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Sex With Wife’s Friend

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

I’m cris from Kathmandu, Nepal.i’m quite cute, good-looking guy but i was a virgin till i fuck my friends wife.i’m 25 of age & complete my master.i’m from a middle class family & have got nice job. i always want to have a sex but i was quite a serious person & busy on my own works.

I dream a lot about mature girls and do masturbate a lot.i got a close friend name ashish and he got a wife named sheetal and a daugter.he got married 5 years back and he’s always ambitious on his work. once i got treat from him on his birthday with his family.while i arrived at his home,sheetal was alone at her home.she gave me a naughty smile & invited me to come in.she was in kurtha,quite see through.she told me that ashish will be back in a moment & we sat together & talk on their affairs & life.after talk i came to know that she was quite negative to her husband as he couldn’t give time to her was our 1st meeting but she was frank to me on everything.she was looking to my eyes & position too frequently & trying to seduce me showin her breast once in a while.her breast & ass was so huge & perfect i was also feelin mad to her. meanwhile,she told me to come to next room as there was a call for me.

As i enter,she try to give me a tea but when i turned back she pour it to herself through my was so hot she said “atha “& it pour over to all over her body.i say sorry but she said its ok with a naughty smile.her smile was so sweet like a hungry i turned off the phone,i saw her getting changing her dress behing me.she was not hesitating to me.she was asking me how does she look?i told her shes perfect[how could my lean & thin friend got such a beautiful woman like that i was thinkin].meanwhile,she told me to zipped her blouse if i don’t mind.i say ok & while zipping her bra,she took off her sari & peticoat & she told me that something making her ask me to look over there.god!she was in panty & blouse.i got scared coz’ their family were there in other room.but i was too mad for her by that cock was erecting & touchin in her ass from back.she immediately notice it & turn back.i was red but she told me she understand me.she told me not to make sounds but i can do everything.she gave me a tongue kiss immediately.

Then enter her hands inside my dick got so erected that it comes out of my pant immediately.she was then mad on sucking it.then i took out her blouse.god!she was not wearing a bra too.her breast was so sweet it was like ball perfectly round & nipple was getting erected.i told her to fed me.then she turn towards me to suck.she was cryin suck hard baby.then i slowly remove her panty & lick on her she starts moaning ahhhhhhhh!!! ahhhhhhh!!! auchhhhhhhh!!!.suck me more hard.i enter my tongues deep in her she starts sucking my dick too as we were in 69 position.then,i enter my dick in her pussy slowly,then fast.she starts shiverring now as her 1st sex.she told me that my dick was so large & satisfying that she never gets from my friend before like such satisfaction.that made me to fuck her more harder.1st in sleeping position then in doggy style.she was giving company to me so good like making in & out so fastly.i gave inside her 1stly.then i told her to have buttfuck.she told me that she can fuck her i enter in her as slowly but it wasn’t too tight as i think before.she told me that she just enter candlestick in the bathroom before i i told her to suck my penis getting erect.meanwhile,i enter my fingers in her ass.then as my penis got erect i again enter in her ass& give up within aminute.

She was still kissing my chest & body.she then told me we should leave now as her family was there in other room & told me to have that again & she would fix time. then we move to other room & as i was playin with her daughter, my friend arrived home & said sorry that he was late being home.i say its alright as i got such great chance fucking her hungry she asked her wife to bring some snacks & drinks she was already getting asleep in the next room due to tiredless & told her that she was havin ashish himself went to shop to buy some drinks & snacks.meanwhile,we do fucked again once more & even leave my smelly custom to her room.

As my friend was already drunk from outside, he didn’t knew anything.then,we had a drinks & birthday party.this all happen only a few weeks before.i’m again waiting for her to have next sex soon. if any kathmandu gals around 20-30 are eager to have a sex with me,do mail to me at would be all confidential & satisfying eachother.

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