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  • October 6, 2015

Dear desipapa readers I am a doctor from indore. I don,t want to bore yoy people & directly moving to story.I am a young sexy doctor with 5’11″height with musculer body.I am always looks for sex.I usually get oppourtunity of doing sex with lot of girls .now i will come to the day in my clinic one sexy 18 yr girl megha came .on that day she come with her mother.

She is having a good figure i.e.36-24-36.. She was sexy girl with very good ass &big boobs.she was wearing a tight jeans & top over it .she came for a pain in back .I want to examine her thouroughly but afraid of her mother.I was geting horny by seeing her & feeling her body.on that day I just Examine her & told her that Come after 2 days.I was praying that she should come alone To my luck she came alone so I told her that i want to examine her.At that time we are alone no other Patients was there .I Started rubbing her back & then i moved my hand twards her breast ,iwas go on asking that pain is there or not .By that time she was also getting hot so I told her that she is looking very beautiful then I told here that I feel like kissing her she agreed I took here face in my hand and I stared kissing her on her lips she also responded my kiss slowly I moved my hands on her kurtha and stared pressing her boobs but she resisted.

Since it was clinic. I told her to come to my clinic on sunday. she agreed she came on sunday iwas hot as usual. I started kissing her & pressing her boobs. I took her to my chamber and started kissing her I opened my pant zipper and asked her press my dick while kissing her then I took my dick out my briefs and gave it in her hand she was very glad to see my dick she was staring at my dick I thought her how to play with dick she did exactly what I told her coz I was in heaven. we is to sit in the chair and enjoy I is to sit facing north side she is to sit facing south side I is press her boobs and she is to press my dick or shake it or some time I is to open my pant zipper stand near her she is to pull my dick out shake it. then I lifted her t-shirt I removed her boobs from the bra cup and stared pressing it she stared moaning I was kissing her and simultaneously I was pressing her boobsm without removing my lips from her lips I opened her jeans button I sided my hand in to her panty I started finger fucking her. she was moaning with pleasure I opened my pant and lowered my brief she started pressing my dick and also my balls. we enjoyed like this for nearly 1/2 hour she told me that she is unable control her feeling she went into ladies toilet since nobody was there in the shop floor I also entered the ladies toilet she removed my pant she took my 6 inch dick into her mouth started sucking my dick coz I was in heaven coz after 3 minutes I shot my entire load into her mouth I saw the time only 10 minutes was left for 1 o’clock we had our wash and came out of toilet we came to clinic. we his to do the same when ever we is to get chance but I got bored within one month so wanted something more i.e. sex.

I told her that I want to see her completely nude for which she agreed and it was decided that when nobody is there at home she inform me or she will call me and tell so I was waiting for that wonderful day. After 15 days she told me to come to her house by 6.00pm I went to her house I knocked the door she came opened the door let me in and she closed the door behind. immediately we kissing each other she was wearing green color nighty my tongue was fucking her mouth very deeply we went the hall kissing only I sat on the sofa she stood in front of me she slowly lifted her nighty from bottom I could see her pussy covered with thick hair bush I could see her boobs which was ok in size my dick was troubling me for the first time in life I have seen a girl fully nude. she through her night away she asked me remove all my clothes I took off all my clothes she was sitting and watching me her pussy stared dripping we hugged each other very tightly and started kissing each other she was having my dick in her hand my hand was squeezing her boobs she was moaning with pleasure I took a pillow placed it on floor I asked her lie down I started kissing her from toe to head in midway I stopped near her count I fucked her pussy using my tongue then I sucked her naval then her boobs then her arm pit. I also lied next to her I placed my mouth on her boobs started sucking it I inserted by finger in her count started finger fucking her she stared moaning ooooo-oh -oh she suddenly exploded her neckter on my hands then I went to other side and repeated the same thing she was very happy then she made me lie down started sucking my dick she took the entire length in to her month I was moaning with pleasure then I exploded my cum in there mouth. we went in side the bathroom and cleaned our self then she took me into the bed room she had brought jamine floor she asked me to keep this in her hair then she pushed me on bed she was above me she started kissing me so we stated rolling on the bed then we turned in to 69 position she was sucking my cock I was eating her pussy before I could get hard she came twice on my mouth.

I was hard after 15 minutes she opened her leg wide I entered in between her leg I inserted my tool in to her pussy I gave small jerks she was shouting out of pain then I closed her mouth and rammed her very hardly my tool was in her pussy then I started moving very slowly in and out she was in heaven she was shouting with pleasure after 12 minutes in cummed in her pussy the time was 8.15 because her sister will be back from tuition we got cleaned ourselves before wearing dresses we kissed each other very deeply. any girl or aunty (married or unmarried)who is in indore is interested in sex can contact me on my e-mail sexydoctor2@rediffmail .com.

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