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Sex With My Student

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hello I am Raja A.Jani And live in Karachi working for a company as Manager. I also give Tution of Computer Education cause I have more than 10 Years Experience. I am not a good story writer but I will try. This is a real story happen with me last year with a nice female who was my student.

It is necessary to tell you a bit background of my student… she belongs to a very rich family as she paid my handsome Fee for this tution and she bought a very expensive and full loaded computer It was her 2nd week of tution it was Monday…and she was learning the INTERNET and its operation and other browsing. That day at the end she asked me to show her.. how she can surf… the internet for different topics and words. So I showed her all the nesessary ways to search the words and topics and I asked her to practice the same for perfaction as she was so excited to learn that and she promise me fo practice. Nex day which was Wednesday.. (because I teached her alternate days and only three days a week… Monday Tuesday and Friday). When I reached her home she was so excited and she told me that she had enough practice but there is problem…. (and the problem I knew because I locked all the adult site on her computer) … So I asked her problem she said It did not go all the WEBs as she wants.

I asked … for example???/ so she did not answer and she said that i should check the system because her friends can go anywhere she wants… I said Ok.. I will check…. and I asked her a Glass of water… as soon she left the room I checked the system and found that she tried to go on many adult site and with many sexy words like dicks, nude man, xxx, hardcore, etc….I then remove the cheks and open the system for all Web site. By the time she brought the water I said it is Ok now.. and ther was some system option were not selected….. So she was so excited and was very happy and she kiss on my cheek and said “ Sir Aap bohat pyaray ho” ( As I am a very friendly but very sober teacher and always care for the student according to their “MIZAG” and my student was also very bold and she was in BA final (in a girls College)and was very pretty and sexy she was hardly 23…) Next day when I Get there she said that she is not able to take the class for some reason but she can take class on Saturday evening.

I said OK.. It was a Saturday morning when I got a call from my student at 10.30 and she was telling me that she can not take her lesson today evening and if I can come on Sunday morning she will be greatful… As she was my sharp and favorate student ….. so i said ok I will be there at 10.00AM. When I reached there The servent told me that All other family members are gone for the Picnic But choti BiBi.( My student) at home and she asked me that you can go to her room upstairs and he said I am only servent at home and if you want any thing you can call me. When I enterd in her room… she was lying on the bed under a sheet and was sleeping… I call her name twice for wakeup .. but she did not reply…. I thought may be she is tired and then I turned On the computer and was looking the history.. and I also noticed that she was online till 5 in the morning and she all night visted many Adult Web… So It seems that she was sex hungry… then I againg tried to wake her up and sat on her bed and put my hands on her sholder and shake her…. she said “oh Sir Mujhay Sonay Do …. Mein boat achcha Khowab dekh rahi hoon…. I said Then Why did you ask me to caome …she said she is ready to learn you teach… (keep in mind that she did not opened her eyes) and She was just murmuring. And was lying on her chest on the bed…. then I pulled the Sheet from her.. and what I saw that she was All Naked and her Nice sexy Ass were exposed in front of me… I just closed and locked the door and came back on her bed…My Heart beating now very hight and My cock ….dont ask… instant eraction ….I put my both palms on her neck/aback and start massaging her.

As she was laid down on the bed or her breast. Now her beautiful back and pair of ass were infront of me. I put my both palms on her shoulders and started pressing them slowly then massage her hands slowly then brought my hand on back and moved down till waist, I repeat the process many times but in a very decent way to vanish her resistant. By this time I have aroused much . She was shivering but pretending that she is sleeping when I felt that she wanted this badly… then I spread my both palms and started massaging sensationally. This time I cross her waist and make rounds on her ass cheeks. And move my fingers’Tips to her thighs and carried on this same rytham. She started moaning softly. When I was confirm that she has aroused I slipped my hands under her shoulders and touched her boobs with my finger’s Tips then moved toward the hips, squeezed them little bit hard and moved my hand to her ass Joint and but hole then towards her sweet cleaned shaved pussy. She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned loudly. i insert my finger in her sweet jucy pussy and she was like Aaawwww Uufffffff Shhiiiiiiiiiiiiii I keep inserting my finger for a nice finger fuck for time and she started pushing her hips to get more my finger in her pussy ..

I got her clit and pich it softly she was loudly said AAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I turned her face towards me and put my lips on her lips. They were damn hot, she respond well I thrust my tong in her mouth she started sucking it then she give her tong in my mouth I sucked it badly, during all the time my hand were in her hair . After long kiss I started kissing her neck eyes ear everywhere on her face and moved my hands on her boobs and squeezed them. then I kissed her boobs and moved my hand on the stomach I kissed both boobs one by one then her abdomen than a bit lower and then to her hot Pussy she moaned loudly “aaahhh uffff Nahi karo Na” then I put my palm again on her pussy, which was very hot and wet and jucy then I moved upward with Wet kissing all the way at the same time with little bitting on her body. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning she is gorgeous, I was very aroused and started kissing every where. First took off my shirt because The pair of world most beautiful boobs are infront of me Ualala..Ahhhhhh…. I was sqeezing with my both hands and sucking the boobs. It was tasty.

And it made her very HOT and Chanchal I bit them softly one by one she moaned very loudly and she hold my dic and put it on her pussy and squeez that and start kissing all overme but her Eyes was closed but with pain and pleasure but I kept on sucking her doodh and put my hand on her clit and started massaging that area and on the other side kept one sucking beautiful boobs. Her eyes were closed. Then I stoped and left her alone she immdiately Opened her eyes and asked me what happen with a naughty smile on her face. I said you were sleeping…she said i was not sleeping infacti was waiting you since morning.. i am so horny now please do what you were doing with me…” Such bohat maza araha tha” and “ mein Hawa mein ud rahi thi” I bite on her nipples very hard so she shouted with pain and opened her legs so wide and she slapped on chest and finger my Cock ….Her eyes become wide open after watching my dick It never so big even. I placed her hands on my dick and ordered to massag it this time she obey without any objection I started kissing again and put my hand to on boobs and squeezed them. My dick is getting bigger and bigger in her soft hands. It was 11:30 then and I dont have much time so I put my hand on her pussy and massage it then insert my finger in the hole.

She moaned loudly I inserted finger and started moving in and out so fast that she become mad and started making pleasure sounds very loudly to stop her screeming I started squeezing her boobs with my hands and kissing on her lips and put my toung in her mouthe and she start sucking my toung it was a great teast which I ever felt I also sucked her toung which made her very aroused and Now we both were hot, so I put some Cream on her pussy hole and also applied it on my dick on her pussy lips, she was afraid about this as she was virgin but I made her relexed and assured her that I would not hurt here and I will do very slowly. Then I spread her Legs wide and give a little massage to her pussy with my cock then put my dick to the pussy hole and put my hands on her boobs and started pressing my cock slowly, she closed her eyes with pain and pleasure to avoid and unwanted yelling in pain from her I put my lips on hers and give a big push to my Cock to penitrate fully inside. She tried to sreem but I took her screeming in my mouth . I hold my cock for moment in the same place but she started pushing her pussy to my cock first slowly then increase the speed gradually she was enjoy it immensely I kept on kissing squeezing first her boobs then her ass.

After some time her pussy start pulsating on my cock and I felt her Pussy full of juice I was also about Cum so I took out my cock out side and droped my all cum burdun on her abdomine also start kissing her on her lips.. As she she was so happy and relexed and asked me to lay down beside here .. and then she told me a very exciting Plan about all this incident which I can tell you some other time. We both were then took the shower togather and shelp me to clean all my mess with lot of love .. then we dressed up. I kissed her this time very passionately left her house. After that we used to take chances to enjoy the same twice in a week uptill now.If any girls/women specially in Karachi want to be my student she will be welcomed and can become my friend an my email add is ….. Many interesting incident happened with me and my students and can tell you by e-mail if you want…… so hope to receive your lovely mail soon bye.

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