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Sex With Sunitha Saved My Life

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

First, I would like to thank you all for reading this sweet moment happened in my life. I am Sunith from Chennai (Previously Madras, India). I am regular reader of sex stories published in this site. I am 24 years of age. I am basically a MCA and I am working for a software developer in Chennai. This sweet moment is happened just 2 week before. Even I could say this moment is saved my life. I am telling you about the other equal part of this happenings i.e. my neighbor, her name is Sunitha.

The good thing to tell you is she is also a MCA (II Year). Basically she is very good in English and she is also a good friend to everybody. For me she is different. Her body and eyes are very admirable one. That will attract anybody to bring towards her. Normally she will wear Chutidhar with Dhuppatta (for office). When she is at home nighty (during night times). Her body shape is so good. God has given to her unique boobs and hip.

This was happened one day when her mother is gone for her sister’s daughter’s marriage (Her father is expired before 2 years). She is not attended because she not given with leave. So her mother had given responsibility to my mother to take care of her. On that day I was in office. My cell is ringing. On the other end my mother is speaking. She is telling that her brother is expired. So she wanted to go to her native along with my father and she compelled me to come. But I said it is not possible because of auditing is going on in our office. And my mother said OK. And she ordered me to take care of Sunitha and she told me that if I need any thing I can contact her without any hesitation. After the office hours I gone to my house. I am entered to my house. But my house is closed. So I have to get the key from Sunitha. I gone there to take key. She told me “I have prepared a dinner for you. Please come for dinner”. I replied “It is OK. Don’t take too much strain for me”. Then she said “No problem. I have made it for you. Please wait for 30 minutes”. I said “Please call me once when you finished”. I went to my house. But at the same time I know that I am not all right. Because some fever feeling is there for me. After 30 minutes she came to my house for calling me for dinner. On that time I was in bedroom because I had very high fever on that time. Now the time is 10.00. She said shall we go to doctor for treatment. Then I said don’t worry. Before next morning this will come to normal. They she said, “Normally when we got the flue fever my mother will apply the AMRUTANJAN throughout our body”. Because that will create the hot ness in side the body. That is what is required when the person is getting a flue fever. She asked me “Shall I bring Amrutanjan for you”. I said don’t worry. After 1 hour she came.

On that time I started getting shivering throughout the body. She was in very worry. And she gone back to her house and bring the Amrutanjan. Then she started applying on my head by keeping my head on her lap. Then she opened my shirt and applied throughout my chest, stomach, hands and all the places. That created some hot ness throughout my body. I believe that the same had happened to her too. When she is applying that she bend towards me. That brought her boob near to my face. That created some odd ness on my mind. When she is doing that her dhuppatta is dropped down. But she doesn’t mind for that. That given me some well looks on her chest. I can seen her boob well. Still she is robbing the cream all over my body to create some hotter sensation. With lot of courage I just pressed her hip. She is smiled me. Then she asked me how you feeling now. I said “Some what better”. With lot of courage I said, “I wanted some thing from you”. She asked, “What is that”. I replied “You are created some romantic mind setting on me”. She immediately replied “me too”. That is the place I got the green signal from her.

Then I slowly started kissing her face. First she is not responded when I am kissing on her lips. Then she had gone in to a aggressive kissing style. And kissed my lips very eagerly. And she kissed me all over my face. Suddenly she gone down way and removed my shots and kissed on my hard cock. She had taken almost full of my cock into her mouth. And asked me to fuck on her mouth. Than I started pumping my cock on her mouth. When my cock milk is come out she had taken everything into her mouth. And half she brought back to her hands an d applied it in to her boobs by inserting her hand into her chutidhar. Then I slowly taken off her chutidhar and now she is with only with bra and white panty. By just brought her towards me, her boobs started hitting me lot and lot more times. That had given me some heaven feeling. From back side I unhooked her bra to get the clear view of her boobs. Then I said “Wow! What a boobs”. Then I pushed her on the bed and started kissing the around places of boob and taken right boob on to my mouth. My hand is playing with her other boob. I can feel the erecting of her nipple. Almost I have bitten her nipples more times. It is just like rock. I have sucked her boob for 15 to 20 minutes. Then I thought of going down and say how are you to her pussy. I have smelled her pussy with her panty. That smell was amazing. Even I started kissing her pussy on her panty. Then I removed her panty. Her pussy was full of wet. That is having small hairs around her pussy. Already the juice is started coming out of her pussy. By using my two fingers I have set apart her cunt lips. That was full of rose in color. I have just pushed my tong inside her pussy and sucked it so completely. On this time she started moaned loudly as ummmmmm mmmm fuck me fast. Then I come to know that this is right to have my cock on her pussy. I gone up and started kissing all over her face once again and her mouth. This time she almost bit my lips. My both hands are playing with her two boobs. My cock is in very hard. I have just placed my cock just above her pussy. She had given space by inserting her two fingers to her pussy. Then I pushed my cock inside. First time it is slipped because of full of juices are around my cock and her pussy. Then I placed right on her pussy and pushed gently. Her pussy is not big. Even I could say it is small. That has given me so much strain to insert my cock inside her pussy. Then I pushed my cock full to her pussy. And I started placing In and out. She is still moaned loudly fuck me da fast…. Fast. I started increasing the fast. I don’t know what fast I fucked her. Because I am also in some undeliverable mood. Then I came to know that this is time to unload my juices inside her pussy. And kept unloaded my weapon. And just lied on her for some time by sucking her boobs. After few minutes I have taken my cock out and lied besides her. After few minutes she opened her eyes. And I said “Thanks”. And she kissed me and told me that “Thanks for this enjoyment, I have enjoyed every second with you on the bed, but I am not happy the time in which we enjoyed”. Then we don’t know at what time we slept. We slept as nude. In the morning around 6.30 I got the feeling back. On that time she is just sucking my cock.

We both know that getting this kind sweet moment is very rare. But we are looking forward for the same. Herewith I am inviting you all to have a sex with me. Expecting you all on my bed. At least your mail on my mailbox. I am expecting yours comments on this sweet moment. You can contact me through mail at

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