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Sex With Sleepover Cousin

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

I had always been curious about what a group of 18 year old girls do at sleepovers. My cousin Leeta regularly had seven or eight girls from college sleepover at her bungalow in SURAT. Of course, strictly no boys/men were allowed but I was determined to see what use to go on. I m 19 from SURAT and my name is rohit. The thought of all those sexy college girls in skimpy nighties sleeping together was a turn on.

So I made sure that I snuck into my Auntie’s house on the night of one of these parties. Leeta and her friends were as I had suspected dressed in very skimpy and very short nighties exposing plenty of cleavage and legs showing, no bras and see through tops revealing all! This of course would never be seen by anbody else but other girls. My kharta pyjamas had tented from the strain of my lund as I watched from my hiding place, Leeta’s clothes cupboard! From my position however I could not get a could view and kept struggling to find a good position in her small cupboard. Trying to get a better view I accidently fell out of the cupboard. Only to find myself surrounded by half naked indian college girls. My face turned beetroot red and my hands struggled to hide my stiff lund. Leeta was very angry she grabbed me by the arm tightly and began marching me out of her bedroom. Baysharum! (Have you no shame!) Leeta said angrily, hitting my backside. “Get out” “Wait”, her friends said, “It’s late let him stay”. They had been sitting in a circle and as Leeta knelt back on her knees she forced me to sit close by dragging me down by my arm which she had still held tight.

Behave she said to me and keep quiet. “Sorry girls”, she said in her English Bombay City, girl style. I couldn’t help notice Leeta’s 36D breasts jiggle as she had sat down, making my lund twitch. My cousin was beautiful, I definitely fancied her but never thought anything would come of it. “No”, don’t worry said the other seven girls, “Boys will be boys” and most of the girls smiled at me. “Lets get back to our game”, said Rekha, Leeta’s best friend. I quietly observed each girl looking at their breasts through their skimpy nighties, their lovely exposed smooth hips and thighs, my lund now twitching like crazy. I was seated cross legged my hands in my lap concealing my lund. At first the games they played were fairly boring but things began to get exciting when they began to play truth or dare. It started off with one of the girls telling the truth of how she first got fingered by a boy at college during a lecture! I couldn’t believe it though when Rekha of all people challenged the whole group to dare kiss each other passionately round the circle for at least 20 seconds. There was to be no flinching otherwise the girl had to kiss for another 20 seconds and so on. At first all the girls giggled but eventually Joshna kissed Rashmi, who enjoyed it very much. She then turned to Hema who was aprehensive at first but began to respond favorably to Rashmi’s probing tongue. The other girls had began to countdown the seconds as the girls kissed. Hema now hungrily kissed Priya. Priya then tenderly but passionately kissed Dolly who then kissed Anu. Anu then kissed Rekha.

Rekha then passionately kissed my cousin Leeta and clearly the both of them had enjoyed it since the two of them had carried on kissing even after they counted down. The other girls laughed of leave it you two for later. Leeta then turned to me and without even flinched kissed me more passionately than any other girl ever has in my life. My lund so hard it was unbelieveable. I couldn’t believe it my sexy cousin was kissing me like I was the love of her life! I felt her breasts rubbing against my chest it felt great. I wish she had not stopped by 30 seconds later she did. She smiled at me when she finished. I smiled back and then leant over to Joshna. Joshna like Leeta also had very big breasts and I delibarately leant over so that my hands could have a good feel of them as we kissed. All the girls where giggling and pointing after I had finished kissing Joshna. They were pointing at my lund that was no longer obstructed by my hands and they could see it clearly stretching against my pyjamas. Anu then had her turn and she giggled as she said her dare. She pointed to my lund I’ve never tasted that she giggled. My dare she grinned is to the group to choos Lund! I was shocked and so were half of the girls! Anu ! Not believing what was happening I found myself standing in the centre of eight beautiful young horny girls! One of the girls I’m not sure which forcefully pulled my pyjamas down leaving completely naked from the waist down. I was covering my erect lund embarassed. Eventually the girls were spinning me round and my hands had uncovered my lund trying to keep my balance so I would not fall over. The girls kept saying let me see and then the started touching it and I just stood their and let them beginning to enjoy it. I became more confident and proud as the girls said it was big and hard. They giggled as they touched it and my lund twitched to their touch.

Somehow all the girls had touched it even Leeta had gently caressed it! I was now facing Joshna and soft hands pushed my gand towards Joshna’s protesting mouth. The hands were cupping my arse pushing me closer towards Joshna’s mouth. I was really turned on now and protest or not I wanted to be in Joshna’s mouth. Before she could say anything more I pushed my lund into her wet mouth and with the girls urging my arse to thrust slowly, I began to pound her mouth. My hands naturally grabbed her giant breasts and Joshna began responding by sucking my lund harder and harder. Te other girls were gasping all struggling to see the performance as Joshna moaned softly. Some of the girls saw my arse clench and thrust the others saw my lund slide in and out of Joshna mouth while she played with my hairy balls. The other girls were urging me on faster pushing their hands against my pumping arse. I did not take me long to cum. Joshna was not ready for the ferocity of my explosion and most of it flooded out of her mouth and soaked her nightie. She did however clean me up ready for Rashmi. I could see on Rashmi’s face she could not wait to taste me. Even before Joshna had finished cleaning me with her tongue Rashmi had forced my semi-hard lund into her mouth. Rashmi’s tits were not as big as Joshna’s 38D breasts but were still a handful and I happily clenched them as the other girls helped thrust my arse, pushing my lund deep down Rashmi eagerly waiting throat. Rashmi’s eyes were focussed on my lund is it went in and out of her mouth. Again the girls were jostling to see me in action. The heat of those close female bodies to mine was undescribable.

Rashmi sucked me deep and long and she began to moan as I stroked her stiff nipples sucking my lund much harder. Unlike Joshna, Rashmi was ready for me to cum and drank every drop as I exploded in her mouth. As she cleaned me she ran her tongue from the tip of my lund to the end of it, by my balls. I was in heaven as the next girl Hema began to lick and suck me till I was hard again before the other girls helped me plunge my lund deep into Hema’s mouth. Hema from the start sucked me very hard so hard i thought my shit would be sucked out from my arse into her mouth! Hema did not have very big tits so I grabbed her head and pumped her as hard as she sucked me, I came the quickest with Hema! She was still sucking me hard even after I had delivered my last drop. She then cleaned with the usual flick of the tongue tasting me as she cleaned. Hema’s hard sucking and my hard pumping had left my lund red and sore so Priya’s tender gentle loving sucks were much appreciated. She gave my hard lund loving respect and her gentle caresses made me stand to attention very quickly. She was very slow and precised with her hand, tongue and mouth. With Priya it was about making love to my lund, her very soft lips and wet mouth lovingly and gently sucked me to heaven. Her soft hands so gently cupping my balls and massaging them in return I massaged her stiff breasts with my hands. She was so delicate and small, it was a wonder my lund fitted into her lovely mouth. I came hard and long and being so small her mouth could not hold my cum. It ran down her chin in droves and she licked it of my lund and her fingers.

Her delicate touch soon got me erect again and although my lund was still red it was no longer sore. Dolly’s mouth was much wider than Priya’s soft tight mouth and she sucked all the way down my lund unlike Priya who could only choos me half-way down. what she couldn’t choos Priya more than made up for by her soft touching hands. Dolly varied her choos in strength, soft then hard and so on. She also varied the length at which she would choos me. Dolly was definitely very good but the other girls eager to choos my lund did not let me enjoy because they pushed me faster to pump Dolly’s mouth and I came to quickly. Dolly too was disappointed but could not do anything as she passed on my cleaned lund to Anu. My lund now having seen so much action was not as strongly erect as before. Mmmmmmmmm said Anu who had challenged everyone on the dare this is how it tastes she said As she began to suck and lick me. The other girls as usual were watching with eager interest massaging my arse as Anu began to suck deeper, helping my thrusts. Anu was also pretty flat-chested so I used her head to guide depper into her throat. She had closed her eyes and was on auto-pilot sucking happily enjoying the taste. I flooded her and she hungrily drank almost choling herself in the eagerness to taste. Then came Rekha my cousin Leeta’s best friend this girl was stunning and was a professional model! So i was not surprised at how good she was at choosing lund. She first licked my lund like her favorite lollipop then like her favorite kulfi, then she lightly bit my lund and drank my cum like it was laasi. My lund was very tired and no matter how much Rekha expertly licked and sucked me, she was definitely the most experienced, she could not get me up.

You could see the disappointment in Leeta’s face and in mine. Let me try said Leeta not really expecting much. As I looked at her pretty face and her slender fingers touched my lund, a spark ran through my whole body and lund had hardened stiffer than any of the other girls had made me all night. Oh Leeta I gasped a big smile on her face. The taboo of my beautiful cousin Leeta about to suck me had made me stiffer than ever! She rewarded me by looking deep into my eyes throughout the blowjob. I did not take my eyes of her either. She slowly pulled my foreskin back and began to run her tongue round the tip of my lund watching me gasp with pleasure as she jangled my balls. i tore off her nightie top and held her lovely creamy breasts in my hands. The other girls kept whispering choos rand choos rand choos. (suck whore suck). she then ran her tongue all the top of my lund then back round the tip then lifted it up to run her tongue down the bottom of it. Then she pushed me into her mouth still looking into my eyes and began to suck me gentle at first before sucking me hard and long. I chodh her mouth with all my worth looking into her beautiful eyes and squeezing her big breasts. I felt her climax as I squeezed her nipples and the shockwaves of her climax ran through my lund making me flood her beautiful mouth. She drank every drop still looking into my eyes. As she cleaned me off all the other girls now tired from the excitement decided to go to sleep. Leeta pulled me to her close in her arms and as we lay together she whispered into my ears I promise to loose my virginity to you she said. I said I also wished to fuck her and the next day she kept her promise 🙂 but thats another story. That night however we slept together in each others arms. so any gals or women want an extra affair from SURAT can mail me at

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