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Sex With My Sweet Student’s Maid

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hallo my desi friend, Asif from Lahore is once again withmy new sex encounter. I narrate a story before that by the name “MY SWEET STUDENT” and I hope soon it will find its place on our most faverout site. Now I am goining to tell you my 2nd story which is with my SWEET STUDETN’S maid and with her sexy friend Nisha. After fucking my sweet student Pakiza I am getting bolder, and when I was fucking Pakiza her maid saw us, but only I knows about it. It was the 3rd March when I fucked my sweet student’s maid, and it was happens like this.

On 3rd March 2004, when I arrived at Pakiza’s house for tution, I gave the door bell, Shabnam (my sweet student’s maid) opened the door, and She said that everyone is went on a tea party and they will return in 40 or 50 minute, than I decided it will take around 40 minutes if I goes back and than comes again for the tution from my apartment, so I decided that I should stay and wait for them, because I can not miss my sweet Pakiza’s tution, I came inside and I saw a smile on Shabnam’s face. I was waiting in Pakiza’s study room, which she often use as her bed room as well, after 5 minutes, Shabnam came and said that I called the Pakiza on her mobile phone they are coming in one hour, I asked Shabnam to bring in a glass of water for me, when she came back and hand me over the glass of water she was smiling and said, Sir what you were doing with Pakiza Bibi last week, I gave a smile and I said, Don’t you think I was making her women, and she said, Sir, Pakiza Bibi have many magazines and her Friend Nisha often gave her sexy movies and they watched them together and they also did it with each other and one day when Pakiza Bibi was not at home, Nisha Bibi came and she did it with me, my mouth was opened and I said, Ok, than what was your feelings, She said,

Sir, really I enjoyed it very much and I said, ever a boy did it with you, she said, how a boy can do it with me, all the time I stays here, than I said, I can do it with you. She became afraid and said No, I can not do this, I catch her from her wrist and I said I will give you pleasure, like I gave to your Pakiza Bibi, than I grabed her from her waist and I kissed her on her lips, and I put my right hand on her breast and squeeze it, Shabnam you have very beautifull breast, and your lips and very soft and I hugged her tight, my dick was erect and touching the Shabnam’s lower body, than I opened her Shirt and I kissed her on her throat and Shabnam was moaning and I put my hand between her legs and I press my hand on her pussy, she was getting hot and than I pull up her shirt, Shabnam was only in her bra and Shalwar and I unhooked her bra, Man she has very beautifull breast, milky white with pink nipples like little cherry, and I sucked tham hard and I was squeezing her breasts as well, now my one hand was inside her Shalwar and my middle finger was touching her clitoris and I rubbed her, after that I put my middle finger inside her pussy and I was touching her G Spot, Shabnam was totally out of control and she hugged me tight and her legs were right leg was tightly wrapped around me and my middle finger was deep inside her pussy and i was rubbing her pussy.

Shabnam was wet and her pussy wetness was flowing all over my fingers to palm, she was moaning like aaahhhhh ahhhhh hhhaaaah haahhh and she was grabing my dick and I lay her on the floor and I pull apart her legs and my hard dick was rubbing on her pussy lips, than I put my rock hard dick deep inside her pussy and with a thrust my dick was deep inside Shabnam’s very tight virgin pussy and she was moaning aahhh ooohhh ohhhh ohhhh aaahhh ahhhh Sir, I am dying with pain, Sir, please do it slow, than I make it more fast and than she said, Sir, its nice now Sir, do it fast, fuck me hard, Sir, fuck me hard and I make it more fast and fast, my dick was white with Shabnam’s pussy juice. I was about to release my cum than I with draw my dick from her pussy and I release my cum on the floor, now Shabnam was laying on the floor and I was over her again and I was sucking her firm young boobs and rubbing her hot wet pussy with my right hand, now I said Shabnam to stand up, she was in front of me, I was now sitting on the bed and Shabnam was between my knees on the floor and I said her to suck my dick, she was really good in sucking my dick, I said Shabnam how you learn it, she said Sir, when Pakiza Bibi was sucking you, and I watch it in the movie.

She was sucking my dick and my hand was on the back of Shabnam’s head, with one hand she was rubbing my dick and also sucking it hard, once again I released my cum on the floor and my dick was still hard, because Shabnam’s hairless pussy was pink due to having sex with me, now I got up from the bed and I make her in doggy style and I put my dick inside Shabnam’s pussy from the rare, she was amasingly tight, and I fucked Shabnam in this style and I was rubbing her clitoris and boobs one by one after some time. Shabnam was really enjoying it and I fucked her twice.

This was my 2nd sex encounter,my 3rd sex encounter was with my Sweet Student Pakiza’s friend Nisha, and still I am looking for more and next week I have a date with my class mate and I know how to change this date into sex encounter ;), if any female from Lahore aged between 18 to 30 wants a sex date or phone sex, I am available just a mail away, so mail me now at my mail ID,, with subject “sex me”.

I will be soon again with you with my 3rd and 4th sex encounter.

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