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Sex With Paying Guest In Kerala

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

This is again. It was a hot afternoon and I was enjoying a nap with the cool air from the air cooler flowing over me. I had taken my afternoon off from my work due to headache. This story took place about a year ago, with no relatives around, I was staying in a house as paying guest with a family in which there is only a women (Beena), her mother in law who was having poor eye sight and poor ears and her son who is studying in 3rd standard. The husband was working abroad in Dubai and the wife was a nurse in a hospital.

I was staying in a room made by partitioning the living room. I was attracted to Beena and from day one, had a sexual urge on seeing Beena and used to fantasize about having sex with her. But unfortunately, I never had much of an opportunity to be with her alone, but we did become very good friends as days passed by. Beena, I should say is a little fat, but her height of around 5_6″ does not make her look fat. By the time I get home from work, she would either be on duty or her son or her mother in law would be around, giving me not much of a chance even to see her much. She had an attraction in her crisp white nurse’s uniform. So getting back to the story, it was the sound of the key turning in the front door that woke me up from my nap. It was only 1.30 and it was too early for the son to be backed home and her mother in law is in her deep sleep. Beena, I know was on her shift duty and it could only be her at this time. Leaving the door to my room ajar, I feigned asleep. The front door opened and closed and Beena walked in, in her crisp white nurse’s uniform. Giving a quick glance into my room, she walked into her bedroom and closed the door.

Today was my chance, I said to myself and tip toed silently out of my bed. My heart was pounding (could I hear the sound!) when I moved on to the door of Beena’s room, with the evil thought of peeping into her room. Crouching beneath the key hole, I peeped through the key hole in time to see Beena pull her nurses uniform over her head. There she was, the lady of my dreams, in her white betticoat (a long banyan like dress which covers up to knee). My heart began racing faster and my dick was erect already. Still in her betticoat, Beena sat on her bed and raising one foot over to her bed, she began to remove her socks, giving me a full view of her crotch, covered by her tight flower printed white panties. My heart was beating faster and faster. I could make out a yellow patch on her white panties and wondered how her vagina would look. Would she remove her panties to give me sight? My dick was throbbing inside my underwear, trying to break loose. When the socks on one leg were removed, she swung the other leg on to the bed, giving me a better view of her crotch. The white panties was tight against her vagina was really inviting. How I desired to bury my nose into that sweet place. With her socks removed, I waited in anticipation to see her undress further. In one swift movement, she removed the petticoat over hear head and there she was in her white bra and flower printed white panties.

Her arm pits were clean shaven and I guessed that her mound would be shaven too. Her breasts were tight in her bra and her panties barely covered her mound and ass. I waited to see more, but was disappointed when she put a light blue petticoat and then she pulled a cream nighty over here head. Through the thin see through material of her cream nighty, I still could make out the outline of her white bra. She then grabbed a towel and was moving towards the door. My heart skipped a beat and I ran back, noiselessly to my room and was on my bed just as she opened the door to her bed room. I stirred in my bed and she turned back glancing. She stood there for a while looking at me and then walked towards the toilet. I could not take my eyes off her heavy ass wriggling under her nighty as she walked. The moment I heard her latch the door of the toilet, I got out of my bed. With only my lungi on and with a towel over my shoulders, I moved near the toilet door, but the key was left in the keyhole, preventing a view into the toilet. Yet, I could hear the ruffle of her dress and the gush as she peed. My prick was up again and I longed to put my mouth to her vagina and gulp down the pee. The flush of the toilet brought me back to my senses and I retreated back into the living room and sat on the sofa, as if nothing had happened, just glancing through a magazine. Soon the door of the toilet opened and I showed surprise as Beena walked into the living room. “Hi, Good afternoon chechi (I call her chechi), how come you are back home so early?”

She asked, taking a seat beside me, with a leg crossed under her. “I was not feeling well and so took the afternoon off. I think I am having a bit of fever”, I stammered back, trying hard to suppress the bulge in my lungi and trying hard to keep my eyes away from her body. “Let me see”, moving closer to me, she put her cool, soft hands on my forehead and then on my hairy chest. “Oh, not much to worry about. I’ll give you some antibiotics to make you feel better”. Saying that she got up from the sofa and walked back to her bedroom. The sight of her tight ass again brought my dick to position. In a moment she was back with a tablet and a glass of water and handing it to me, she sat beside me again. Her touch had sent a spark of electricity through me and I was sitting there dumb founded, staring at her. “What, have you not seen a lady before” She asked. Recollecting my senses I replied “Yes, I have, but not a lady like you or not in a dress like this” “Now don’t tell me that you have not been with a lady before” “No, I have not” “Not even in your college days” “No” “Have you not felt like having sex till now” I was getting amazed at her open questions and was blushing, while my cock was trying to get out of my lungi.”Yes, I have had desires, but never had a chance” “Well, I can see that now” she said pointing to the bulge in my lungi, and with a cunning smile. I was embarrassed.” So tell me, do you feel like having sex, if you had the opportunity” “Yes, off course” This was the chance, I said to myself. If only I could keep these dialogues going and probably I may be able to have my experience with her.

“What would you do to a girl, when you first get your hands on her? She was continuing her questions without any embarrassment. “Well, I would start by hugging her tight and kissing her” “Tell me, where would you be kissing her” This was too much for me and I was really getting embarrassed. “Tell me” She was prompting me. “Well, I don’t know how to explain it, but if you let me, I can show you” “So you are naughty already, OK show it to me” “Can I touch you” “Well, if you want to” “OK then I’ll show you where I am going to kiss” “I am waiting” Reluctantly, I moved my hand to her forehead and touched her there. She moved closer to me. I could see the swell of her breasts moving up and down with her breathings. “You only want to kiss a girl on her forehead?” “No” I said, and traced my finger down in a straight line, on to her nose, and then to her full lips, which was now parted a little. My finger was now between her lips and all of a sudden she opened her mouth and my finger slipped into her mouth. With a naughty look, she was sucking at my fingers. I felt the electricity pass through me again. Pulling my finger from her mouth, I brought it straight into mine, licking her saliva from it. It tasted so wonderful. “So is it over? Is it all the places that you want to kiss a girl on” Again my finger was on her lips and she was pushing her body towards me. I wanted to grab her breasts, now straining inside her bra, but controlled myself. I was enjoying every moment and did not want to scare her off with any sudden moments.

The heat was slowly building in her and I could sense it. I decided to take it slow. From her lips, then to her cheeks, to her chin and down her neck, my finger was tracing a line. It then moved between the cleavage of her swelling breasts and I was reluctant for a moment. “Hey, go on” she was again prompting me. My finger moved on to her left breast and I slowly cupped it in my hand. I could feel the material of the bra and the nipples trying to break loose. I pressed her left breast gently and she gave a soft moan. Ignoring the moan, I moved my hand to her right breast and caressed it gently, trying to feel her nipples through the material. I wanted to tear of her dress and her bra and put my mouth on her breast, but I controlled myself again. Leaving her breast, my fingers moved down again, over her soft smooth stomach and to rest on her belly button, nestling between the folds of her skin. I press my finger into the cavity of her belly button and she smiled. My finger lingered there for a while. “Is that all” She was looking squarely in my eyes, and was pressing her body closer to mine. My heart was pounding faster now and my dick was really hard and throbbing. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the tip to wet my underwear. My hand moved further down and I could feel the lacy elastic of waist band of her panties. It was hard to believe. I was finally going to feel her mound, though through her dress. My hand was already pressing her vagina and she unfolded her leg from under her and spread it a little apart to let my hand move freely. I looked up and she was still looking straight at my face. My hand was cupping her mound. I could feel the softness of her outer lips.

“Do you really want to kiss a girl there” “Yes not just a kiss. I want to lick her there” I heard myself saying. From her mound, my hand now moved on to feel her buttocks and she shifted a little to let my hands go under her. I tried feeling the crack between her buttocks, but her petticoat and tight panties would not let me. “What are trying to do” She asked with another naughty smile. “I want to kiss there as well” “Do you think you will like it? It could be nasty” “I don’t know, but I want to try it” I stammered back. I still had my hands over her ass, when she suddenly put her arms over my shoulders and asked “Let me give you a kiss? Little did she know that it was the same question that I wanted to ask her! Little did she know that I was dying to hold her, feel her, kiss her, lick her and make love to her! I was dumb struck. Here was a lady asking my permission to kiss me and that too, a sexy, beautiful lady, about whom I have been fantasizing, a lady whom I had kissed and made love to in my dreams. Without a word, I put my arms around her neck, drawing her face close to mine as her other hand rested on my now swollen prick. I virtually jumped up as her hand closed over my prick over my lungi and underwear. She was caressing it, squeezing it and I was afraid that I might shoot out any moment. I pulled her face close to mine and soon her cheeks were brushing against mine. I could feel her hot breath on my ears. My other hand was already on her back, caressing her. I could feel the material of her bra through my hands. I could feel the wetness of her sweat on her forehead. I deftly licked the sweat from the side of her forehead as she pressed her cheeks more into mine. My lips rowed across her cheeks and ended up on her lips, which was slightly parted. I kissed her tight on her parted lips and then moved my tongue over it. Her mouth parted and I let my tongue wander into her cavity.

Our mouths closed on each other and our tongues were wriggling inside each other mouth. I licked and sucked on her tongue. I don’t know for how long we kept our mouths glued, but when we broke the kiss, I could see her saliva dripping down the corner of her mouth. I did not hesitate in licking those sweet drops. She smiled and we ended up in a big embrace again. The sofa was becoming too uncomfortable and we slipped down to the carpeted floor. We rolled across the floor in the tight embrace, our mouths glued together once again. Finally we ended up with her lying above me with her thigh pinning me down. The feel of her soft body pressing against mine was heavenly. My arms rowed over her back, pressing her closer against me. I slowly pulled her nighty up and she responded back by loosening her body a bit to help me pull her dress up over her head. My hand was now on her buttocks, squeezing them and pulls the knot of her light blue petticoat. Still holding her down with one hand, I managed to insert one hand under her tight white panties and pushed it towards the crack between her buttocks. I could not control myself. I was soon fingering her anus and she gave a jolt as my fingers pressed hard against her anus. By reflex, I pulled my fingers up and brought it to my nose, to devour the intoxicating smell of her anus. Breaking the kiss, I gently licked the tips of my fingers. I really loved it! The next moment I felt her arms inside my lungi and underwear feeling my throbbing cock. Still her mouth was over mine feverishly sucking my lips and tongue. With one arm under my head, she pulled the other hand from my underwear, loosened my lungi and pulled it down together with my underwear. I was naked before a lady. I could now feel her naked body (except for her white bra and white panties) against me. I turned bringing her under me. I wanted to devour her beauty.

She looked immaculate in her white lacy bra and white panties. I moved my hands over her soft body, squeezing her breast and then moving down to feel her vagina over her white panties. It was soft and warm and I could feel dampness on her crotch. Putting my hands under her, I unhooked her white bra and she held her arms up helping me remove it from her body. Her breasts were not too big, rather small for her body, but firm with large dark brown areolas and long thick nipples. As my mouth trailed from her mouth to her breasts, I could not help noticing the sweet smell of her armpits and my tongue found its way to her armpits. I licked her there, enjoying the smell and taste of her sweat. She arched up a little, bringing her breasts towards my mouth. Soon I was licking and sucking her left breast like a baby while my arm was kneading her other breasts. Beena was moaning under pleasure. I could feel her nipples harden in my mouth. From one breast I moved to the other taking my arm down and under her white panties, caressing her opening, which was already wet with her juices, while she pressed my head strong against her breasts. Leaving her breasts, my mouth moved down further, trailing a wet line with my tongue until it reached her belly button, nestling between the folds of her stomach. I jabbed my tongue into the cavity. I wanted to lick her vagina and so I slid down and soon found myself pressing my face against her crotch, licking her through the tight thin and wet material of her white panties.

She spread her legs wide enabling me to nestle my head on her vagina. Using both the hands, I slowly pulled down her white panties, exposing her vagina, covered with a layer or jet black hair, now glistening from her juices. It looked like it was quite some time since she had shaved her pussy. Like a hungry child licking at a chocolate, I was soon lapping at her pussy, enjoying the feminine smell and taste. But soon, breaking my pleasure, she pushed away my head, and before I could say a word, she pushed me on my back and knelt across my face with her back towards me, thrusting her dripping vagina in my mouth. Before I could recollect what was happening, she grabbed my throbbing penis and started sucking it feverishly. In the 69 position, it was double heaven to me. I was now licking her hard in her vagina, occasionally jabbing my tongue deep inside. The sight of her dark anus was right in front of my eyes and I could not help moving my tongue into the spot. I licked her gently on her asshole and felt her twitching her anus at the touch of my tongue. Once, twice and soon my tongue was running up and down the crack of her buttocks, probing into the hole with my tongue. Now I knew that it was not as bad as she suggested. I was on the other hand enjoying it. I wished I could spend the whole day with my mouth between her legs. She was now rubbing her vagina over my face and I went back licking it hard while she was stimulating my cock with her lips and tongue. My hands were spreading the cheeks of her ass and a finger was probing deep into her asshole. I could feel the muscles of her anus contracting against my fingers. Soon I felt her press her vagina strong against my mouth and her tights closed down on either side of my face. My cum was raising through my penis and it shot a load into her mouth just as she flooded my mouth with her love juices, which I hungrily lapped up.

Her body relaxed over mine and we both lay there with our heads between each other legs for some time. Reversing her position, she moved up to kiss me on my lips again and I could taste my cum in her mouth. Her hands moved down again to encircle my penis and it was throbbing again. She looked at me and I could see the naughty smile on her lips again and I knew she had enjoyed every moment of this as much as I had. Heat was building up again s I fingered her pussy and sucked her breasts while she in turn rubbed my stiff cock with her soft hands. I was lying on my back with her partially lying over me. Slowly, she spread her full thighs over me and guided my pulsating cock into her moist vagina. I could feel the walls of her vagina engulf my penis and slowly but rhythmically she started pushing her hips up and down my shaft. The movement picked up speed gradually and I could see the hungry look in her eyes. I was rising into heights of uncontrollable pleasure and soon in a swift movement; I turned her under me and took charge. Using her hands, she pulled my head towards her face and again our mouths were glued. I could feel the softness of her breasts and her erect nipples against my chest. I was fucking her hard and she had her legs wrapped against my buttocks.

Lifting myself on my hands, I pushed harder and faster, but she seemed to want more. “Fuuckkkkkkkk me haaaarder AAAAHHHHH PATHUKAEEEEEEE AAAH AAYIOOOOOOAAMMAAEEEENALLA SUGAMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAKUTTTAAAAAAA AAAAHHH AAMAAAAAEEEEE MURUKKAE ANGANAEAAHHHHHHH AYIOOOOOOOO ” she cried. “Tear me with your cock AAAAAH UUUUMMMAAAAAAYIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHH” She was raising her hips to meet my cock. I reached my climax soon ad shot the second load of cum into her vagina, as she relaxed under me. For a second I was perplexed. She seemed to understand the reason of my perplexity and with another naughty smile said, “I know what you are thinking of now. Don’t worry; nothing wrong is going to happen. I have taken care” I did not go to the extend of asking her what care she had taken. Instead I fell back on her body, now glistening in sweat and wrapping my arms around her and my legs resting on her stomach. I don’t know how long we lay like that but it was the time of the clock sticking 4.00 that brought us back to our senses. In another half an hour her son would be back from school and so we both rushed into the toilet to clean ourselves. After cleaning up, I helped her into her bras and panties and then into her nighty. She gave me another long kiss in my mouth and we both retreated back into our bedrooms, reluctantly.

“We will have another time like this” she assured me. “Till then, be a good boy” I could not sleep that night and longed to have her again. But that was the only chance I had as I had to change my job and hence move into another house near my office.

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