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Sex With Sweet Shipla From Chennai

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi friends, i am Rahul male 21 from Chennai India This is true story, which I face when I was returning with my younger sister (Shilpa) from my aunty (mother’s native) place. I live with my family in Chennai.We are four members in our family. Father-is a businessman. Mother is a house wife. Sister Shilpa-19 years a student of 2nd year of graduation. I used to participate in my father’s business. I am going to narrate how I had sex with my younger sister (Shilpa) In our summer vacations we used to visit our native place, which is around 20 hours away from chennai.

We both of us were traveling alone because of my father had no time due to his busy schedule and we were visiting after couple of years after our exams. While going to native place were with our aunty but for our return journey i booked 2 ticket which were not confirmed due to heavy rush. While returning from the house to station we saw a dog having intercourse and they both were sticked to each other, i saw that mine sister was observing a sex show keenly with interest, on that time i thought that she might be feeling horny. When i saw her she felt shy. on that time mine sister was not a looking like my sister but a sexy, horny girl…. while coming to station by a share taxi we both were very close to each other sitting in congested place and mine whole mind was to review the show of dog…. from that point i was not at all feeling like traveling with my sister. I was imagining the cunt of mine sister.

When we reached at station i went to see whether our ticket got confirm or not, but it was a tough luck… we had no confirm ticket when i talked to a TC after 1/2 an hour he confirmed 1 birth for us which was on the top and told that he will see to it the and gets confirmed at the earliest. i made Shilpa to climb up by intentionally pushing her buttocks from bottom which she came to know and then i climbed up, now both of us sat on a birth but my mind was still in that doggy incidence. In front of us a girl of around 10-12 years was sleeping with her father and mother on the next down seats train was running fast. Now Shilpa was relaxing in a corner of upper birth, Shilpa asked me What happened you don’t w ant to relax? I told how i can relax there is not enough space for both of us. She told me don’t mind relax next to me we have to travel for around 20 we slept next to each other and she kept her head on my biceps. i started feeling heat, where the well grown breast of Shilpa were touching mine shoulder.she told me see to it that you don’t fall down and she came very near to me and our body’s were touching each other. I was feeling the heat of her body.

Shilpa thigh was touching me, my hardcock is touching her cunt And she was also feeling something. i moved my hand near to her and kept my hand on her waist, and her soft chicks were touching mine biceps. My cock was at his full length and hardness. She came to know about mine intensions but she was also in a horny mood to spend a night with me. She was breathing so heavily that i was feeling the heat of her inhalation. Now i moved my face towards her, and started touching her chicks and the lips. i moved mine hand on her sweet buttocks which were to soft. i started pressing them and then i took her hand and put on the mount of mine jeans. she unzipped me and lowered the underwear to mine thighs. i slowly raised her salwar and put my hand inside the kamiz and it was so hot inside. i was moving mine hand on her panty and my dear sisters hand was moving on mine hard rock cock. I inserted mine hand inside and it was a closed heaven… i. e. pussy of mine dear sister…by that time she was feeling toooo horny.. .

I lowered her kamiz and i parted the petals of those sweet pussy and inserted my middle finger in it.. she moaned oooohhhhhhhhhhaaaa….. she was jerking mine cock at the same speed i was inserting my finger in and out now she was wet inside.My one hand was working on developed breasts of my sister i was caressing the nipples with my mouth. i slowly inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and she was too hot and making noise. Shilpa lowered my jeans to mine knees and i was in hurry to taste her wet pussy. i lowered her panty to her knee and i tried to insert my 8 ” cock but my efforts were in vain. it was not so easy in such place with such tiny and tight pussy but i placed the cock’s head in the entrance and slowly slowly made it, i was putting my one hand on Shilpas mouth so that she shouldn’t make noise giving her jerks of the life…. Both of us were in too much of enthusiasm of our adultness but only 1/4 of my cock was able to get inside i pushed heavily and the train helping too much in my movements…. but i was proceeding slowly.. .. it took around 2-25 minutes to get inside and out, around Shilpa was completely wet by that time.she is about to cum and i was also about to come, i was moving fast front and back as it felt its coming i removed my cock from the pussy and exploded on her thighs. Shilpa removed her panty and cleaned my cock and her thighs and dumped wet panty into her purse.

We were quite for 5 min but then she guided her hand to my cock again and started giving a shake.I was massaging her boobs and nipples. Shilpa was now behaving openly with me Now mine small cock again raised in the hand of Shilpa. I started biting on her ears and chew her lips. then she started suck my hairy chest and nipples. I pushed both of her legs towards her chest and tried to make a pussy open from her back. i spread her pussy from back with my 2 fingers. And i started pushing from her back it was a nice experience to me to have a sex with the movement of the train. it was possible for me to insert only 1/4 of mine cock inside after 10- 15 min she told me to stop due to durability of a long sex. i waited for a min and gave 4-5 big jerks led to a complete cock inside.

Now she was feeling satisfied with that around 20- 25 min latter i come on my hanky. And cleaned her pussy and remained slept for 5 was so tiring for both of us. both became normal and slept at 3:30 am .then onwards we both are enjoying each other.whenever we feels to have sex doesnt matter we are in mood of it or not we doesnt break hearts and tries to give 100% to each other.Nowadays shilpa suck my cock,we do 69 position and we play as we like. If any girl, interested in sexy chat or sexy comments or sexy actions feel free to take my help….on

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