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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hi, I am 21 years old girl and my name is Swathi Reddy. This is my first experience and it happened 1 month back. Firstly from my status, I am 5’7″ tall sexy girl with a 36,24,36. I completed my B.Tech 3rd year and i went to my relatives house in anantupur in the vacation to learn some advanced courses in computers. In the house there were aunt,uncle and their son Rakesh who was studying engg 1st year in JNTU anantapur.Their son was 18 years old and 5’9″ tall and fair in complextion.

Both the parensts were employees and most of the time they were out of town or busy with their duty. They asked me to clarify doubts in computers to their son as he took computer science in engineering and i was also a computer student. my parents said to me that they were very decent family and you have to behave in a nice manner. My father left me there and returned to cuddapah. In there house there was a tradition that any lady should wear only saree and that caused some inconvenience to me. But when going to computer classes i was allowed to wear chudidhars.

The parents went to hyderabad for a meeting and their son and i was in the house. I knew cooking and there was no problem. i had the habit of taking bath two times a day. One day after coming from the classes i took head bath and wore a green saree and green jacket and white bra and white pettycoat. The saree was fully transperent that my jacket was clearly visible. As i did head bath i was getting sleep. rakesh also had a duplicate key with him. so i locked the main door and went to sleep in the bedroom. I dont know when rakesh came. Suddenly i realised that some thing was going in the room. i was too tired that i was not able to open my eyes and see what was happening. Then i opened my eyes. To my surprise i saw rakesh in the room and my hands were stretched and were tied to the bed, even my legs were stretched and tied to bed. I shouted at rakesh what was goign on. He closed the bedroom door and said that to keep quiet. He took bath and came in tea shirt and shorts. He said that he was very much disturbed by my looks and transparent exposings and said that he wanted to fuck me. He said that till now he was feared to fuck girls outside because he may get some diseases. As i was from a town he knew that i will be fresh. He said that he was also fresh and no need to fear of getting diseases. I warned that it was not good thing to do. But he didnot listen.

He slowly jumped on to the bed. I was trying to release from the bed. He tied me very tightly to the bed. Slowly he touched my lips with his fingers and he wanted to kiss me. I moved my head sidewards to escape from the kiss. But he held my head with his hands and kissed my lips with his lips. This was the first time i have been touched by a guy. So i was feeling some what nervous. He Kissed nearly for nearly 10 minutes and my lips were wet. I cried not to rape me and spoil my life. He did not listen to me. The saree was transparent and the jacket was clearly visible. He placed his both hands on the boobs and was pressing slowly. He was enjoying it very much. I too was moaning slowly and didnot object him. He removed my pallu. My boobs very large that the jacket could not hold them. He was staring at my boobs as that he had never seen such boobs in his life. He pressed my boobs without removing the jacket and even sucked my jacket. The jacket hooks were very tight. He was not able to remove the hooks for some time. Finally one by one hook he removed and at that time i was also encouraging him lightly. He removed my jacket and threw it aside. Then there was a white bra. He was very excited and tried to remove the bra. But The bra i wore had a hook backside. As i was tied to the bed it was difficult for him to remove the bra. he got a scissor to cut my bra. The scissor was touching my skin and i was moaning. He cut the bra with my scissor and removed my bra. Now my boobs got freedom and were erect. He placed his hands on my boobs and was rubbing them like anything. I was also moaning and he realised that i was also enjoying and he untied my hands. he put my one boob in his mouth and was sucking it very hard and pressing the other boob with the other hand. He did this for 20 minutes. when he bite my nipple i was screaming. His mouth was not enough to hold my boob but he pushed my boob fully into his mouth as if he was hungry.

Then he untied my legs also. He asked me to lie down on my knees. I did so. He stood up on the bed and removed his shirt and short. I saw a big dick and it was the first time i saw it in real. He asked me to handle the dick and suck in the mouth. I touched it and it was semi hard and i slowly put it in my mouth. It was the first time for him to place his dick in a girls mouth and even it was new for me to take a dick into my mouth. I slowly tooked some part of it in my mouth and it was good. Then i took the entire dick in my mouth. He was enjoying a lot. I was sucking in and out of my mouth for 10 minutes.he laid me down on the bed at last. he lifted my legs up in air and pulled the underwear and through it away. he placed his tounge on my pussy and began to move it in and out with sucking all juices which were coming out and out. Slowly he pushed his two fingers together in my pussy i cried as it was the first time and when he pulled back i moaned a lot giving big juices out.

Now the real game began. He opened my legs and entered his dick inside. I closed eyes with pain and pleasure. Firstly he entered his top inside and fucked then half dick fucking started and as i was fresh mine was too tight, he slowly tried to enter the whole dick and he failed to insert. He inserted his half dick and waited for a while. He gathered all his energy and pushed into my pussy. I shouted like any thing with pain. It was too pain that i asked to remove his dick but he didnot remove. On the other hand i was enjoying this even in pain. he slowly removed his dick and i felt some what relaxed. with the first some strokes i cried much but with every stroke, i started to enjoy its length and fatness with moanings and cries. he tried every position with me and i helped him to enter perfectly inside and I helped him to insert it entirely. After i said enough and said that i can take no more in pussy, he started at my ass opening.

I cried a lot to get a biggest sized dick and for some first time of ten minutes, I wept many times to take it but after some deep and hard strokes, I began to enjoy also. he began to fuck his dick in my mouth and very soon, he blowed in my mouth and on my face. Then we had bath and were dressed again and slept on the same bed. Then he bought a candle which was larger than and taller than his dick. He tried to insert into my pussy and i said no to him. I told that if he does this my pussy will get teared. He said that he will insert it only one-fourth of it and i agreed. He slowly inserted the candle but as the candle was large it was too difficult for him to insert and i was also screaming with pain. i said to remove the candle, he didnot listen. with all his pressure he pushed the candle. i shouted that i was dying of pain but at the same time i was enjoying. after that he removed the candle and licked the candle.i was surprised that how the big candle entered my pussy. He was still hungry that he removed my jacket again and was sucking my boobs. He was twisting my nipples and was pressing my boobs when ever he wants and that was an unforgettable day. The next day his parents came and we had no chance to fuck. But his looks were very inviting. Though there was no chance to fuck, he came to my room for doubts and used to suck the boobs, press them, and even i was sucking his dick but fucking was a problem as there was his mother in the house. Any one for roleplay can mail me at

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