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Sex With Sweet Mami

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi everyone, my name is Danial Ahmed, 22 years old and I live in Defence ph5 Karachi. The story, which I am going to tell u, is my real life experience, which I had with my mother's sister-in-law (meri mami).Actually my mami is very sexy and aged 40, with big boobs and a D shaped ass(I am a big fan of girls and ladies with nice round big arses). She is very wheatish in colour and I dreamed to fuck her when I was young. Although im extremely friendly and frank with her but never had to courage to ask her for sex.

About a month back I went to her place in the morning around 10:30 to give her some stuff which my mom had sent for her. She was all-alone in the house (my mamoo had gone to the office and my  cousin who is 15 years, had gone to skool). She asked me for tea and i agreed to her offer. She made tea for me while I was sitting on the bar stool in the kitchen and admiring her beautiful arse. With the tea ready, she asked me to come upstairs and watch tv while having tea as there was nothing else to do.

She was wearing black tights and a blue polo neck shirt. As she bend to pick the tv remote from the floor. I saw a complete view of her arse and I was feeling aroused in my pants. She caught my eyes admiring her arse but pretended that she saw nothing and acted normally. Now we were talking and joking with each other while enjoying tea while the tv was switched on to 'E' channel. They were showing some show in which 2 topless girls were roaming about the streets and trying to do some wierd things. Khair my mami looked at me and was like 'look at these girls..'' before she said anything further i said ' yea.. im looking at them' and started to laugh. She gave me a naughty smile and said 'wat u looking at ? huh'. I was like 'mami wat else can i look at, now dont ask me to get into the details'. She then said 'hmm.. boy u've grown up'.. i replied 'long time back, its just that u noticed it now'. Continuing i said ' waise maami u havent changed.. ure as pretty as any other girl.. u've done a lot to maintain ureself.. havent you ?'. She was like 'oh common, dont be flirtatious with me, i know u inside out' i was like 'maami im serious'.

She replied 'yea and you noticed it now' and started to laugh. I was like 'okaaaaaaay' and told her that yea i have been admiring her for long but never had the courage to tell her. She asked me is there anything else u want to tell me as u are full of courage right now ?. i replied 'yea.. i find u very hot and ive many times..... u know wat i mean ?' She said 'yea i know... u have many times dash dash dash but do u want to convert ure fantasies into reality ?' I replied 'i would love to'. She said 'that u've got it hero'. With that we both smiled and she stood up came close to me.. sat on my lap and gave me a real tight hug. I moved my finger on her face.. from her forehead till her lips and opened them a bit and started kissing her. She broke the kiss and said lets goto the bedroom, its not comfortable at all over here. i was like as you say mistress. We entered her room and got into bed. I started to take off her clothes one by one while kissing her and my tongue explored her mouth. Within few minutes she was completely naked and we were still kissing like crazy teenage lovers. I held both her boobs in my hand and started to press them. I lay her on the bed, kissed on her neck.. gave her a lovebite and then came down and started to suck her boobs. i moved further down, started to finger her pussy and lick it with my tounge.. i kept on doing it for 10 mins when finally she came and felt exhausted and breathless. i laid next to her and kissed her again.

She got up after 5 mins, came on top of me nd started to undo my shirt while biting my chest, soon after that she removed my pants then and then my boxers !! My dick came out as if it was released from some prison. She started with licking my dick and moved her tounge rite down till my balls. She then sucked my dick up and down and took around three fourths of it inside her mouth. Boy i was feeling the pleasure and some after when i was about to come, i removed by dick from her mouth, got up and sprayed all my cum on her boobs. I laid there for a few minutes while she went to the washroom to clean herself up. My dick was all swollen. She came back and laid next to me in my arms. She was like 'danial you have quite a nice tool, its hard and i wonder how is it going to be like once it enters my lovehole'. i replied 'maami don’t worry, u wont have to wait for much long and laughed'. She hold my dick in her hands and started to move it to and for, she managed her way down and started to suck me again, within 7-8 mins i felt my dick getting hard again. Now the real show began. I got up, made her laid on her back, opened her legs wide, kept them on my shoulders and guided my dick in her pussy, which was already wet and helped in the movement. I started fucking her and gave her some big strokes deep down her pussy and she was moaning and pressing my ass cheeks with the rhythm so as to give her a deep stroke. I fucked her  in that position for 10 mins, i then asked her to come on top of me while i will lay on the bed and she can ride me. She got on top of me, guided my dick in her pussy and started to move up and down.

I was laying still while she rode on my cock for about 15 - 20 mins, she came and the intensity of her hot juices couldnt help me  hold longer and i come at the same time. I loaded her bag with my hot cream and she lay in my arms while my dick was still in her pussy. We then laid there for quite some time and all this time i was pressing her arse cheeks and slapping them. After some time she got up and said that lets shower together and enjoy once more for the day. We got up and went to the washroom to take a bath. She opened the shower and turned her back against me and started to rub her ass cheeks again my dick. I held her by her waist and moved her more close to me and rubbed my dick against her arse until it was hard again.

I told her i that i wanted this time to be doggy style. She bent and held my tool between her legs and guided it into her pussy. I started with the movements and began to pump by rod in her pussy real hard and the sound of my stomach hitting her ass was amazing. I fuked her for 20 more mins before i came. We then showered each other and came out. I told her that i should now get dressed and leave as i have some work to do as well. She replied that yes u can leave but now u have to come regularly so that we can enjoy ourselves. I kissed her again on her lips and replied how can i not come back to have sex with my dream partner. She smiled and kissed me back on my lips. We both helped each other got dressed and i left after that, but readers it was an amazing experience, an experience for me to fuck my own mami which I always dreamed about. After this experience we have had sex on three more occasions and I love fucking her. I would honored to serve girls or aunties from Karachi interested in having sex with me. My e-mail is I will be waiting for your mails. Take care

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