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  • October 6, 2015

Dear Desi readers and writer i am kumar. I am very much impressed in your articles. Which made me to write my own experience with my tenant Amudha.

To start with let me tell u something about myself.I am from chennai. Now i am 21 and this incident happened when i was 19 year old. I was doing my final year in college. I 5’6″ tall and 55 kg wt. I have a 5andhalf inch rod. I am the only son for my parents. I like sex very much. I started to enjoy myself when i was 15 years thinking about my neighbours.

Now let me describe about Amudha. She was 24 then maried. A computer grad. She had a 1 year old daughter then. With 36D boobs and 5’2″ tall. Her husband is running a transport company. He used to leave for the office by 10 AM and will be back late in the night.

Now let me come straight into the story. It was month of october. It was my winter holidays then. My parent left alone in my house for 10 day and went to attend some function in Delhi. They asked Amudha to take care of my needs.

Why mother is in home amudha used to send a lot of time chatting with my mother and with me. We had a very good relation ship.

First day was normal. On the second day. Amudha husband’s company lorry as met an accident and he left to mysore inorder to tackle the situation. (he returned back after 4 days) As i was alone i used to see a lot of XXX site in the internet. In the evening i left for my freinds house and gave the keys to Amudha aunty(i used to call her aunty).She asked me whether i could use my computer. I said ok and left. When i returned amudha was inside my house she was in my room. Front door was not closed so i entered the house and saw amudha in my room browsing. suddenly, i remembered that i didn’t clear the temp internet file. Every thing was there which i saw in the last two days. I entered the room i was shocked amudha was there sitting before the computer and seeing the XXX pictures which was there. I was completely shocked amudha saw me and asked roughly is this you were doing all these days. I begged her not to tell this to any one else. But she said i report to your about this when they return form delhi. I begged her not to tell and promised her that i will do whatever she wished me to do. She asked are you sure? I replied positively. She said “then you are my slave you bastard, you have to do whatever i ask you to do”. And ordered me to make coffee for her. I went to the kitchen and made coffe for her and for me and went to her and gave the coffee to her she was still seeing those fucking pictures and other. She drank the coffee with out telling me anything and asked me to be prepared for her next command and left that place. After 1 hour she called me to her house and gave me dinner and said that she is going to sleep in my house and i agreed.

At about 9.20 pm she came wearing a black saree and black blouse with her baby(sleeping). she looked every sexy. And ordered me do bring the babies bed from her house and to look her house. When i returned she once again started seeing those pictures. Then by 9:45pm She called me and ordered me to remove all my dresses. I was shocked and stood still. She got angy and started scolding me ,” Thavidiya paiya, dress kzalattu”(bastard remove your dress) I never imagined that she can also talk like this. Slowly i removed all my dresses and become naked. And my rod got its full erection.

Seeing my rod she just smiled. she said,”yappa periya poolu da unnaku”(vow you have big cock). Came near me and touched my cock i removed her hand. Then she said “ne yanna pomballiaya”(are you a girl). And once again touched and kissed my cock. And took me to the bed and ordered me to sit on the bed.

Then she asked me to relax. And started talking to me freely. She said that she won’t tell anything to anyone and so asked me not to be afarid and asked me to think that she is my girl friend. And started crying i asked her why she was crying.

She told me that for more than 8 months she not be fucked and not even kissed by her husband. And she said that her husband has interest in sex and asked to help her to satisfy her sexual needs. And promised me that she will do what ever i want in reply. I agreed with her. She started smiling and said,”thanks, nan unna sorgathuku kuttiu porran”, (thanks will take you to heaven) saying this she just hugged me and kissed me on my lips. I started reponding her kiss. That was first kiss(Later i had a lot from her freinds) that lasted for nearly 10 min. Then i got courage and satisfied that i will be safe now. I removed her saree pallu. Seeing this she smiled and said ” you naughty, itthuk than katthu kittu irrundhiaya”(naughty, this is what you are waiting for ?). I said “no aunty”. She said,”Amudhanu kuppadu”(call me amudha). I said, “Ok i will call you Amudha but i have problem with u you are wife of some else i fell guilty to have sex with u.” She said “dont’ say like that think that i am your wife” saying this she removed her thalli(mangal sustra) and said “now, i have divorced my husband”, I smiled and hugged her and french kissed her. Then i asked her to remove her dresses. She asked to do undress her myself. First i removed her saree and then i started unhook the blouse there i saw no bra inside. I asked her about that she said,”iyallam unnakakatahan bra podala”,(all for u i didn’t wear bra). Then removed her completely from her blouse. She had lot of hairs under her armpits she told me that she has never shaved. she had very beautiful and big boobs(.)(.). It was round and pink in complection and has a light brown crown and it top with around 1inch in diameter. I asked her whether she has milk or not. she said “neeya paathuko”(find it yourself) saying this she just asked me to suck and i slowly kept my hands on her boobs and asked her to lie on the bed she did and then i kissed the left boob in started sucking it at the same time i started squeezing the second boob. I drank a lot of milk from her. She started making nasty erotic sounds “uhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Then after some time she said, “Podhhum en kayya vidu ennuku uun poolu vannum”(enough leave my boobs i need your cock). Hearing this i removed my mouth and said squeezing her boobs “Ennukum unn kuddhiya(pussy) pookanum”(I too need to see your pussy). Saying this removing her petticoat she helped me in removing her petticoat. Now i was before a beautiful pussy with a lot of public hairs around it. I kissed it and started sucking it. She said ” nalla naaku ennaku unn poola sappanuu”,(do it, i need to suck your cock). then we changed to 69 position i was on top of her and we both started sucking each other. For both of us that was for the first time. So it took nearly 1/2 hour to climax. She sucked my cock very nicely. Even i ran my tounge deep into her pussy hole and started fucking her with my tounge. she enjoyed it very much. I came first in her mouth and after some time she climaxed i darnk all cum. We got up and relaxed ourselves. After some time she asked me,”ennoda kanggi yappadi irruku tasta irrukka”.(how was my juice is it tasty).”iyannuku romba pddichi irrukku”. Then i hugged her and kissed her lips for some time and made her to lie on the bed and told her that i am going to fuck her. She smiled and encourage me saying “atthukaga wait pannura seeikurrama yanna otthurru. vada unn poola en kuddhi illa vedu da. seeikurrum da”(i am waiting for that only come on fuck me. come insert your pennies in my pussy).

I went between her tighs and she gave a lot of space between her legs. I started rubbing my cock on her pusssy and started teasing her for some time. She got tensed and pulled me to lie on her body and gave a deep kisses and at the same time guided my cock into her pussy with her other hand.

Then i applied some force and made my cock tip to reach her end of pussy. She started moaning and enjoying it. Then i started to and fro motion inside her pussy with my cock.Mean time her she got tensed and started scolding me “thavidiapiaiya un poola nalla vaggama ulla uittu yadduda”(bastard fuck with your cock faster). Then i increased my speed. Nearly i was doing it for 10 min. she first cum then immediately i felt that i am going to come. I told her,”thavidiamunnda, en kngi varapothuku”(you prostitute, i going to cum).She said “ennku kavalai illa darling enn kuddiku ullaya un kangiya utthu”.(i don’t care darling cum inside my cunt). Then i came deep inside her and filled her pussy with my juice. Some of the mixture of my jucie and her juice started coming outside her pussy. Then i relaxed on her top for some time without removing my cock. Then i removed my cock. Suddenly she came on top of me and started sucking my cock in 69 position. and ordered me,”kummmar en kuddhiya ummbuda”,(kumar suck my pussy). We were in that position some time then i got my cock back to its size and this time i ordered her to fuck me climbing on my top. She aggreed and took my cock into her pussy and pumping on my pussy supporting her two hand on either side of my arm. She was moving very faster her big boobs her swinging in the air. Then i squeezed her boobs with my hand and a lot of milk started flowing out of her boobs. it felt on face directly. After sometime i reached my climax. But she didn’t stop at all and started pumping with more pressure and finally she reached her climax and gave me a kiss on my lips. Then we started sleeping without removing my cock from her pussy.(time was 2am). hugging each other leaving no air between us.

I woke up in the morning feeling something in my cock (it was 7 AM). That was amudha sucking my cock. Seeing that i was ready for the next session she came in the 69 position and offered her pussy for me to have my morning bed-pussy juice. We sucked for nearly 20 min and drank our cum. Relaxing for sometime she woke up form the bed and started wearing her dresses back and stopped her and told her,”amudha, niyum nanutham innga irrukom edhukka dress pottukura namma iyyapadia irrupom”.(amudha only we two are here, so let stay for the rest of time like this) she said “assay parru ok let me be here upto 8:30 (it was 7:30) appurom nan vandhu papava en amma vittula vettu varan(then i will leave baby in her mother’s house)”. She asked me what i need coffee or tea. I said,”ennuku coffee vannu anna un pallula thaan coffee vannum”. She smilied and we both started to our kitchen there she started boiling water. The i took a tumbler and started milking form her breaste like a milk man does(making her to stand in her four legs). We had coffee for her milk. she asked “yanna yappadi coffee irruku”(how was coffee). i replied “rooomba sexya irruku”(its very sexy).

Then i had an idea of fucking her in her ass hole. I told her,”ennuku orru idea unnn soothala en poola ookikanum cheeriaya”(i have idean i want fuck your ass with my cock). she said ,”OOO vandha en soothu killingu doooun”,(oh no my ass will tear into pieases). i convienced her and made her on her four legs in kitchen itself and took some cocunt oil and applied on my cock and on her ass hole.and started inserting into her pussy. she started crying,”vandda kumar vallikuthhu”(no kumar its paining). i asked her relax and made my cock to maximum extent inside her ass and started fucking her. In about 10 minutes i came inside her in the mean time she also started enjoying it. After that i asked her how it was. she said,”rromba suggama irrunthu koonchum vallichuthu”(it was very nice and little pain).

Her baby started crying and We went to her baby and started feeding her baby with one boob and offered her other boob to me. After feeding me and her baby she made her baby to play with some toy and said that she is going to take bath and asked meto join. We went inside my bathroom and told her,”moodlla un kuddiya shave pananum”(first we have to shave ur pussy).she replied “niiya pannu”, Then i applied shaving cream on her pussy and under her arm pits. First i removed her hair under her arm pits and the i removed her pubic hair and the hair around her ass hole.

Then we went down the shower hugging each other then i slowly inserted my cock into her pussy and fucked her in standing position under the shower. Then we took bath she applied soap for me and i did for her.

After that we had lot more sex . But that i will tell you in the next part how we continued our sexual play and she invited her younger sister Kamala and my neighbour Sundhari we four enjoyed a lot .

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