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Sexual Activity With Priya

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

This is Atul once again from Mumbai. This story is a true one and is the next part of my meeting with Priya. I am thankful to all the readers for their overwhelming response to my first part of this story. Now I will start the 2nd part. After our first meet in Khandala, Priya has became addicted to everyday sex. However, she don’t want anybody else other than me to do it. It was not possible for me to be in Pune everyday leaving my job in Mumbai.

We used to chat a lot every day without fail and used to role play on chat. We also used to talk to each other and listen to each others’ moans while role playing.Priya was so fond of my body as she could not control every passing day. However, she had came up with a solution. Everyday she used to bring cucumbers and while role playing, used to insert one in pussy and another one in her ass hole.

Ultimately, after 3 weeks of our first meeting, we decided to meet each other. Priya told me that this time meeting should be in Pune as after enjoying such a pleasure, she do not wish to travel from Khandla to Pune.I readily agreed and we fixed the next Saturday as our meeting date. Friday, I had a night shift. I told my parents that I am going with my office friends for outing and they do not have any objection. So, while going to shift, I took my car with me.

Next day morning, after finishing my shift at 6:30, I started my car as we have decided to meet near Swargate Bus Depot at 9:00 AM. During my journey, I had my breakfast at Mall on expressway. I reached Swargate at 8:45 AM and to my pleasant surprise, Priya was already there waiting for me. She was wearing a baby pink colored Salwar Khameej with same colored Chunari and was looking gorgeous.

I picked her up and asked her whether she want to eat anything. She told that she already had the breakfast and not to wast any time. I asked her about the hotel and she told that there is a good hotel on Katraj Road, which is bit inside from the main highway and is a quiet place. Within 15-20 minutes, we were checking in at the hotel. As usual, we had booked an A/C Room.

We entered the room and I tipped the room boy. He happily accepted the same and parted away. I shut the door of the room. Priya was waiting for this moment only. It was evident from her appearance that she really don’t want to waste any time. Straight away she hugged me and started kissing me violently. I also responded her with the french kiss. We were standing near the door and kissing each other for 5 minutes.

After that, Priya regained her composure a bit. She left me and put her Chunari on the bed. Also she had parted with her Kurta and Salwar and thrown it on the bed. I was watching this from where I was standing. She then went to washroom to freshen herself. In the meantime, I put the luggage in order and removed my shirt and trousers and went to washroom.
The door of the washroom was obviously open and when I went inside, Priya was washing soap on her face.

Now by this time, I was totally aroused and went to her back and untied her bra strip. She was expecting the same and she kept continuing wash her face. I had removed her bra and from washroom, threw it away on the bed. Also I had removed my underwear as well and the same was also went on the bed. Now I hugged her tightly from behind. I was completely naked and she was just in her panty. I immediately removed her panty and the same also went on bed as well.

Now I started squeezing her nipples from behind and press her boobs from behind. My already erect cock was in her ass crack and while washing her face, she started moaning a bit. I now put the shower on and pulled her towards me. Two hot bodies were below the warm water of shower. Now I turned her towards me and put my lips on hers. She responded immediately and her hands went to my back scratching it. I was not kissing her passionately and at the same time squeezing her ass buns. She was also doing the same with me. It went for around 10 minutes.

I then made her bend against the wall and straight away put my harden tool in her ass hole. She shivered a bit and moaned. I straight away started stroking her rigorously. I was now completely out of control and so does she. Shower waster was pouring on us and giving the slurpy sound along with our moans. She told me not to leak inside her ass as she want to gulp it down. I told yes and started blasting her ass fast and furious.

After about 7-8 minutes, I reached my climax and told her the same. Immediately I removed the cock from her ass and made her lie down on the floor. I sat on her big boobs and put my cock near her mouth. She had eagerly taken it in her mouth and started sucking it and within no time, loads and loads of cum started shooting from my dick. She was also equal to the task and had not wasted the single drop of it.

After the 1st round, we dried each other and came out. Both of us had decided that we will not wear anything while we are in the hotel room. Accordingly, we came near the bed. I cleaned up the bed and put all our inner wears, which we thew away while in washroom and put it in the cupboard. Priya told me to lay on the bed as she wanted to be over me. I lay down on my back and she came above me and started adjusting her pussy with my dick.

It was not that hard as few minutes back only we had the first round. I told her the same and immediately she went on 69 position above me. Now her juicy pussy was just next to my mouth. Before I started leaking it, she already had my complete dick in her mouth and started sucking it rigorously. It sent a shock wave in my entire body and I put my tongue on her clitoris and started leaking it. She shrunk for a second and then started sucking my cock again.

Now I put my 2 fingers inside her cunt, which was already wet by her juices and started giving her finger fuck. At the same time, I was licking her clit. She was moaning loudly and so do I. Within no time, my tool was ready again and rearing to go. She had given a fantastic blow job to me and that’s why it as hard on so fast. now I told her that if she wish, she can come on me and immediately, she changed her position and sat on my dick. She hold my dick, lifted herself a little and put my cock on her pussy hole. It went in immediately.

Now she started doing up and down movements and started moaning loudly. Then she bent on me and started leaking my chest. I hold both of her boobs in my hand and started pressing it extremely hard. I was also squeezing her nipples as well. At the same time, I was giving thrust from below.This went for another 10 minutes and she had her first orgasm. It was so furious that the bedsheets got completely wet below me. The juices were flowing out from each and every gap between her pussy and my cock.

Now I was also on and started giving her the rapid thrusts from below and she told me that she want me to cum inside her cunt. This was for the first time she told me that. Because whenever we had done it, she leaked my dick and sucked all my juices in her mouth. But now she told me that she had taken a 72 hours pill and not to worry about any pregnancy.

Hearing this, I got more wilder and like a bull started banging her pussy from below. My pelvic bone was slapping her ass heaving giving that slapping sound. She was also now completely on and responding to my ramming equally. 2 naked bodies were in perfect tune and enjoying the great gift of heaven. We both were in 7th heaven.

This went for 10 minutes and ultimately, I started shooting my cum inside her cunt. At the same time, she also had her 2nd orgasm. She was still on my top. I told her to lay on my chest so that I can put all my cum inside her cunt. She dos that and took my entire load in her cunt. We lay down in the same position for some time before my dick became limp and came out of her cunt.

Both of were tired as we already had 2 sessions in 45 minutes. She lay down on her back and I started cleaning up her cunt by leaking it. It was as mixture of juices from her as well as mine. After cleaning her cunt dry, I put my dick in her mouth and she also leaked it to dry. We then decided to order our lunch as Priya was feeling hungry. It was only around 11:00 am so I told her that instead of lunch, we will order something lite now and around 1:00 PM will order full lunch. It was Ok with her and accordingly, we had ordered some lite bites. With that, I also ordered 2 pegs of Vodka with orange juice.

Priya told me that she will not take drinks but I told her that if she don’t wish, its Ok. I will finish it off. We then put our clothes. She wore a nightie and I wore my T-shirt and Bermuda. Neither of us bothered to wear anything inside. The order came and room boy kept it on the table and went away. I put some orange juice in 1 peg and offered Priya only orange juice, which she accepted. While drinks and bites, we put the pillows behind our back and sat in a slanted position. I put my left hand around her neck and hold her left boob. I was playing with it. At the same time I was sipping my drink slowly.

Suddenly an idea strike in my mind. I made her remove her nightie and I parted my T-shirt and Bermuda as well. Now we both were naked. I told her that I will put my dick in the vodka glass and she can suck that. Priya also agreed to it. She was not new to the drinks but today she want only sex and not drinks, that’s why she was not having the vodka. But this idea she also liked very much. Immediately,

I put my dick in the vodka glass mixed with orange juice and put it near her mouth. She gleefully accepted and started sucking it. At the same time, I was sipping my drinks as well. It went on till vodka is finished. We then had the bites and cleared off the bed.Due to the drinks, I started getting little bit hot and so does Priya, as she had consumed quite a bit of vodka by sucking my dick. Immediately I came over her and sat between her legs.She also spreaded her legs to get me the access of her cunt.

But I wanted to fuck in her ass, so I put her bot legs on my shoulders to get a better access of her ass hole and put my dick on her ass hole.She removed one pillow and put it under her waste line to get me the better access of her ass. I straight away inserted my dick in her ass and it went in smoothly. This was due to her cucumber exercise while role playing, her ass hole has became so big that it was not a problem for me to insert my cock in it.

I straight away started stroking her very hard and both of us started moaning. I was ramming her furiously. I was knowing that this time I will not leak so early due to the 2 sessions we already had. Her entire body was jerking with each of my shot and it was nothing but heaven. After some time, she told me that she will come in a doggy position. I then pulled out and she went in doggy position. I had inserted my dick in her ass hole and continued ramming her furiously.

After about 20 minutes, when I was reaching my orgasm, I told her that I wish to fill her cunt with my cum again and removed my dick from her ass. She lay on her back and I inserted my dick in her cunt and started to and fro with great speed. Within 5 minutes, I started shooting my cum in her cunt. We both were extremely tired now and I lay on her with my dick inside her cunt and my head in between her boobs. I kissed her both the boobs and got slept like that. After about 30 minutes, she woke me up. My limp dick was outside her cunt which was leaking my juices.

I woke up and started cleaned up her cunt. I was too tired. Over and above, I had a night shift a previous day plus driving from Mumbai to Pune and on top of it 3 sessions in 2 hours had taken a tole of me. I told Priya that I am feeling sleepy and need to take rest for at least 1 hour. She agreed to it. She was also tired because of 3 sessions and we slept hugging each other. I inserted my finger in her cunt and told her that I would like to sleep like that. She had no objection.

We slept around 2 Hours and when I first woke up, it was 3:00 pm. Immediately I woke Priya up and told her to get ready for lunch. I removed my finger from her cunt which was still there. She hold my hand and took that finger in her mouth and started sucking it. I also sucked it to once again taste her cunt juices. We asked room service but they told us that lunch time is up to 2:00 pm and they can’t serve it now. We had left with no option but to go out and have something.

While getting ready to go out, suddenly another idea struck in my mind. Priya was knowing about my story regarding my virginity breaking on my cousin brother. I told her that I would like to have something in my ass today. Because last 18 years, I did not had ass fucking. She told that how it will be possible. I told her to wait. While we were away for lunch, we searched for dildo and atleast, we found it in one of the mall. Priya asked me what is it? I told her that she will come to know when we reach hotel.

We came back to our hotel around 9:00 pm. We had made some shopping and had pizza outside around 8:00 pm and were not at all hungry. So we ordered 2 coffee to our room. Coffee came and we had it and asked room boy to take the cups away. After he went, we started to remove our clothes and became full naked. We then went to washroom and cleaned ourselves. We came back on bed and I took out dildo from the shopping bag.

Priya was curiously looking at all this. I explained Priya that the dildo we bought, I will tie it up over her pussy and she will have to fuck my ass with it. She was so fascinated hearing this. It was altogether new experience for her. So as usual, we stared playing with each others’ private parts to make ourselves hot. Once we reach the peak, I tied the dildo to Priya. I also bought Vaseline bottle, from which, I asked Priya to put lot of vaseline in my ass hole as well as on dildo.

She done that with great care. Her fingers inside my ass hole massaging it aroused me a lot. I then told Priya that I am now going in doggy style and she has to insert to my ass hole slowly. She nodded in acceptance and ride on me from behind. Slowly she inserted the dildo in my ass hole. At first, it was very painful as after 18 years, my ass hole has been penetrated. After some time, I started enjoying it.

Priya was constantly asking whether I am comfortable. Now she also got aroused and started fucking my ass very hard. She started moaning loudly and with one hand she was pressing her boobs and with the other hand she had hold my dick tightly. It was an extremely heavenly experience for me.
At last, Priya reached her orgasm and juices are started powering from her cunt. She then removed the dildo from my ass hole and untie it. Now she was lying on the back below me and asking me to fuck her hard.

She was completely aroused and her body temperature was also very hot. I then put my cock straight away in her cunt and started banging it. Both were moaning simultaneously. After about 20 minutes, I shoot my cum load in her pussy and literally collapsed on her. Both were too tired as we had done it continuously for more than 30 minutes including my ass fucking.

But it was not over. The whole night was ours and so do the next day and we utilized it to the maximum. We made every possible opportunity to love and fuck to the fullest extent.This time, the whole night we did not sleep. I think we had made about 6 rounds for the whole night and went to sleep around 6:00 am. When we woke up, it was 1:00 pm. Our bodies were tired and paining but still that lust of having more was not vanished.

Before parting away, we have done the sex twice. Once straight and once through Priya’s ass. Before leaving, we hugged each other with a promise to meet soon. I dropped Priya to her house and then came back to Mumbai. Hey readers, I want your feedback for the above story on my email id Especially from females.See you next time with a new story.

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