they were talking but aunty was laughing and at the same time crying also. I was curious about inside so I went near to their door and tried to see inside the room through the key hole. What I saw inside was uncle and aunty were naked totally and aunty was sitting upon uncle and jumping up and down. She was looking in pain from her face expressions but her laughing was still could be heard. I understood immediately that this is the sex game. After few thrusts he brought out his cock and a shower of white thick fluid burst out upon the body of aunty. She was laughing again and then cleaned her body with a cloth piece.

Now the story begins, few months passed and one day my uncle had to go to Karachi for 4 days business trip, my parents were already at our relative’s wedding in Punjab. Now me and my aunt were alone. One day I was sitting in hall was studying and aunt was watching some songs with kissing scenes and I happened to notice that. She inquired what are you watching concentrate upon your studies. Meanwhile I just praised her looks that day for the first time. She blushed and asked me to sit with me and have some chat leave your study for a while. I told OK and she went to kitchen prepared tea for me as well for her. While having tea I asked her aunty what is her idea of love? We then chatted about affairs, boyfriend, girlfriends etc. I just forgot my studies and it was more than 2 hrs, we chatted different stuff.

Suddenly I saw an amazing lust in my aunt’s eyes. She started admiring my physique, my eyes and my lips. By the way I am 6.2 fair and handsome face. I just jokingly asked if she likes me so much than had she had married me if I came to see her. She laughed and told me that you are very naughty and rose from her chair. I just couldnt tolerate that she didnt bothered to answer my question and I caught her hand and repeated my question. She told me to leave her hand but I didn’t. She started trying to escape from my grip and in the meanwhile her dopatta came down exposing her breast. She told me angrily khurram, what are you doing? I told I want an answer. She told me to follow her for the answer.

Salma took me to her bedroom and I followed her holding her hand. Once we entered the bedroom, she suddenly did the impossible. it gave me courage and i kissed her lips for about 5 minutes, Salma got hot and responded me heavily with a great kiss. I came close to her and kissed her she was already hot. She gave me the great response and started kissing me wildly. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and she was sucking it and I was sucking her saliva too. I was biting her lips and sucking them hard then I slowly moved my hands and lift her nice shaped boobs Slowly and steadily I stared rubbing her right breast with my hand. couple of minutes, I shifted my hand from right to left breast and started pressing it. She was enjoying like hell and has thrown back her head that made her boobs prominently pushed out. I was kneading her breasts one by one and after five minute, I slowly inserted my hand from the loose neck of her kameez and held her smooth, soft, bare breasts under my palm. Her nipples were extremely tight and with my each touch she was responding with a thrust. Now I was totally out of control and pulled her close. Slowly I put my lips on her lips. Her eyes were close, as if, she doesn’t want to see what is happening.

Salma started unbuttoning my shirt and I gleefully assisted her in undressing me. Her touch was warm, her hands were soft and her nails ever so lightly scratched my skin sending shivers up, then down then back up my spine. I felt my hands slide down her arms, skin as soft as newborns. We moved closer, able to feel the electricity between us as our bodies touched and her soft, supple breasts and firm, erect nipples pressed into my chest. Salma moved her arms up and around my neck and our lips connected lightly again, then harder as the passion welled up inside us. Our tongues greeted each other eagerly and danced together in unison. She was a fantastic kisser, something I sincerely enjoyed to the fullest extent. Salma slowly crouched down in front of me and rested on her knees in front of me. I was already erect, and Salma licked the tip of my cock slowly, Meanwhile my dick was getting hotter and it had already achieved its full erection of 7.5 inches.

My aunt could see this and she blushed and pressed it slowly giving me more pain and I pleaded that I am sorry for whatever I had done. I could see that her eyes were stuck on my monster. She simply took that in her hand and started sucking it wildly without uttering anything. This happened for few mins and then I told I am cumming. She immediately took it out of her mouth and told me to hold. Then she hugged me and asked me to unhook her bra and remove her panty. I soon complied with her order and as soon I did this, she suddently jerked me and went to the bed and covered herself up with the bedsheet. This was making me wild. I just pounced on her like tiger and then started kissing her.

Suddenly I found that my monster was already in her pussy. Her pussy was hairy and very tight. It was just a heavenly feeling. She started moaning and making all sorts of sounds. I started thumping on her and then I told her I am taking it out as I am cumming. She asked me to cum inside her as she wants to be mother of my child. I cummed in her entirely filling her pussy and I could see sperm dripping out of her pussy. She started licking the sperm with her finger and told me that she is mine from today. We again kissed and then slept together. Now she is mother of my son Tahir. My uncle still thinks that he is his son. Dear readers if you are inspired and any unsatisfied aunty, girl wants friendship feel free to contact me at  don’t be shy privacy is my hallmark.

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