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Sex With Sister In Law

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

For a Man it is very difficult to know the difference between love and lust. I realized this at the age of 38. At 35,I always believed that men go for sex and women don’t want it. This is a story of how this idea changed.I am currently working in Mumbai and am happily married. This is about my love with my saali. She is Simran and is two years younger to me. It all started of with my first visit to my in laws. We were going out for a visit. This rickshaw had place for three and we were four of us.

My wife suggested that she sit on my lap as the home is just minutes away. She did so and this was the first occasion that my genitals were in full contact with her bum. My member rose to salute her curvaceous rear.Soon we reached and, it was all over, no feelings from her side. But this did whet my appetite for other women. Years later, yes I still remember it was the rains of July 2005. I had to attend a conference in Bangalore.Simran was staying in Bangalore along with my other sister in law who was also unmarried and an airhostess. Simran was still unmarried despite my in-laws trying a lot for alliances. The other sis-in-law Neha had a Singapore flight and bade us goodbye for good two days.

Saturday morning and it was her off day. We woke up late and she prepared tea for me. We sat in the sofa and were sipping tea. I asked her “Don’t you feel lonely without marriage”. She went a bit sully and with a heave, said, “What can I do about it ”?I asked her if she had any boyfriend, to which she replied negative. After this we started chatting on various social issues. I was lying on the sofa and she was sitting near my head. Suddenly I got a bit mischievous and put my head on her lap saying that I’ll feel comfortable.Soon I fell asleep. After few minutes I realized that she was playing with my hair. I woke up and asked her “Do you really find me attractive”. She said “Yes”. I asked her “Don’t you feel sometimes that you need a man” to which her reply was affirmative.She said in fact she wanted to experience what is love. I pulled her and gave her a kiss. She was taken aback and pushed me gently and went to the kitchen. I soon followed her and again pulled her towards myself looked in her eyes.She got the message and slowly her hands lowered the resistance. I gave her a firm but comfortable hug. I felt that she was slowly relaxing in my hug.

My tongue met hers and we were in ecstasy for god knows ages. I caught her right hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.She pulled her hand away from me and reached for her cell phone. She rang up the maid and informed her not to come. This time, I held her hand firmly and we walked towards the bedroom. I latched the main door of the house and switched off the doorbell.I took our mobiles and switched it off. She looked a bit worried. All this by now had made my boxer shorts go wet and it looked a bit obvious. I pushed her on the bed and we went into embraces and kisses. Slowly my hand reached string of her salwar.She took my hand off it and said, “I want to love you”. “Why do you men always think of women as sex dolls”.” Its okay, if you done want to have sex “, I replied. We again went into a session of violent kissing and tight embraces.All this started having its effect on my shorts and the erection became obvious. She looked at it and laughingly said, “Men are all the same, they can’t wait”.

To this I replied, “We seldom wait in love”. This had a winning effect on her and she gave me a deep kiss. Now, I slowly moved my hand towards her salwar and pulled the strings holding it in place in one quick move. Next was her kameez. This was followed by my T-shirt. I undid the hooks of her bra and out came her breasts. I sucked her nipple like a wild beast she cried and asked me to stop. I kept doing this till her helpless pleas changed to submission. Now I was sure that she would be a willing partner in the game of love and lust.I inserted my index finger in her cunt and no sooner I did this it started expressing out juices of love. I could feel the tension in her cunt. Experience taught me that massaging the cunt releases a lot of tension.By now I was convinced that she was a virgin and inserting my member in her should be a quick affair to reduce the trauma to a virgin. I asked her to get on her fours as this would make things more comfortable. She did so in a dazed submission.I held her hips firmly and shove the tip of my cock in her pussy. This sent a shock in her but my firm grip of her hips ensured that my cock didn’t slide out. I asked her to take a deep breath and banged my member right in her celestial hole.

She gave out a loud cry, which ended in sobs. I relaxed and then began ramming my cock in her tight pussy. The muscles of her pussy slowly accommodated my cock. She was now moaning for more and I obliged.Each push made her gasp for more and took up all my might. I don’t remember how many minutes did this go as we were enjoying celestial journey. Finally I grunted like a bull and let of my load in her. I withdrew my cock and slumped on the bed.When we woke up I could see a pleasure without guilt on her face. I was convinced that now she was ready for a man. I kissed her and went in for a shower with her. We had a passionate love making session there too. Out of the bath we slept.Later in the day we went out for a movie and dined.

After dinner we went to a pharmacist for the after relationship contraceptive. I slept that night peacefully in her arms through the night. The next day I left for Mumbai. We keep in touch regularly on the cell.I asked her if she would marry a man like me. No was her emphatic reply. She said that she only loved me and relationship is out of question. Its three years since this happened and she still keeps her relationship with me as a thin thread that holds the web.She said after marriage she would be committed to her Hubby and I can understand that. December 2006 we met in Ranchi, and it was love again. The passion was more intense. I asked her if she loved meso much why have sex with me, after all not all lovers make love. Then she said something that I’ll never forget till death that “ Men give love to have sex but women have sex to get love”

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