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Sex With Stranger

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello! dear readers. I am Sohail. I am a pretty regular reader of the stories over here. Let me tell you about myself first. I am sure nobody knows me as this is the first time I am writing a story here. Better not call it a story, rather an anecdote. So, let me introduce myself first.

I am Sohail, a 20 year old guy from Bangalore, 5.9″ in height and around 120lbs. I look fair and can call myself a pretty handsome guy. Regarding my mannerisms, I am very well behaved and am in good books of almost all of my relatives, friends and whoever I know. But deep inside I have got a weakness and thatz why I guess, I am here writing this story.

Now, I don’t want to waste much of your time. Let me come straight to the point. I am writing about one of my escapade here. It happened when I was chatting in adult chatrooms. Usually, I am a very horny kind of guy, even a slight movement is enough for me to get a huge turn-on. I also show myself on webcam and masturbate on it. I feel very satisfied when female make me cum like that. But I was always waiting for the real thing.

Once a 26 year old lady was chatting with me. I asked her about her whereabouts etc and etc. I was really feeling very horny while chatting with her. Meanwhile, I asked here jokingly for a date. It was just a joke and to my surprise she agreed!! I could not believe it as I had never done this before. Anyway, I forgot about it and gave her my email id. After 2 days, I got a mail from her stating that her hubby was going out for 2 days and there would be nobody at home. She gave me her address and phone number. I still remember the date, she told me that her hubby would be out for 2 days, i.e. from 25/10/2004 to 26/10/2004. She had invited me!! My God!! that was too much for me.

I could not believe her. I thought she might be a crook and may land me up in some trouble. But I was too excited to miss an opportunity like this. So, when the D-day came I could not muster up courage to go to her place. I wasted the first day fantasizing about her. I was really feeling very horny the whole day, I felt like f***ing any female I looked at. The next day also passed like that, it was 5.00 pm. I could not control myself anymore. I took an auto and darted towards her house. I had not seen her. She had seen me on camera, but she had not seen my face. I went to a few houses nearby and asked about the exact location. I pretended to be a computer repairer. Both of us knew each others name so that was helpful.

Atlast, I found her house. She opened the door and I introduced myself to her. She was very delighted but suppressed her joy. I just could not stop from smiling. My heart was beating a million times. Let me describe her to you peoples. I am not going to tell her name as I had promised her. To be frank, she was not beautiful. But who cares? I was not expecting Aishwarya Rai either. I was just too happy to look at her. She has fairly good boobs. Her height was about 5.4″ and she was a bit fat. Anyhow, she took me to her hall and made coffee for me. That made me feel somewhat comfortable. We had coffee and talked about ourselves. She told me how bored she was, about her hubby…blah, blah, blah. Then she went to the store room. She had prepared some snacks and she called me there to share it. The store room consisted of one small bed where only one person could sleep. I was eating the snacks while she was cleaning it. Then suddenly she closed the room’s door and bolted it!! I knew the time had come but was too shy to make the first move.

I think even she was feeling very shy. It was a very strange situation and I was feeling very stupid. I was feeling very nervous. I felt like running out of the room. But Thank God!! she made the first move. There was silence, a long silence…both of us didn’t utter a word. She closed her eyes and gave me a tight kiss on my lips. I did not know what was happening. Then she threw me on the bed and stood there fixed to the floor. Even, she was very nervous I guess. Now, I was feeling pretty confident. Before undressing here, I made her sit on the bed. I took her foot in my had and started to massage her. She was too shy to react. I took her toe in my mouth and started sucking her. Then, I told her to about turn. I could see her back. I slowly unhooked her kameez. It dropped to the floor. She was left with a light pink bra and pyjama. She was too shy to show her breasts. I slowly cupped her breasts. She moaned. Ahhh…I had never heard such a sound in my life! Then I started kissing her from neck, arms, chest, then belly…I started to unhook her pyjama. She resisted. But the inevitable happened. She was wearing a matching panty. I was stunned! Just stunned!! Then, I quickly removed my T-shirt and Jeans and was in my underwear.

I removed her panties and inserted my head there. I just loved the taste of her pleasure centre. She was moaning. Her moans were music to my ears. She was pressing my head hard against her wall. I was equally enjoying it. Then a gush of wet stream came out of her. It was sprinkled over my face. There was relief on her face. But she wanted more. I told her to take my organ in her mouth, but she refused. She said she does not like it. I didn’t force her. I just wanted her to have full pleasure.

Then I removed her bra. I licked them, I sucked them and then I ate them. She was all the way moaning with pleasure. She said, her husband had never handled her in this way. I wanted to try several different positions but she did not like them. I could not help.

Atlast, I pulled out my tool. I just touched the tip of my tool over here. It sent me to heaven. The pleasure was immense, which can’t be just described in words. It was heavenly. I can never forget that moment. I started to jerk it inside. She loved it. I started of slowly…her moans made me mad. I was about to cum now. She told me take it out. I took it out and had the finish.

Then we went to bathroom and had another round there. His hubby was coming early in the morning. I had to leave…but I wanted to see her naked the last time. She agreed. And I again kissed her all over the body.

Now, it was the time to leave the place. She told me to keep it a secret. And told me that this is it. The last time. And we departed with a kiss. But I know even she wants it. And I am waiting for her next invitation.

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