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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi Guys & Gals I am an ardent fan of your sexy web site particularly the Desi Papa. I’d like to narrate the sexiest incident in my life. Hope u guys & gals enjoy it. Before I start let me introduce myself. I am 20 years old and I am a student. I had this sexy experience when I met this girl in my friends wedding .Her name is Seema. She is around 17 years but you wont believe she is just 17 ‘cos she has a very sexy figure. She is around 5feet 5inch tall and has a sexy figure of 34-26-34. Oh! Boy she can make any one wild.

In the wedding party, She started to see me like anything. Her seeing aroused me. I called her up and we chat and we became very good friends then I took her phone number. I called her up and told her to meet me on the next day at 20:00. When I reached there. Wow she was looking damn sexy with her nice flat waist and big ass. Her hairs were till her waist and she had set them loose and making her looks even sexier. She had great boobs must be 38D. So, I don’t know what was in her but I couldn’t help myself staring at her.

Then we went to a long drive. I took her face in my hands and started kissing her. Wow she tasted so lovely. My hands were exploring her body. Her waist was as smooth as silk and she was truly beautiful. I untied her Kames and took it off. Her huge tits were bulging in her bra. They were looking great. I asked the size she told me that it’s 38D. Then I opened her bra and they two were just sexy, too much near to my face. I started sucking them. Wow what great sexy boobs had she got. Then we both took of our clothes and we were exploring each other’s body. She had really got a nice ass, very tight and sexy. She told me that she wants an ass fucking. I told her to lie on her knees. I held her from her waist and put my dick into her ass. She screamed with joy and pain “AHHHHHHH!!! UMMM MMM!!!!!! “FUCK ME HARDER, MORE HARDER!!!!!!! I was riding on her, and she was just like a statue carved out of marble. Great boobs, flat waist and nice ass. What more do you want. I pressed her boobs and I was fucking her ass at my top speed.

In ten minutes, I cummed into her ass. Now we decide to give each other a sexy massage. First she decided to give me a massage. I lied on my back and she started massaging my chest with her soft hands, then she came down and started working over my balls and dick. I asked her that they need a massage with your mouth and not with your hands. So she put my dick in her mouth and started giving a blowjob. My dick was ready in five minutes. Next I fucked her pussy in missionary position, while licking and sucking her pearly white creamy boobs all the time. Now it was my turn to massage her. I started with her legs, came to her creamy thighs and patted them. Now slowly I moved up a little and inserted my index finger into her wet cunt. After five minutes, my three fingers were exploring her pussy.

I started kissing on her navel and then moved up. While I was kissing her between her breasts, she got highly aroused and pushed her boobs into my face. My face was buried in between her boobs and I was enjoying it. I started tuning her tits like an old radio and she was moaning “UMMMM!!! OHH!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”. I played with her body for the next 1 hour and she was really a hot sexy girl.
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