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  • September 30, 2015

Hi I am 24 yr old guy from delhi . Here I am going to narrate a real story which occurred two years back. That very year I lost my virginity. I live alone here in delhi . At that very time I was employing a maid. She was a old lady. She used to come everyday around 10 in the morning and finished her work by 1pm. she was really slow. Actually she was not the heroine of my encounter in fact it was her 16yr old daughter. Once lady said that nowadays her health is really bothering her too much tomorrow onwards her 2nd daughter will come to work. I said ok no probs. Next day bell rang n her 16 yr old daughter was on the door. Her name was neelam she was fair slim. Her boobs were not much large I found out later it was just 30 n was still growing. She was wearing salwar kurta , she gave me a smile n said bhaiya kya banana hai khane men .i instructed her what to cook n went to my room. It was after n hour or so she appeared in my room for cleaning.

Till this moment there was no evil in my eyes . when she bend down for cleaning then I was obliged with first looks of her tiny boobs which was hanging like two small oranges . I was not able to see her tits but sight of her cleavage was enough to give me hard on. My lund was fully erect within minutes of the first view. I controlled myself on that very day n she went after finishing her work.

But some thing started going in my mind and I decided to fuck this girl. Next day when she came to work as usual I opened the door n went to my room n slept .only change I made was that I opened the zip of me shorts n took out my lund n slept exposing my 7inches hard on. She came to my room for cleaning n I pretended to be asleep she saw my lund that I was sure but I couldn’t notice her reactions.

This continued for quite a few days in between I started getting friendlier to her, asking some personal questions etc she became more open to me. Once I called her in my room n told her that I want a personal favour from u if u don’t mind pls. cooperate. I am sure u will also enjoy while cooperating, she said nothing. I asked her to sit on my bed n I took her hand n started caressing her hand ,slowly I moved to her boobs she was hesitant n said nahin bhaiya n asked me ye aap kya kar rahen hain

maine kaha kuch nahin bas choop raho aur ankhe band karke bas enjoy karo aur mere touch ko feel karo .meanwhile I inserted my hand in her kurta n started fondling her small soft boobs her bra was wet by perspiration I took out her boobs n started kissing . she had the tingling sensation n was very nervous . Again started saying chor do bhaiya I said ok fine but I will do it again she said that ok tomorrow.

Next day I eagerly waited for her she turned up in time with smile .i was now sure that she had enjoyed my touch yesterday. So today I was feeling more confident. I asked her to come to my room she came. I asked her to sit on bed and again I started to fondle her little boobs .she started enjoying n closed her eyes . I slowly removed her kurta n opened her bra n caressed one boobs n put my mouth on her other tits n started sucking hard sometimes I flicked her small but hard tits sometimes I chewed it she was enjoying my act greatly n making shshhssssssss…… sounds . I was damn hard seeing her enjoyment n slowly put her hand on my dick. She was shocked to touch that hard pole but I asked to hold my lund n make up n down movement. She did according to my instruction. Slowly I opened her pajama n put my hand on her love mound n made slow movements of my finger over that she was enjoying n making more louder sound. slowly I parted her virgin pussy lips which were entwined n felt her dripping juices her cunt was wait I rubbed my fingers over that she was in heaven slowly I started inserting my finger into her hole . hey she was damn tight n m y finger didn’t move in she now complained pain n she lost her all excitement n started sayin chor do bhaiya dard ho raha hai . I some how tried to convince her that this pain is just for a while it will be over soon n u will enjoy my fingers greatly but she was adamant n didn’t let me touch her again . I was very angry but didn’t force her to do so. Latter I talked her n asked if u do not allow finger to go in how will u take my whole lund [dick] inside u. she was surprised to hear this n said how come I am going to take u r that very fat n long lund if I am not able to take a single finger n said main to mar hi jaongi. I said don’t be foolish every girl takes that dick in & mine is only 7’’ inches long other have even longer lund n their partner take the whole of it n enjoy then why r u being afraid . It pains only for once after that u will enjoy. She didn’t agree on that day.

Next day again I repeated the act n to convince her I showed her a blue film she was excited n let my lund touch her pussy slowly I rubbed my lund over her pussy she was making shshhshhhhhhhhss…… sound in between I lubricated my lund with my saliva n slowly started moving inside she at first didn’t care to notice my inward movement of lund in her enjoyment but as it pained her facial gesture reflected the pain . At this very moment I decide that I am going to enter her even if she cries . n I caught her strongly in my arms n gave her a hard jerk my half of lund went inside tearing her pusssy she cried in pain ahhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. mar gai chor do bhai ya . I didn’t let her go out of my arms n kept my body pressed against her without any movement but she kept crying seeing her tears I was a bit disturbed n let her go . My lund was red by her virgin blood she too was shocked to she blood coming out of her pussy. I asked her to go to bathroom n wash the blood. That day nothing more happened.

Next day when she came she was happy but a bit scared too I asked the reason . She told that she is happy coz yesterday initially she enjoyed but when I entered her it pained her greatly . I said don’t worry today it wont pain coz obstacle was gone and her choot can take my rod without any probs. she was hesitant . I started fondling slowly.her tits were erect like two small hard peanuts. Slowly she herself started cooperating and within next couple of minutes she was totally out of her dress and standing nude. I opened my zip n gave my lund in her hand & asked her to stroke it gently. She was enjoying all this. I kept sucking her nipples. After about 10 minutes she was so excited that she started strrrroking my lund really hard and openly asked me bhai isko ander daal do ab bardast nahin hota. I made her lie on the bed n opened her pussy wide open her pussy was dripping with her precum . I entered one finger which went easily this convinced me that my monster can today enjoy her depth. I put my monster on her hot oozing tiny hole. She made a hissing sound with touch of my lund shsshhhs…… I made a slow thurst n tip of my lund slipped inside n she said shshshh again I pushed further inside it was tight but I caught her n put some extra pressure my lund slowly started sliding with some difficulty. Her hole was really tight but I managed to enter three fourth of my lund she started making sound of ahahhhhahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa. She was trying to enjoy the entry . I lost patience n gave a jerk which made my lund enter her fully. now she said a loud ahhhhh with pain I put my mouth over hers n started kissing when pain subsided in few minute I started giving slow jerks. She was enjoying that n slowly she also started giving return jerks n also making hissing sounds . I was enjoying a lot suddenly she shivered n wriggled I realized that she just witnessed her first orgasm .she was really happy after that she started giving wild jerks I too started pounding her heavily. Her boobs were bouncing with my each stroke. I caught hold of that n continued pounding her. she was enjoying my every stroke n makin sound like bhaiya bahut acha lag raha hai aur chodo mujhe aur ahhhhhh shhhhhhhhh .I was nearing my climax after about 20 minutes of pumping and i bursted whole lot of my cum in her cunt. After my release I let her go. she went to toilet and washed herself.

Later I asked her how many time she climaxed her answer was three . I asked do u want more she said yes then I took her on sofa played a xxx movie n fucked three more time on that day in every possible pose. She also cooperated me and enjoyed it till she was exhausted. After three hours of fucking we slept for an hour then she went off.

After that day we fucked everyday even during her menses n to avoid pregnancy I asked her to take pills

She worked for next two months and after 2 months she got married. Till then we fucked everyday n everywhere on sofa, in kitchen, in tub, on bathroom floor, in shower, even once on terrace, in every pose. We soon discovered the pleasure of oral sex. I used to lick her pussy for hours she enjoyed it greatly. She also slowly became a good cock sucker. By the time of marriage she mastered in art of sex. I fucked her till a day before her marriage.

This is my true experience .and I still remember it n masturbate. Pls do write u r comments and queries on Friendship n relations with girls n ladies r most invited Pls do write u experiences n stories.

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