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  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi friends, I love the stories posted on this site and I am a fan of this site I like all the stories posted here. I am going to share my true experience with my ex-girlfriend. I guess names would not be necessary. I just completed my studies (M.C.A) in a reputed college but the fact is I hated the college. I was a known person in the college because of not so good reasons I don’t mean I was a brat but used to have a lot of doubts in the subject and the professors were not able to clarify my doubts. With a lot of efforts I some how cleared the 1st 5 semesters and now was searching for a place to do my project but was I wasn’t able to find one. In the mean time my parents decides to go on a trip (yatra) on 10 February 2010. I was to be alone at home for about 10 days. I used to chat to this one girl from my college to whom I have spoken rarely in college, but started chatting to her after the 5th semester as she was also in my town to search for project. I have invited her to my house before, that is, when mom was at home but mom left for some work after sometime n the two of us were alone at home I had no intentions about her sexually then so noting happen during that visit. I showed her some of my old pictures n we were chatting. She liked my company very much (she told this later that night).

Days passed and 14 February was on the verge and so I was teasing her that I loved her n she knew that I was not serious. On 10th February my parents left for there yatra. I was all alone at home. That girl and I used to chat all along, nothing sexual. But she was giving me emotional support for many things which would not be necessary here. On 12th February I asked her would she like to visit my home again she said ok. I didn’t know to get shocked or surprised because she accepted the offer at once. She knew that my parents were not at home. So I asked her she said that she had trust in me. I told her that I would pick her up at 11 but she asked y so late, I told her that the servant girl would come to clean the house at 9 but she asked me to come early. So I told her that I would try my best to pick her up as early as possible. The next morning, at around 10, after the maid left the house, I went to pick her up from the hostel which she stayed in. It was a 30 minutes journey from my home so it took approximately 1 hour to get back home with her. On the way home we purchased something to eat for lunch and reached home at around 11.30 AM. After that we had our lunch together I the same plate. She said that she liked that as well.

Now we finished eating and had nothing to do so I showed her some more pictures of my sister’s marriage which she didn’t see the other day she was at home. Then I asked her can I sleep on her lap to which she agreed. Slowly I became emotional she consoled me. Slowly I started rubbing her outer thighs. She didn’t say anything probably she was very much involved emotionally. I had a hard on instantly but controlled myself. Later when I saw the clock the time was 7 PM. She started to worry because she had to reach the hostel by 8 PM. I told her not to very I will drop her. If we get late I will come n speak to the warden. But still she was very much worried. I started, because I was in a hurry I over did myself in starting my bike and got a sprain in my back. But somehow I dropped her to her hostel in time. All the while I didn’t tell her that I have a sprain in my back. After I reached home I messaged her that I reached home and also explained how got the sprain in my back. Now she started to scold me, that why didn’t I tell her that I had a back pain. After 1 hour of scolding she calmed down. In addition to the sprain I had a pain in my testicles which I didn’t tell her. She ordered me to take rest, to which I obliged.

The next day I woke up late at around 12 noon. As soon as I woke up I saw my mobile, I had 10 missed calls and 50 messages. Without seeing the messaged I called her and told her that I just woke up. She said its ok. I was happy that she didn’t scold me. Then asked me how my back pain was. I told her that the pain was better now. I then remembered that it was 14th February. I wished her happy
Valentines Day to which she also told happy Valentines Day to me. I as her shall we meet again she told no as I had back pain. Then I told her to come to my home to which she readily agreed. I don’t know why though. She told that she would come to my home by 5 and leave by 6, I asked her why so late to which she replied that she had to wash her clothes. I agreed n told her to wash her clothes as fast as possible to which she said that “ I have to hang your call to do that” after about 10 to 15 minutes we disconnected our call n then I got ready went to a hotel to have lunch then was waiting for her message. At 5.30 she messaged me that she has just then finished washing her clothes and she is very tired and she is vey tired n she cannot come. To which I was very disappointed n asked her that if she is tired shall I come to pick her up. She started shouting at me telling me that “its too late now I have still have to take bath and get ready which will take at least half an hour and then to come to your home another 1 hour because I have to come by government bus” but then I told her that I will come and pick her up please. After a lot of pressure and assurance from me that I will drop her back to her hostel by 8 PM she agreed. I went to pick her up and then we reached home 7 PM. We sat for 15 minutes. Then she said that shall we leave else we will be late. I told her would u like to stay here, at my home tonight. To which she strongly disagreed but I got very emotional n told her please many times then finally she agreed. I told her to call her roommate n tell her that she would not be coming to hostel tonight and tell her some lame excuse that she is at her relatives home, to which she agreed and called her roommate.

I was lying on her lap n she was sitting on my bed which was a single bed. I was rubbing my hand on her outer thigh and she wasn’t giving any reaction to that. We were talking till 11.30 PM, and then she asked where we will sleep. I totally forgot about that so I took her to my parents room and asked her to sit there till then I will bring some water and some snacks to eat and also will change to my night suite. When I reached my room I took small shorts to wear thinking that I will show her some of my not so sexy body but then I realizes if she didn’t like it what would I do. So I took a night pant and a t-shirt n wore it and took a bottle of water and a pack of lays (potato chips).and went to my parent’s room. She was sitting there and watching tv. I saw her she was in salwar kameez. I then told her that she can change to a nighty of my sister to which denied initially then accepted it later. Then she lied on the bed. I asked her where I shall sleep because I have already told her that I liked sleeping on her lap. To which she told me to sleep on her stomach. I readily agreed and lied down on her stomach. We chatted for 10 to 15 minutes. She started rubbing her hands on my head and I slowly started to rub my hands on her thighs this time I managed to reach her inner thighs, it was really hot and a very nice feeling I loved it then I slowly started moving my head towards her breasts, the lovely mounds.

We were silent for sometime and were enjoying each others hands in action. Hmmmmmmmm no words can describe that feeling we were in 9th heaven. We were then brought back to earth by a sound from a cat outside the room. She is feared of cats. I calmed her down got up and shooed the cat away. Then she asked the time n I saw my watch n told her its 2.30 AM. She was shocked n said that its high time we should go and sleep. I was disappointed and agreed and turned the lights off. N slept near her. We were talking for sometime then there was another silence by this time we were accustomed to the darkness. I thought that this is the time or it would be never then I took my face near her slowly. Then slowly I placed my lips on hers. I thought that she would not like this but I was wrong she didn’t say anything but moved away a bit. I thought to my self it’s now or never n moved forward because of no opposition from her. This time she stayed still for sometime then moved away. I went further to reach her all these time my hands weren’t touching her. This time I took my hands n pulled her towards me she didn’t fight but submitted herself to me and then I started kissing her but I didn’t get any response from her I was disappointed but did not leave her kept on kissing her for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then slowly I started to pull her nighty up she resisted n pushed me back I tried to do again but again she allowed to kiss but did not allow to pull her nighty. Then I told her sorry n told her that it was my fault I love you very much this was the first time I told her that I love you. After sometime I kissed her again n she started to respond to the kiss, then slowly I pulled her nighty up. She did not resist this time. I pulled her nighty till the breast n pulled her bra as well n started to play with her breasts. They were so soft yet so firm. I asked her can I suck your breast to which she nodded her head.

Then I placed my mouth on her nipple n covered her nipple n sucked once each oh her breast they were so tasty that I would be ready to such her breast my whole life. Then I asked her shall I turn the lights on so that I can see the heaven on earth. To which she closed her eyelid and nodded her head in affirmation. I was in ecstasy. I jumped out of the bed n turned the lights on. All the while her eyes were closed. Then I came near her face seeing her breast and said thanks to her she slapped me on my face n told me never say sorry or thanks to me in your life time and lifted her head and kissed me. I placed my hands on her breast n pinched her nipple to which she reacted with a ooooouuuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhh sound. I loved it. Then I went down to her breast and kiss on each nipple of hers then took her right nipple in mouth n started licking it around the nipple n in the mean time was playing with her left nipple with my right hand was pinching n pulling the nipple. She was loving what I was doing to her nipples (she told this to me later). Then I changed the breast the left one in my mouth n the right one to my hands.

After doing this for sometime I slowly guided my hands to her pussy over her panty, but she didn’t allow me to go touch her panty and caught my hands before it reached her panty. I tried this 3 to 4 times but she caught my hands. So I started to move my head down to her panties thought that she would at least allow my mouth to work on her pussy. I was licking and sucking every part of her stomach then came the belly I knew that if I take my mouth directly to her pussy she wouldn’t allow me to do anything there. So I started to insert my tongue in her belly button and was sucking n licking as well she was very exited and was moving her hands on my head vigorously and was also pressing my head deep in her belly. Then I slowly started moving my head down towards her panties but she stopped me, pulled me up to her breast and pressed my face on her breast. I had no other choice other than to suck her breast which I loved doing. Then I tried the same again. But she pulled me back n kissed me on my lips. Then I asked her can I see your pussy she said no n gave me her promise. I couldn’t break it so had to satisfy myself with the rest of her body. I kissed all over her body then I lied on top of her and fucked her with my pants underwear hand her panties on. I relieved myself like that. She also had her orgasm.

I would require you to encourage me to post the next part of the story where I would describe how I fucked her so please please post your comments and if you liked my story or not on and any married women or girl who wants to share their feeling experience can contact me on my e-mail I.D.

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