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Sex With Office Colleague

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi, I am Kumar, from Chennai. I am working in a software company at Chennai. I want to share my sexual experience with one of my senior colleaque about 3 moths ago. All names in this have been changed for privacy reasons. I am 26yr old guy with average body shape and 5.7 feet tall. I work in one of the Chennai’s leading software company for about 2 years. I stayed there in a single bedroom apartment at adyar. I am casual guy and make jokes in my work place and with my colleaques. In my team we had 4 members (2 ladies and 2 guys) and we all were reporting to the same boss. I am one of the guys and the other one is my friend nishanth from Hyderabad. Among the ladies, one is 27 yrs old Gayathri and the other one is 36 yrs old Vimala madam.

We all were close and had good understanding in our team. I had crush on vimala madam. Even tough she is 36 yrs old she looks sexy and attracts every one. She is married to a telugu guy and she has 2 kids. She is slim and fair. She wears golden frame glasses. She does not have a big ass or boobs, but a normal one. Her ass is small and compact. Her boobs are of correct size and hang little bit down. But still her face and smile attracts every one, particularly me. She comes to office in saree and some time in salwar kameez. I use to chat with her during my lunch time and for last 6 months we work together in a same project. But I never use to talk about personal things to her. She laughs at my jokes and some times even touches my body, which excites me more. I get excited and use to masturbate in my bed, thinking about her. I use to masturbate seeing our team photos and office videos. Sometimes she calls me during the weekend and I use to masturbate over the phone while talking to her, she does not know that. Four month ago, I was working in the office at late night. I am almost alone in our team office. Its around 11pm, I got bored and started to watch some tamil actress wall appears. I got excited on seeing namitha, nayanthara and shiya’s picture. So I thought I should masturbate. I went to our rest room and stroked my penis hard and ejected my cum. When I came out, I have seen a small bag lying at side of vimala office desk.

I got excited to watch the stuffs inside her bag. I went to her desk and checked her table drawers. I could see some pictures of her kids and husband. Her husband is also dark and thin. He looked like a stupid. I could never believe that vimala is married to this guy. Then I searched the drawers deep inside. I could see some whisper napkins of vimala. I got excited to see her napkins. I picked one of her napkin and hided in my pant pocket. Then I opened the bag zip that is lying at side of her desk. There are few sarees and salwar kameezes of vimala. I searched deep inside the bag; I got 2 bras, white and black in color. I also got 2 panties of vimala, black and red color. I am happy to ser her panties and really excited. I felt like pouring my Cum all over her dresses. I took her red panty, black bra and napkin to the rest room. I masturbated and cummed all over her napkin, panty and her bra. I masturbated for almost 5 times and cummed on her dresses. I made her dress wet, I dried then under my office table fan and put back on her bag. Next day morning I came to office and wished vimala. She said that she is going to go for a 4 days seminar with my other colleque gayathri to Bangalore.

She got her dress for her seminar and there are going to leave by tomorrows morning, I smiled in my heart on seeing her bag. In evening around 5pm my boss called me that gayathri got some family problems that she will not be able to attend the seminar with vimala. So he asked that either me or nishanth can attend the seminar. Nishanth said that he has to complete his project, and so obviously I should go for the seminar. I am so happy about the chance to attend the seminar with vimala. So I went to my apartment and finished my packing. On next day early morning me and vimala left to Bangalore by flight. We had good journey and we talked through out the flight journey. She laughed to all my jokes and sometimes she holded my hands. We checked in a good 3 star hotel, which has been booked by my company. We found out that our company has booked a single double bedroom for 2 people (since it is booked for vimala and gayathri). I got happier that I can spend even my night with her.

Not I should really plan to fuck her. We checked our rooms. It’s a nice double bedroom, with two beds close to each other, with single rest room and TV. Se had shower, got ready, had our break fast and went to attend our seminar. We had our seminar from morning 11am to 4pm. During this time I am thinking of vimala’s hair in bathroom, the smell of her soap, the way she combed her hair and her blue petticoat. I planned to fuck her. After our seminar we came to back to our room. Vimala went for a shower. Mean time, I digged into her bag. I can see the unwashed panty that she changed during her morning shower. I smelled it, it excited me more. I can feel her pussy smell mixed with her urine smell. I licked at the panty and also I smelled her bra. It smelled great. I was lying in the bed and watching the TV. She came out of shower, with a black salwar kameez. Her hairs are wet and opened. She looked stunning and gorgeous. I can get the smell of shampoo and deospary. I went to rest room and started to stroke my rod. I cummed into bath tub and had shower. Then we both left for the dinner at the same hotel. She changed her dress to blue color nightie. She looked hot. I changed my dress to shorts. We went back to room, watched the TV, and had chat. I made joke about my boss and colleques. We both laughed and went to bed. I switched off the light and switched on the night lamp. I cannot sleep, with lust in my heart.

She is sleeping in my side bed, I was watching her. She was lying straight in blue color nightie. I can see the curves of her boobs. I can see few hairs on her legs. She was in deep sleep, and her lags are little bit raised. I slowly got down from my bed and peeped into the gap. I can see the red panties that she was wearing and I can see her sexy things. I felt like putting my hand inside. I slowly smelled at her things. It was amazing and excited me more. I took my mobile phone and opened the mobile. I can clearly watch her panties and thighs under my mobile light. I took my rod outside my shorts and started to stroke it by seeing her things and panties. I cummed on her nightie and went back to sleep. On next day morning we got ready and left to the seminar at 10am. I was planning to fuck her by today night, because we have only 2 more days left out. I want to fuck her before that. Our seminar got over by 4pm, and then we left for shopping. We came to room by 7pm. We had shower, finished our dinner, had chat, watched TV and then went to bed.

Today, I have decided to fuck her. She is lying in her blue nightie. By about mid night, I got up from my bed and went close to her. I smelled her hair, and it smelled sexy. I can see her cleaves and white bra through her nightie window. I went near her legs, and slowly I lifted her nightie. I can see her sexy thighs. They are smooth and sexy. I smelled her thighs and they are sexy. Then further I lifted her nightie. I can see her blue color panty. They looked like costlier one. I can see few hairs coming at sides of her panty…wow…they are her pussy hairs. I want to remove and panty and lick it. But I got scared. I don’t know what to do now. I smelled her panty, it smelled great and sexy. I stood almost for 20 minutes and planned what to do next. I cannot control my lust, so I decided to lick her pussy. I slowly slided her panty and got shock after seeing her hariy pussy. It was like heaven with hairs. She had nice pussy lips. I slowly went close to her pussy and started to smell it. It was sexy and I kissed her pussy. No reaction from her. I started to lick her pussy, after few minutes I can see her moaning in her sleep. I can see some wet juices coming out of her pussy. I licked for 5 minutes, and suddenly she got up from her sleep. She was shocked after seeing me.

She adjusted her panty and nightie and slapped on my face. She asked me what am I doing? She said that she will complaint about this to higher officials. I got scared and I don’t know what to do. She was yelling at me and I went close to her and hold her hand. I caught her hand and put on my penis. She got shock on touching my hard 6 inches rod. She stopped shouting at me and looked into my eyes. I understood that she liked my penis and interested to have sex with me. I asked what? She stayed silent looking at my eyes. I hugged her and kissed her sweet lips. She also started to suck my lips. She bit my lips and she is still holding my rod. I kissed her all over face and we locked our lips for almost 20 minutes. She pushed me on the chair and removed my shorts. She took my penis and put in her mouth she sucked it for almost 10 miutes. In-between she spilled her saliva on my penis and gave massage. She also licked my balls. I can see her experience in sucking.

I holded her hairs and pressed towards my penis. She was sucking like and animal and bit me several times. Her bites made me more aggressive. I said her that I am about to cum. She asked me to cum on her mouth. I cummed all over her mouth. She tasted my cream and said she wants more. Then she cleaned her mouth and I made her to lie on the bed. I kissed her face, lips and slowly I kissed her neck. I bit her ears and cheeks. She was enjoying it and she was hugging me tight. Then I moved towards her breast, I touched with my hands. They are compact and soft. I squeezed it; she started to moan and asked me to bite her nipples. I removed her nightie. Now she is in her white bra and blue panty. I removed her bra, she has nice black nipples. They are hard. I licked her nipples and sucked it for long time. She pressed my head and I enjoyed sucking her nipples. She begged me to bite it and I bit it. She screamed in pain.

I went further down to her belly. They are flat and smooth. I liked her belly button and pressed her hip. I went down to her panty. I kissed her pussy. She was moaning, I kissed and licked her thighs and feet. I removed her panty and kissed her pussy. I licked her for 5 minutes, she was shouting in pleasure…she said “don’t stop….eat it…lick hard”…she was holding my hairs and pressing my head on her pussy. I can feel the juices from her wet pussy and I put my middle finger in to her pussy. It went softly and she jumped. I inserted my finger too deep and moved it hard. It was tight and I moved for 5 minutes. She begged me to fuck her. Finally I decided to fuck her. I spread her legs and gave my penis in her hand. She took my penis and inserted in her wet pussy. She screamed and I enjoyed the pleasure. I fucked her hard for about 5 minutes. She was biting my shoulders and screaming. I cummed into her hole and falled on her. She hugged me tight and smiled at me. We were full of sweat and she said that she liked my fucking. She said that I am better than her husband, she said that this should be secret between us. We fucked for another 2 times and slept. We had good seminar outing. We still fuck each other in her house or in hotels. We are waiting for next seminar outing. Mail me to for your comments. Kumar.K

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