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Sex With My Own Sister

  • desipapa
  • December 23, 2015

Hi friends this is Rahul here again thanks for your responses on my previous stories and girls thanks for your lovely comment those who don’t know me let me tell you i am male 24 years working in a company as manager and running a small restaurant in Bangalore the story which i am going to tell you is the real one which happened a month back with my elder sister as I am from uttar pradesh and settled here with my parents one elder sister and one younger brother i and my sister have a pure relation of brother and sister who is elder to me by 2 years her name is

Roshani till last month we had a clean relationship and i never thought of having any bad feelings about her and she too treated me same it all started from journey to my native where it takes 2 days journey from here to my native all our family members almost 20 people booked the train and moving due to marriage of my cousin let me tell you about my sister she is around 26 fair 5 7 tall slim body nice pair of boobs

Lovely shaped ass and gorgeous pair of legs it all started from the train journey i was allot a lower birth and my sister a upper birth she was wearing a skirt which was extending till her feet and black t shirt as usual we were enjoying and moving forward with our journeys my sis who was on upper birth was getting down as she was i was able to see her inner from the bottom sexy legs and white

Panty a stream of current run through my body by seeing that she noticed it and tried to cover this was the first time i saw anything such type of my sister and was not able to control went to toilet and masturbated thinking of that after some time i came back and sat on my seat but could not have a eye contact with her as she had noticed what i had seen now i was crazy and thinking how to move

Forward and tried to touch her accidently by any means we reached our native but we did not had any words till then slowly i broke the silence and said sis i am sorry she said its ok but i was still crazy by that site and planning for more i used to sleep in my farm house which about a km away from our house most of the time i used to be there and some one or the other would get me lunch or call me for lunch and dinner as usual one day i was sitting in farm house my sis

Entered i was shocked by that as i was only in my inner i got up and covered myself and we started to talk slowly i tried to take advantage and said sis i am sorry for that day she said its ok but sis i am not able to control my feelings from that day towards you she was shocked and said this is and looking for a chance to have sex with her and finally i got a chance one night as there were people in my

House i went to house for dinner we finished it as there were many people mom asked my sis to sleep with me in the farm house as there where many guest in the house as we started to walk she was bending her head and we did not have eye contact after reaching there she went to sleep she was wearing a punjabi suit with red bottom and green top as i was not able to control myself i had few smoke and it

Was almost at 2 in the night i slowly made my mind and moved near her room i slowly opened a door and saw she was sleeping with her hands on her fore head and her breast moving up and down due to breathing i slowly just sat next to her on the cot slowly touched her thigh but there was no reaction so slowly pulled her upper a bit and just smelled near her pussy the smell and the aroma made

Go crazy and i was going mad i just slowly moved my hand on the private part and started licking there on top of her dress she moved slowly i just moved away again she slept and i started again now she slowly lifted her hand and started to caress my hairs i got green signal and stopped for few min she opened her eyes and saw

And told what happened i said nothing and slept next to her and started kissing her cheek and neck slowly moving to words her lips we engaged in kissing and my one hand pressing her breast on top of dress after few min of exchanging saliva i went down slowly lifted her top and started to suck her navel now she started to moan slowly ah ah is is ah

Now as started moving further up i reached up she was wearing a pink bra with floral design i started to press her breast and sucking on top it slowly removed her bra her pink nipples where like ice cream asking to be sucked it took her whole nipples in my mouth and started sucking she said slowly bro its paining but i was

Not in mood to listen i was sucking her nipples and one hand just rubbing her lower part after sucking for few min i just moved down un tied her knot and removed she was wearing a black panty i started to kiss on top she said bro please remove it and suck it common now i am not able to hold on i removed it and in the process got naked myself she had cleaned shaved s just spread her legs and placed myself

Between them and put her legs on my shoulders i started licking it she was pressing my head deeper and moaning yes ah ah ah ah bro common lick me more ah ah and slowly she got her love juice busting out i drank all and every single drop of it now i just stopped for a min she was like arm common i cant tolerate fuck me harder please bro common i just got up and placed my penis in the opening of her love hole and started to insert but it was not possible and she was

Crying of pain so i got up got some oil applied on my part as well as her hole and slowly entered as i started entering blood started to coming out she told bro you have broken my virginity i started to pump it slowly she was like ah ah yes common harder hard my speed increased and as i was to cum i said sis i am about to cum she said do it inside as i did i filled her love hole with my cum and fall exhausted

On her she kissed my cheeks and said thanks bro for giving such a pleasure but make sure this is in between us from that day we had sex many times now she is married and gone away but i still miss her any girls aunty wife anyone interested in sex in and around the city please mail me it will be purely confidential so please mail me on i will be waiting for your responses bye

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