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Sex With Sunandha Aunty In Hyderabad

  • desipapa
  • November 24, 2015

Hi this is Charan from hyderabad as this is my first story if there is any mistakes please forgive me and give your feedback at and also unsatisfied woman or horny females around hyderabad can contact me at csri2427@gmail.Com. In this story i’m gonna tell you about how I satisfied our neighbor flat in Srinagar colony. Coming to the story I lived in an apartment near Srinagar colony with my friends here comes the beautiful lady she lives in our neighborhood flat. Her family consists of her husband and two sons. Her name is Sunandha she is around 32-35 yrs but she is very fair enough and looks like north Indian.
I had an eye after I saw her in front of our apartment.At first I was a bit shy guy to make a move to talk with her. On one day when all my friends went to their native I stayed due to some work.I’m feeling much bored so I just came out of my flat and was watching the ladies who are passing through the road and when I turned back suddenly I saw her through the door she is watching tv by sitting on the sofa. She noticed me watching her so I just smiled at her and shockingly she also responded with the smile.I took this as a chance and asked her can I come in? She again signed as welcoming me then I went into her house and she offered sofa and then I felt a bit relaxed and started talking with her.

I – hi how are you? ?

S- hi 5n what about you? ?

I – yes me too where is your kids? ? ? ?

S- they went for school and return after 5 pm

I – what about your husband? ? ? ?

S- he went to office

I -when will he return? ? ? ?

S-may be after 8pm .. .. ..

I-did you watch any movies ?

S- no, it is almost 6 months that I had last seen

I- why you don\’t like movies and roaming out

S- no,i always love to watch movies but he isn’t at all interested

I-so you feel very bored in the home

S-yes it’s my fate,what about you?

And she enquired about my gf’s and hobbies like all this stuff then I came to a conclusion that she is not happy with his husband and married life. I thought that I could try her for some sexual relationship it’s almost 1 pm then I want to leave her home for lunch

I-ok then I have to leave for lunch

She insisted me to take in her home itself so I decided to stay there itself. After lunch I started to watch a movie in t.V she is doing some cleaning in kitchen. I heard her calling my name then I went in and enquired her what?

S-casually I want to talk with you while doing this

I- hooo nice and we started talking meanwhile I am observing her beauty by standing beside her woww she is so sexy she got quite fat at the right places its hard to take out eyes from her.

I dont know when I got caught she asked “what are you looking at”

I – no nothing just talking with you

S- dont tell me those lies I know what you boys look at in this age

Then I told her that I had a huge crush on you

S- hooo really you’re lying

I- no I swear you’re so sexy and each part of you is simply superb and talks going like this

And I took a step forward and place my hand on her hip she was in a shock and stared at me angrily then without wasting time I planted a kiss on her lips.At first she is showing a bit resistance but later she started to respond for the kiss.I placed my hand on her butt while kissing and started to squeeze her she is moaning madly may be due to lack of sex after a long time. We stopped kissing and I started to press her boobs on the saree

Then I started to remove her jacket but she refused. I didn’t listened to her words and forcefully started to open her jacket and then she agreed.I then slowly bit her nipple…and licked the dark aerola around it… I then reached her hip and removed her petticoat… she was only in a black panty… I licked her thighs to her feet… I rotated her body and started to kiss her in her back…. I kissed her ass with the panty… I removed her panty and I saw her naked 38 size ass… I kissed her ass and squeezed it hardly… she was mourning like a prostitute… I opened her ass cracks wide and smelled it… a stench came from her hole…

I started to lick her ass hole… it was so bad but even though the lust and love inside my mind wanted to do that… I then turned her into previous position.,, I saw her dark cunt… yes it was dark…even she wasn’t a black color lady…

I looked her face… she was closed her eyes… I called her in a breezy voice… she opened her eyes and looked at me… her eyes were full of lust.. She couldn’t look at my face because of shyness… so she looked at the ceiling…

I placed my mouth in her hairy dark cunt… I heard a loud mourn from her mouth… she widened her legs for my comfort… the pussy was already wet… I licked and sucked it hard… her juice was oozing from her pussy lips to her pubic hair… I drank all tha… it was so hot…. She was crying in pleasure like yes oofff mmm yaaa yaa…

My dick became hard again and I took it and placed it on her cunt… I rubbed her cunt with it.. She yelled me to enter it inside… she then took my penis and opened her cunt then took my dick and placed it in the hole… it was not so tight and because of the wetness it entered easily into it… wow it’s my first time it aroused me a lot meanwhile her moanings started to increase like ahhh ….. Ahhhh ….……. Ahhh ……. .Charan suck mee . . . . . . Ahh .. . . Ahh these words made me much horny than I am and she kneel down and asked me to remove pants then I replied do it yourself then she started to unzip my pants and took my dick out from the pants it is already erected as high then she started to give blowjob and suddenly she kept that in her mouth and started to suck it like an ice cream as this is my first time

I started to feel like heaven and then I started to ejaculate precum and she is sucking my dick nearly 7 mins.I said her that I am going to cum she replied to unload it in her mouth and then I sprayed it all on her face,boobs and on her mouth but the time is around 4:30 pm its time to me to leave because her kids will come from house.She then moved to washroom to clean herself because she has to pick her kids from near bus stop so I make my move and planted kiss on her lips and said that ”i love you” she also replied love you too by kissing then I quickly came out from her flat.

In the next story I will tell you how I fucked her and got her successfully and also her friends. Please give feedback of this story at

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