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Sex With Radha

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Story is about my sweet Auntie Radha Bhai. First, I want to explain my Auntie in brief. Auntie Radha is our neighbor and had much friendly relation with me. Auntie is about 38 years old having fine job in local bank. She has much attractive body especially her big erected boobs always made me hot whenever she visits to our home. Here I want to mention that Auntie was still unmarried and living with her old housemaid. Auntie mostly spends her free time in our home thus her body look makes my cock head wet with precum.

I always tried to get an opportunity to once enjoy her sweet boobs. Although Auntie gave me much attention and often she asked me for company during shopping whenever by accident I touched her body she gave me meaningfull smile which was green signal for me but I could not open my feeling in front of her because the main hurdles were my hesitations my mums deep relations with her. Time passed gradually and I had no other option other than masturbating keeping her body in mind. One day my parents left for relative home and expected to return after an hours. When they left I locked the main door, undressed myself and play xxx CD. and started playing with my erected cock in hand. I think after half an hour door bill rang and I quickly dressed up thinking that my parent had returned soon so I opened the gate where I found my dream lady Auntie Radha. She gave me smile and I welcomed her.

When she entered I informed her that my mum is out from home for 1 hour so you could wait for her as I am alone getting bored. (Actually, I want her to stay and that happened) she replied positively. I took Auntie to drawing room and where she sat on sofa and asked me for water. While taking water I noticed that today her look was quite different. After taking water, she asked me to come sit near to her. When I sat there little away from her she came and sat so near that our bodies touched each others. Her body warmth gave me a sweet sensation and my cock getting harder although I had masturbated little while ago. She said today I want to tell you something so important that I had never discussed before with you. I replied yes Auntie, have I did anything wrong. If so then please accept my apology in advance. She laughed and put her arm on my shoulder and pressed toward her body and said its alright darling, be easy. Now listen you already know that I am alone in this world. As women too have some feelings, some desires, I am much helpless, I need support of male, dear I know our relation are quite fair but I sure that you will give support to your needy Auntie. Dear why I could not marry? I will tell you on other suitable time but now I want to make some other type relations.

I mean if I could not marry with you but at least you could fulfill my sexual desires. Dear I hope you will not only discourage me but also will keep this secret relation among us. I was listening her with great surprise because I didnt expect that she too have the same sexual feelings as I have for her. She first rested her head on my shoulder which gave me a real sweet sensation though out my body. Auntie slowly started un-buttoning my shirt and then inserted her fingers in my hairy chest for 5 minutes during I had fast erection and my trouser was wet with pre-cum. She then moved her hand toward my cock as its budge was clearly visible. When she took my cock in her hand she whispered in my ear wow darling you are a perfect man why you had kept it hidden from your thirsty Auntie. Then she opened my zip, took my cock in her hand, and asked about any xxx movie. So I played my computer having such type of CD. as in first scene a girl was sucking a cock thus Auntie Radha also bend on my cock and when her wet warm lips touched my cock head a current passed throughout my body and I felt un-describable pleasure. Auntie was really thirsty for sex because she eagerly sucked my cock with deep and fast speed and when I was about to explode my cock milk I informed her and she tightly pressed her lips on my cock and after few moments I exploded my milk inside her warm mouth. Then I asked her that I am eager to suck your boobs so she replied its ok darling now these are available for you whenever you wish to suck them but not right now because its danger here and your parent may arrive at any moment so it will be better to suck them in my home.

She only showed her huge well rounded white boobs which have tight bra. I only could suck their nipples from her blouse. Then she said that I am now going home to prepare myself for a nice sex game and aked me to just call when my parent arrives. On such situation I didnt want to let her go but could not stopp her because she was right there in risky situation in my home. So she went after gaving a kiss on my cock. When Auntie left my parents arrived just 10 minutes after and I informed her. She then called my mum and asked her to send me because she want to go for shop ping (Auntie often ask for company when she want to go to market) thus my mum asked to go there and I went to her home with great joy because today I am going to have sex with that woman whom I often think and masturbate. When I rang the bell Auntie opened the door and asked me to hurry up its getting late and she didnt want any delay. As we entered the drawing room she opened her gown and I became hot at once when I looked her naked body wearing only bra and panty of black color. We hugged each other deeply her big boob pressed against my chest. then she asked me to go to bedroom. As we entered the bedroom she quickly undressed me and I took off her bra and panty. Then as we entered the room before locking the door, we eagerly hugged each other and started kissing. We both kissed each other with great-emotionally and she moaned. Such situation continued for about 10 minutes and then I locked the door as we had only two hours or so. I looked at my hard cock she quickly sat on her knees and took my entire cock in her warm mouth at once.

Which gave me undescribable pleasure and she sucked me as hard as she could and made me exploded within five minutes it show that she was taking much interest to have sex with me. Then she stood and once again hugged me. After the few moments I asked her now its my turn so she smiled and asked to come on bed side thus she laid on straight position and I creped over her and took her well erected nipple and sucked them hard. For about 10 minutes I sucked her boobs one by one. I smashed my cock over her pussy lips and thus it once again become hard and ready for next round. So I stood on knees and she opened her pussy lips with help of her one hand and pulled my cock with other hand into her pussy hole. I moved forward and my cock gradually went in her well-lubricated pussy. She closed her eyes and asked to fuck her deep. I began deep strokes in her pussy that my cock went deep in her and my balls slapped her asshole. She asked to fuck me deep but I slowly moved my cock in and out in her wet pussy and she moaned loudly we both enjoy such deep sex for about 10 minutes and at last she exploded her whitish juice with which my ball socked and juice flow down her asshole and poured on bed sheet , little after her explosion I also exploded my cock milk inside her pussy and I laid upon her and kissed madly for further few moments and also suck her boobs.

During this session I continuously rubbed my cock against her pussy lips when my cock got another erection I moved backward and asked her to be in doggy position. I opened her ass with both hands she also helped me and then I slowly inserted my cock in her asshole which was quite tight. She told me that she was never fucked in her ass and she want to enjoy every action in sex thus we enjoyed ass fucking for further 10 minutes although she had pain during fucking but she co-operated with me and enjoyed. After a nice love making we took little rest then took bath together and came back to home. Still we have sex relation because she is our neighbor and have much opportunity to have sex with her. Females of hyderabad want to have sex pls mail me at female any age can contact me for their sexual pleasure.

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