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Sex With Neighbour Aunty With Uncle Permission

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi friends. First of all thanks to those who had found time to create such a wonderful site. This is the first time, I am writing my experience in (and definitely this is not my first experience) . Hope you all will enjoy this one. To say about myself, I am Naveen 25 years old male from Kerala. Now I am working in Bangalore in a software firm for almost one year. This incident happened in Nov 2007 in Kerala with my neighboring aunt when I went for a vacation. Myself and my family stays in an apartment and this aunt Seema was staying two floors above our’s.

Seema is 38 yrs old keralite, married with only one daughter (school going) and looks very beautiful and superb (to me). Her breast was the most attracting part. I know her for the last 6 months. Her husband is also staying with her who is working in a Govt office. He too was good in behavior. He is a very nice, respected person (like his wife) in our apartment. So after hearing this much about me, Seema aunty and her husband, you people might be wondering to find where is the scope of sex b/w me and Seema aunty, right?. Here comes the story. Both of our family had a very good relationship and that uncle and aunt liked my behavior. They even know that I drink and smoke, and they were sure that I never create any problems. Even though uncle was 44, he could step down his mind and behavior to that of teens. So he was very friendly to me. We discuss everything including porn movies and even sex. In last nov when I came home I went to see this uncle’s family on one fine Sunday. Uncle was not there at that time, he went out with his daughter for some small purchase and aunty was in kitchen. Till this day I really dint had any intension to fuck this aunty, but I had an attraction towards her.

I helped her in cooking and was chatting on various things and about half an hour later uncle also came and I went to balcony with uncle. We both lighted a cigarette and started to chat and he asked abt my gf’s and abt my sex life with them. I told him that everything is going fine with my gf’s. He then asked me, whether I had sex with any aunties there in Bangalore. Actually I didnt expect this qstn from him. My answer was no. Then he asked if I like to have or not. I frankly said yes to that qstn. In my inner mind I had a doubt abt where he is leading me to ? I had a naughty wish if he wud allow me to do with his wife? But I knew that it was not possible since he and his wife looks healthy and for sure there sex life will also be happy and they are living a very decent life. But to my surprise and wish he had asked the same qstn. For a few seconds, I could not reply for that. So I asked why u needs me to have sex with your wife. He said that abt one year back he had an accident and something happened to him like he can enjoy sex for only a short time. He will cum very quickly. So the problem is he will be satisfied even though its for a short period, but his wife will not be. So he wanted his wife to get satisfied from any trust worthy person. He told me that while discussing this matter to his wife , it was Seema aunty who suggested my name, and he also told that aunty was very well aware of my all extra curricular activities ( XXX ) which I thought was a secret b/w me and him. Knowing this I was so excited to meet Seema aunty. So told I am ready for this. He then went for a bath and told me to go and talk with seema. I immediately went to kitchen and looked at Seema aunty’s eyes. She was shy to look at my face. I went near by and could not talk to her, I just touched her chin and then gave her a French kiss. OOOOHHHHHHHHHhh, her lips was so nice. I felt like my control is losing.

We parted from the kiss and she asked me to come tomorrow morning at 10.30 . With full of joy and happiness I went home that day and could not sleep the whole night. The next day morning when I was returning home after my jogging I saw Seema’s husband going to office and daughter to her school, we both wished and he said he will be late today and don’t forget to take care of his wife and gave a smile. I said sure I will and I waited for my parents to move to office. At 9 they also left home and I was free. Seeing my parents leaving in car, Seema aunty called me and asked, do we need to wait till 10.30? I understood that she was in great mood today. I asked whether she has anything for protection? For which she told don’t worry abt that, she is in safer side. So I immediately went to her flat and we both entered to her bedroom. She was wearing sari and blouse .She told me that she was urging for a long sex for so long and she want both of us to last long this day. I told her that for sure, u will be fully satisfied; I caught hold of her beautiful breast from behind and gave few squeezes slowly. She started moaning from now itself, which indicated the level of her desire. I squeezed them and meanwhile gave few nice kisses on her neck.

Then I slowly moved my left hand towards her stomach and then I removed the pallu and whole sari was removed from her body. Now both of us were in a very good mood and she turned and started French kissing. Meanwhile she removed my shirt and pants. I started moving my hand thru all of her back and slowly brought my hand to front and removed her blouse. She had not worn a bra. I was so excited to see her wonderful breasts, it was of very good shape, nothing less and nothing more. I caught her shoulders and sucked her boobs for at least 10 mins and then removed the remaining dress from her body and I removed my undergarment. Now we both were naked and were in a different world. We both fell to the bed and started hugging and this lasted for another 10 mins. I kissed her neck and breast and she too kissed my lips stomach and everywhere. We both were in a fire that both of us could not control ourselves. Now she asked me to fuck her with my tool. But before doing it with tool I finger fucked her for a while. Even though we both wanted a long lasting sex , at his point we both were sure that this can happen only in two sessions. So we decided to fuck and I slowly entered my dick into her hole. First I did it slowly and then increased the pace. Meanwhile our lips were locked and I hugged her very tightly, so tightly that no one could break this bond. We both were in heaven and after 10 mins we both came to ecstasy. We again hugged for few minutes and then drank some water. We both were tired. We lay down in bed for some half an hour naked and then I again slowly started fondling her boobs and then again gave kisses and I climbed on top of her.

She told to fuck as hard as possible this time. I again finger fucked her and then inserted my tool into her sweet hole. This time we lasted for about 20 mins. After that she told me that this was a real fun treat for her that her husband gave to her, and she liked it very much. She asked me to meet her when ever I come from Bangalore. I replied that now I cannot miss her, and I will definitely come and meet her as frequently as possible. Then we both had a bath and had lunch together. After that I went home and had a good sleep.

At 8 pm I went to seema’s house again and had chat with her husband. He thanked me a lot and told that the reason for selecting me was that they believed that I will keep this as secret and moreover that mine and seema aunt’s tastes were matching. We both don’t like blowjob and sucking at bottoms and even fucking at ass. I agreed and thanked him a lot for this opportunity. For suggestions and any help in Bangalore and Trivandrum anybody can contact me at

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