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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

This is about my sexual experience with my aunty. I used stay with my aunty from my childhood, she is my mother’s sister. My aunty has one more child, his name is satish. We both used to be very close to each other, he is 2 years younger than me. When I was 24 years old the incident occurred. From the childhood my aunty used to sleep with us, as my uncle works in railway driver so mostly he used to be in duties. We used to sleep either side of my aunty. Put hands and legs on her and sleep.

This became and habit and started to fantasize her as my sex mate. Slowly I started to put my hand on her boobs and some times into her petticoat. She would be in deep sleep and my brother also in sleep…..this process is going for some months and one day suddenly my brother caught me while putting hand into her petticoat. He was surprised and caught my hand…. I thought that I am in trouble, I removed my hand and slept apart from her. Next day he brought a bluefilm cd and kept in computer and played, at that time I entered into room and asked him what he is doing, he replied don’t worry just enjoy……so we enjoyed the movie and planned to enjoy my aunty too from that day onwards. That night my aunty wore a cotton saree, and a blouse without bra.

As soon as we finished the dinner we went to bed and eagerly waiting for her to come to bed, at last after finishing her household work she came in a tired mood and slept in between us, as soon as she came in between us we each of us came close to her and put our hand on her boobs and put legs on her cunt over the saree with a force, for which she responded and asked why are u guys so affectionate today, we in reply answerd that we luv you so much and want to express her. She smiled and ok and started to ask about our activities in the school and how the day gone. We replied in her politely in used to press hand over her boobs. She didn’t respond anything for the action we r doing. Slowly she went to sleep and started snoring….then I started to remove the blouse hooks and satish started to remove the knot for the petticoat, she is snoring and taking heavy breaths… finally I was success in unbuttoning the blouse and the heavy boobs which are freed from the tight blouse fallen apart…… I started caressing the left boob of aunty and put my mouth on her right boob, she is giving heavy breath. Satish removed the petticoat and fingering the cunt slowly, his fingers are shiverig to caress the cunt, he slowly started to caress the hair near her cunt…….meanwhile my aunty started to towards satish, we got afraid as she might get awake, so stopped for a while, she moved towards him and put her hand on him and slept……I moved towards her in a way such that my cock is exactly on her ass…..i cought her tight and from the other side satish caught her tight and slept. She tried to move apart but couldn’t move and she didn’t try again and slept as it is….the time gone we are in sleep… the morning                                                                                                                                                                 we got up and no scoldings from my aunty, as the blouse buttons and petticoat knt is removed.

So we got courage and we started enjoying every day one day satish used to play with boobs and I with cunt alternatively, when ever my uncle is out of station…….one day she caught of us redhanded and scolded not to do and she asked us to sleep apart from her, we used to sleep apart and wait for her deep breaths, as soon she starts snoring we used to come close to her and sleep….everytime she asked us to sleep apart in sleep as well and she started to push us when ever we tried to unbutton her hooks. This is going on for more than a month and when ever I get a chance I used to goback her and hug her from back. She never said a word, so I got a dareness and started to put my hands on her breasts and caress from back and push against her ass…..she sometimes don’t say anything and sometimes removes and moves away and says “kothi, don’t have sharam”…..but didn’t say anything seriously…so I got more courage and never missed a chance whenever she is alone and doing work in kitchen…..

But never encouraged us on bed…..when ever I got a chance I started to expose me to her….no response from her….and one day when I was at home as I was not feeling well, and satish went to college…that day I asked her to bath me as I was not feeling well, she initially resisted that she don’t do to me, but I made her convince to bath me, then I went to bathroom before and took off my clothes and stood nudely, she came near the bathroom and opened the door and was astonished to see me nude and closed the door and about leave the place but I called her…..she came and said “ kothi what is this……this is not right” and started to pour water from a distance……. I faced towards her and exposed my cock to her and put my hand on my cock and started to give movements to and fro.

She put soap all over my body….. and slowly came down the waste and hesitated to put soap near the cock and moved further down and put soap all over the legs and thighs…….i don’t have words and enjoying each and everymovement……..within no time juice came out from my cock and she seeing that “chi idiot no commonsense and bet me and left the place with out doing bath….i completed my bath and came out, she was busy with her work in kitchen…I hugged her from back and put my hands in her petticoat, she is pushing me apart but I caught hold of her and pushing her from back….she is telling “ now u have grown for marriage, so I have to look for a girl, so get a job soon”, I told her that I love u and u are my sweet lady, she smiled and told no not correct and went to other room, I changed my clothes and sat in computer… the evening satish came and hugged his mother…..and he too behaved as I behaved, she was little bit strict to him rather than with me……days passed and I used to express my love to her when ever she is alone……but her attitude didn’t change,s he used to behave normally….and didn’t allow me to move further… one day without informing to satish I brought sleeping pills and kept with me……sometimes my aunty gets headache and also gets body pains… I waited for that chance and the day came and my aunty is suffering from body pains, I told her that I will get pills for her and went out and came in evening and gave her sleeping pills which is in my shelf……..i told her that to take a pill along with coffee and I prepared coffee for her before giving her I powdered one more pill and mixed in coffee.

She took a pill which I gave her with coffee….now she is dosed with 2 pills which is more effective and she within half hour the effect is started, she is not able to do work and was in a state to sleep…..satish told that he was going to movie as his friends called him, so as soon as he finished dinner he gone, he asked me to come, but I said I got assignment to do, so he left……my aunty was in sleep….she started snoring and she is not in this world……..i closed the main doors and I arranged TV in the room and started playing a CD in the player which is attatched to the TV…….the CD was really hot and making me more hot……I removed my dress and went near to my aunty and slowly removed her saree……she was in her petticoat and blouse…..i moved her legs apart and slowly opened knot of her petticoat and pulled down her legs…..ohh my goodness, I can view her bushy hair and couldn’t find the cunt in that…..waahv a beautiful smell…….i put my hand on her bushy hair and started looking for beautiful cunt…..she is not moving and giving a deep breath……..i not in a condition to hold so I moved on top of her and sat on her my cock is near her cunt and bend towards her face and started kissing…..i put my hand on her breast and started caressing……I unbuttoned her blouse and slept on her for sometime…..she is taking deep breaths… cock is pushing against her cunt and I am giving a blow job and she put her hands on my back and started to hug me and gave movements….with this I moved my cock into her cunt which made her realize and waked up and asked me what are u doing ……I didn’t talk to her….she was not able to push me apart also as the pill is more powerfull and she is talking something, but I caught her and started pushing my cock in her cunt, she tried to push me apart but failed……

My whole cock is in her cunt, she lifted her legs and put on my waste……I gave a smooth pushups…which she also responded and started to move in a rhythm…I inserted my hot tongue in her mouth and started exploring it. Her body is heating up and I started to suck her nipples…..i was moving my cock very fast and fast and cummed all the juice in her hot cunt and relaxed on her she too felt tired and relaxed……she went into deep sleep without waking up….i after some time waked up and arranged the TV where it was….i dressed her and slept beside her putting hands in her cunt…later satish ranged the bell and I went to open the door….he came and slept on other side of her……I didn’t allow him to put hand on her cunt as the cunt was full of juice…..he just caressed her boobs and went into sleep…I was fully satisfied and went into sleep and ask me what happened in the morning…..

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