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Sex With Office Babe In Indore

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

I am a civil engineer from Indore working for a civil engineering company. I am 5 feet 9 inches, fair complexion. Basically I am a from indore, Now, I am single, I cannot forget the time when I had SEX with somebody in my office.

The Girl: Neha, 5 feet, 4 Inches. what a sexy babe. But great boobs. Complexion: so fair. Figure 38-28-36 She was a BOLD Mumbai-educated girl. Had an affair when she was joined. So obviously she had SEX with him there. We both were into designing&Development team and used to visit other branch offices for the same. Once when we were visiting a branch on my bike, I had to apply breaks suddenly due to the traffic of indore. Due to this, her breasts touched my back and she had to hold me around the stomach to prevent her from falling. While trying to hold me from back, she accidently touched my penis. WOW!! What a feeling that was. That was the starting of our sexual relation-ship.

Throughout the journey, we did not speak. After reaching the office, we both sat on our respective tables and exchanged some hesitant smiles. I was burning with desires down in my pants. This continued for next 2-3 days and then our boss told us, that the 2 of us had to go to Bhopal to taking the drawing from some architects we both go to Bhopal next day.after reaching the Bhopal and architect office attendant said that sir has changed in plan so drawing will be ready tommorow so we decided to stay here till tomorrow we book a room in a reputed hotel after reached the hotel she said “I take a quick shower while you put on my laptop and prepare the basic documentation for the report.”I agreed. While browsing through the contents of her laptop, I could see, that she used to view some adult sites. I found a folder containing all porn-images. The collection was so nice, and because of that I already had a erect penis bulging in my pants. I was going through the images and suddenly she came. I casually asked her … “Hey!! What’s all this Neha?” Neha(jokingly):”Cartoons of Mickey Mouse.” Myself:”Do you see all this stuff daily?” Neha: “Yes. I need to … I get quite horny at nights.( there was a very wicked smile on her face )” Myself: “Is that so…? So what do you do by seeing these pictures ?” Neha: ” Imagine.

After this there was a long silence. Then I came to my senses and remembered that we were supposed to do the report. And so I instructed her to accompany me on the chair beside me and think about the report. She came and sat beside me. The perfume emitted by her body was intoxicating me, and any way I was already excited by the pictures I had seen. But trying to maintain my composure, I started discussing the report with her.

But her idea was not the same. She started to bite the lower lip between her teeth. OH GOSH!! That was sexy. And my excitement due to that, started becoming apparent slowly. We decided that we needed to shift onto the sofa so that we could be comfortable to write the points for our report. I kept the pages we had brought for writing the report on the table and sat on the sofa. Neha came and sat just beside me. The situation was going out of my hands. I got the clear message about her intentions. And now, my penis was forcing me to accept her invitation. Anyhow, I started writing the report. After jotting down 2 points, I felt her hand on my thigh. I did not react. Slowly she moved it a little towards my penis. I was unable to speak the points that I was having in my mind. And then I felt her lips on my cheeks. She kissed there for 4 – 5 times and then turned my face towards her and gave a short kiss on my LIPS. I had closed my eyes and was enjoying her touches at different places to the fullest extent. Then I opened my eyes, caught her face between my hands, and started kissing her. Our lips parted and accepted each other’s lips. We started sucking each other’s lips, marinated them with our saliva. Then, slowly I flicked my tongue into her mouth. She also rubbed my tongue with hers. There was exchange of saliva between our mouths. Slowly I brought my right hand from her face to her breasts and started squeezing it. She also responded by raising her breasts towards me indicating to continue the caressing and squeezing. I was getting impatient to lie down on her. Suddenly, she raised herself from the sofa, caught my hand and took me to her bedroom on the first floor. Once inside the room, she closed the door, came near me, and we again started kissing. The kissing was getting violent now. We were sucking each other’s tongue as if our mouths were suction pumps.

While kissing, she started removing my pants. Opened the belt, then the clips, and then the zip. Then she removed my shirt and asked me to lie down on the bed. She said “I have been imagining about this from the day I met you in the office.”She immediately became nude and started caressing her body seductively. Then she came near me and caught hold of my erect penis. Slowly, she bent down and when her face was exactly opposite to my penis, she brought her tongue out and tasted the pre-cum oozing out of my rod. “Uummm” That’s tasty.” She then took the red tip of my penis in her mouth and started to caress it with her tongue. She rolled the entire tongue on the tip of the penis and also applied some of her saliva on it. I could not believe I was getting such a terrific blow-job by Neha. After some time, she engulfed the entire penis in her mouth and started moving her mouth to & fro on the total length of the penis. Soon the pressure in my balls boiled up to its boiling point and I could feel my penis swelling in her mouth. I told Neha “Aaahhh! Neha, I am about to erupt!!” . Hearing this, Neha brought the penis out of her mouth and started stroking it with her hand and said, “Let me have your cum in my stomach. I want you to be there in every part of my body.” She again took my penis in her mouth and started sucking more violently. In next few seconds, the pressure in my balls was out of my control and I spurted huge loads of my thick cum in her mouth. She immediately started drinking the liquid like a thirsty bitch getting a sprinkle of water after running for some miles.

I laid there totally spent for some time. She enjoyed the taste of my cum in her mouth. She cleaned my penis by licking it for some time. I asked her to come and lie on me. She did so, and immediately we engaged in a passionately initiated violent kiss. I was biting her upper lips while she was biting my lower lips. Then she inserted her tongue in my mouth and gave me a taste of her cum-coated tongue. She even passed some saliva of hers into my mouth which I accepted happily. All this kissing and exchanging of saliva, brought my penis back to its glory. I pounded Neha on the bed and climbed on her. I took one of her breasts and started sucking her wildly. While my other hand was busy exploring the bush over her cunt. Neha caught my penis and stroked it for some time. I slowly moved my attention towards her already wet cunt. I stopped sucking her breasts and went down kissing her naval, and finally reached to her love cave. I began by kissing her bush.

She shivered at the touch of my mouth near her vagina. Slowly I moved towards her cunt lips. I placed my lips on her cunt and took a deep breath. The smell of her juices was terrific. It excited me to the ultimate and in no time I was licking the juices that were flowing from the slit. My whole head was between her legs, her hands in my hairs, pulling my head towards her vagina, and my tongue licking the inner sides of the cunt lips. Then she asked me to insert my tongue into her vagina. I kept my tongue out of my mouth and made it stiff like a penis and placed it at the outer edge of the vagina, then with a slow motion, I inserted my tongue into her vagina. I could feel the walls of her vagina all around my tongue. Once inside her vagina, I rotated my tongue in circular motion. Neha gave out a moan at this. I understood that rotating the tongue inside the vagina is exciting her. I kept on doing it and slowly increased the pace. She was writhing in desires now. Even I got very wild at it and went on doing it till she humped her back and became stiff and started to unload her juices in my mouth. I drank almost all of her juices. My entire mouth and nose were wet with her juices.

Now, I was totally charged up. I laid on Neha and she guided my penis in her vagina. Simultaneously, I made her lick my cum-coated mouth. We engaged in a French kiss. Now my penis was inside her vagina. I slowly started thrusting it in and out. Neha responded by raising her pelvis to answer every thrust of mine. The rhythm got set and we both were riding to heaven with our sexual desires. The thrusting became vigorous, her boobs were moving in accordance to the thrust. In the meanwhile, she caught hold of my ass and squeezed it. It was a as if she wanted me to unload liters of my cum inside her.

I was already excited by the sucking and licking we both had engaged before we started fucking. And now the feel of my penis inside the four walls of her vagina was driving me crazy. We were so engrossed in our love-making that we both forgot that neither she has taken any pills nor I am wearing a condom. And after some strong and continuous fucking of 7-8 minutes, I felt my penis swelling. The feeling was simply out-of-the-world. Her vagina trying to squeeze my penis, while my penis is trying to extend its tentacles. The fight between the penis and the vagina resulted in enhanced friction and this ignited the bomb in me … And I came …. Glob! Glob! Glob!! And so my semen went into her womb. I sank on her and slept exhausted on her breasts.

She also wrapped her hands and legs around me and drifted into a calm sleep. After 20 minutes, we both woke up because of the rattling in the kitchen. Neha told me it was the cat. Now, She said, “It’s time for my parents to come. We both hurry and dress up and leave…. ” . But I was not in a mood to leave … I started kissing her breasts again and even she was excited by the fear element involved in the situation. She said “Honey!! Why don’t you fuck me once more so that the quota for tomorrow is also fulfilled?” I was all filled up with energy seeing her desire to have more sex. I asked her to turn around and then I took her doggy style. Once inside her cunt, I grabbed her breasts From behind and squeezed them mercilessly. She was enjoying this coz’ she was also moaning at the same time. After another 15-20 minutes I came inside her and we both collapsed on the bed. Then after 10 minutes, we both got ready and we both left . I f any female want enjoy with me in indore then mail me

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