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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi Readers and users of Desibaba! I am a great fan of Desibaba Stories and as i read the lots of real sex stories of the users i am also encourage to write down one of my experience. I am the young guy of 24 of Kathmandu, Nepal. I am staying here in Baneswor. I am studying college in Master Level and a frank and romatic Guy.

I like to use the net and like to make chat freinds. Ya, I have read lots of Sex Knowledge Books, and so i have the good experience on the Sex with limited gals and women. As I am the regular Chatter, i use to log in site to make a chat. I have gain more than 100 friends and among them 6 or 7s are the good and the real friend, 5 are sex entertaining chatters and rests are unusual Net friends. As the chating, one day i have been loged in on the Name of Gigalo (means Boys hunter for money). One of the gal named Nilu, has said me hi. First i think that user may be guy, and i chat about sex. Then she asked me for the MSN add and i gave her my id She had add me and we made a good chat and about the sex also. After some days, she had called me. And then we had been the Phone freinds also. She used to call me in the night time and we made a discussion about the sex for the whole night. One day she had phoned me. I had told her that I am feeling alone here in the house because my dad, and mom had gone to the village town. So i am alone and feeling lazy to cook. Then she told me that she like to help me for cooking if i don’t mind. Oh ya, we have made a plan to meet and then come to my house.

Then we meet each other in near of Internationl Conferrence Hall. She came in the same blue paint and White T-shirt as she told me and me in Blue jeans paint and Blue T-shirt. Oh god how beautiful and smart she is with good figure. My eyes play on the outer surface of her breast, really great and so lovely that i feel to catch and kiss them. So sweet of her eyes. I round my eyes to her face to the bottom of. So nice in the middle place. I had stopped the taxy and we both came back to my house. I told her to change the dress. She refused first but she agreed later because she have to cooked the food. Then I had given her my half paint and Half Tshirt. I hade come out from the room and she closed the door and start to change the dress. I had just keep my eyes from the key whole of the door. Oh god, first she opened her T-shirt, and now the great boobs are hanging on the bra. So sweet and white. She smiles on the mirror and just catch her boobs. Then, she opened her paint. Oh god, her thigh are so nice and good. So white, so great. She was wearing a red penty. Oh she kept her fingers on the middle of the penty and just massage it for the short. My eyes are so wide and so big at the momet. Then she, wear the half paint and T-shirt. Then she opened the door and came nearer to me.

Then we both started to cook and talk about the life and so on. After taking the dinner, We both went to the T.V. room and start to watching the TV. But she said that, she like to talk me sho i closed the TV. she had sat on the one Bed and i was in another bed. Then we off the light and start to talk about the life. I don’t know in which time i had slept. AT the night time when i woke up for short toilet, i had seen that she had been sleeping with keeping her one hand inside her half paint. and one hand in bra. T-shirt was off. Oh god, Ijust imaging to make a good fuck to her. But, i have not enough courage. So after short toilet, i have return back to may bed and make sleep wit imaging to fucking her. I was unable to sleep. Mean while, she came nearer to me and just slept in my bed. I give thank for god. But i did as I didn’t know anything. She slept just join with me. She keep her hand on my chest. I was acting as i was in deep sleep. Then she started to massage my hairy chest. Another hand she put inside my underware. oh God, so hot and soft hand and it made my cock erected. But still i as acting as i didn’t know anything. Then she catch my hand and kept it to her chest. But i hadn’t make any movement because, i was wanted to know what she was doing over me.

Then, I think she like to look out my cock, so she just make on the tourch and starting to look my cock. She kissed it once and then again slept wtih me. I was in half emotion and i was not so happy, becasue she had stoped to kissing my cock. But god, She undressed her self and just kicked me by the leg and said me , “TA chhakka” , it means i was sixer. Oh her words made me angry and i told her if u like to look mu cock power. Then she said yes, she liked to make a fuck. Then she undressed me and she was already undressed, I started to kiss on her boobs, and to her pussy. Really a clean and clear pussy and i kiss it till she fells to say me ” Chikana Malai Chikana” , Fuck me Fuck me. Then, i told her to soclk my cock first. Oh god, what a good socker she was. Then but suddenly my cock give the cum in her mouth. She immediately had gone to bathroom and make it clean. I also made my cock clean. Then I just open her pussy, and keep the red head of cock, in just the door of the pussy, the i slidely pushed it and fuck her pussy. She made the cry, ” Puti Futyo, Puti Futyo” ( Pussy damaged, Pussy damaged”). But i know the way to fuck, i fuck her in the different position till she was satisfied. at last she stopped me and said that plz, stop it. I was satisfied.

Then i told her, but I am still hunger. U know who is sixer. Then she keep my cock on her mouth and start to sock it. Finally, my cock make the cum on her mouth. She was tirer and as I was also. Really we made a good fuck. I fucked her more than 4 times and then we say good bye to each other. And till now, she use to call me whenver she need the sex. And we both checked the Blood, we have not the AIDS. And do u know reader, one day she came with another of her friend with saying her that i am a good fucker and i can fuck any sexy gal as she need. Thanks readers. As I am the guy of Nepal, If u like to make sex with me you can contact me on the address THANKS RITESH

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