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Sex With My My Friend’s Neighbor

  • desipapa
  • September 15, 2015

I have been visiting this site and reading the stories for quite some months. I enjoy reading the wonderful stories submitted by the readers. So I thought of submitting my experience as well that happened 2 months ago. I am Raj, 26, from Bhubaneswar working in the IT Industry. The other day a friend of mine had invited me to his Birthday Party at his house. He had invited a small group of his friends. I reached there on time, wished him Birthday wishes and made myself comfortable. He introduced me to his other friends. Among them were this young girl named Rasika. As I shook hands with her, her soft hand felt like cream in my hands and it felt shivers inside me.

Rasika is my friend’s neighbor. She is 25, 5’6″ in height, well proportionate in weight at the right place. She has hell of sexy figure, 34-27-36 with flat tummy. She is fair, has silky smooth below shoulder length hairs that were hung loose on her sides, beautiful lips and sexy pouting lips. She was wearing black color body tight wrap around skirt and small white top, what just came much above her navel, showing of her sexy navel. Her top showed her round breasts from under the fabric, as it was stretched to its fullest. As she was sitting on the sofa across me, with her legs crossed, her wrap around skirt split and was revealing her smooth creamy sexy leg. Her strappy-heeled sandals made her legs taller. I was staring at her and feasting my eyes on those sexy boobs and smooth legs. She caught me looking at her but she didn’t say anything and I gave a small smile and she returned it with a small sweet smile. Then she excused herself towards to the kitchen. I excused myself as well to get my drink and I watched her from the back. She has one of the sexy butts to die for. I felt like touching them. I got tingling feeling down my pants. I reached to the table she was standing and grabbed my glass and said hi to her. We did some small talk and came to know that she lives in the next building and she is married too. Her husband is a captain in army and posted in Assam. I gave her compliments on her stunning looks and she smiled and thanked me just casually putting her hand on shoulder.

We returned to living room and my friend has put on some dance numbers. We saw most of the people started dancing; we watched them for a few minutes talking about her and myself. Then I asked her if she would like to dance. She agreed and we joined the gang towards the end of the room. It was a fast number and we were dancing a bit fast. Her boobs were jiggling and her hairs flowing from side to side. She was looking damn sexy and she knew it, sometimes she would bend a little as one of her dance steps and I get a wonderful peek on her sexy cleavage. I love woman’s cleavage. It’s a turn on for me. Anyway this lady out here dancing with me is a total turn on package for me. I told her she dances well and she just smiled. She loved all the attention she was getting. Some more people joined the dance and it became more crowded and we kind of came closer and closer. I was just inches away from her full breasts that were moving up and down. I felt like feeling them with my hands. Every now and then my hands would touch her body on the pretext of dance and she wouldn’t mind it. I loved her attitude. We danced for a while and then we returned to our seats and sipped our drinks and talking more about her and watching people dance. After lot of fast numbers then he put on some slow numbers CD and a romantic one. He dimmed the lights to suit the mood. I looked at her and she gave approving looks and we were back to dance. This time we went past all of other people down to the extreme corner. I put my hands around her waist softly and she put her hands on my shoulders. We started moving slowly from side to side. Her soft skin under my hands on her waist felt sexy. She was besides the corner and my back was towards the rest of the group. I moved my hands a little on her back, and caressed her and pulled a little more towards me. She was also in the mood and she wrapped her hands a little more around my neck. Now I became a little bolder and moved my hands all over her back and brought them down over her sexy butts. They were the most beautiful soft and round butts I have felt so far. I squeezed them a little and felt them with my hands. I filled my both hands with her ass cheeks and she pushed her pelvis towards me and came closer. I would feel the heat of her body and her breast are resting against my chest. As I looked down, I saw the wonderful cleavage waiting for a look. I appreciated her on wonderful cleavage. She just smiled and pinched me on my neck.

The high-heeled sandals she wore made her appear almost as tall as me. I looked at her silky hairs and instinctively stroked it lightly. She felt my touch and her head went immediately to my shoulder. We danced slowly. Her hands moved up and down my sides sending a chill through my spine. I was enjoying this. I could feel Rasika’s warm, almost hot breath on my shoulder. Rasika pressed herself closer to me. I sneaked a peek down and watched her breasts tightly packed into me and her chest heaving. She blew a breath of cool air on my ear. I closed my eyes and pulled her tighter. She kissed my ear and began tickling my neck with her tongue.

She whispered, “I love the looks in your eyes. Its very tempting.” With that, she moved her hips into the hardness that was being repressed by my pants. I moved my hands down to her shapely ass and pulled it into me. I kissed her ear, and she moaned softly. I traced down her neck with my tongue, connecting all her sexy freckles in a warm wet line. She put her right leg between my legs and pressed her crotch up against my right leg. I felt a wet heat on my pants leg. She was sending electric shivers down my body with her heat. Then she turned around and I hold her from her tummy. She pressed her ass to me and my dick could feel her soft ass co close to me. She brought her hands over my neck and lowered my head on her shoulder. We were moving slowly to the tune of soft music and building the heat. I pulled all her hairs the right shoulder and kissed her bare neck and shoulders and neck. She sighed and breathed heavy and moaned slightly. She loved it because she pressed her ass more towards my hard crotch. She was teasing me like anything. Now my friend announced for dinner and changed the music. Everyone stopped dancing and moved towards the kitchen.

We had dinner and talked a lot about life and general stuff. I can’t take my eyes of her. I asked her phone number she gave it to me. I asked if she is free the coming Saturday for dinner. She didn’t say yes but said would let me know her plans when I call her up. It was now time for everyone to leave. It was like close to midnight. It was a wonderful party and I thanked my friend for the great time I had in his party. Then she said good-bye to me. She extended her hand and shook. She pressed it a little with a naughty smile. I told her I had a wonderful time with her and she experienced the same.

On my way back, I was all thinking about her and it made me hard. I reached home and shagged thinking it was her hand that’s holding me and I came full load so soon. Saturday was too far away, full one week. I thought about her all the time at my work place. Her beautiful cleavage and soft ass gives me hard on instantly. So Wednesday evening after having my dinner I picked up the phone and dialed her number. On third ring she picked up the phone and said hello in the sexy voice. My dick started coming to live on hearing that sexy voice. I told her its me Sanjay and she was so excited to listen to me. We spoke some general stuff for some time. Then I told her that she is always there on my mind whole day. She just giggled and laughed a bit. She said she is looking for Saturday evening and decided to meet at one of the restaurants. She took my number just in case required. She surprised me by calling me on Friday night. Wow how lucky I thought I am. We spoke for some time and then she apologized that she can’t make it on Saturday evening as her aunt is visiting her on Saturday night, from Bombay. But then she suggested if I could join her during the day at her apartment. I was more than eager by now to see that teaser again.

Saturday morning seemed to be long to wait to see her. Finally after taking small lunch and taking a shower I started for her place at around 3:00 pm in the afternoon. I reached her place around 3:15 and rang the doorbell. She came in a few moments to open the door. My dick saluted her by just looked at her. She was looking sexy and ready to eat. She was wearing mauve color silk gown that came slightly below her thighs and supported by two straps on her shoulder. Her low neckline was showing off the best cleavage I have seen so far. She said hi and invited me in and closed the door behind me. The she turned around and said “welcome to my home, I am glad that you could make it during the day time.” I said to myself ” I am too horny to see you and how could I afford not to make it while I had been dreaming all about you the whole week” She gave me a small welcome hug and I held her close for a moment and god the sexy smell from her. Good smell is a turn on for me. Then she walked in front of me and I ogling at her swaying hips under the silky dress.

She directed me to the sofa and asked me to be comfortable. Then she brought some soft drink to sip and come and sat besides me. I sipped my drink and she took her glass in her hand, brought it to her mouth. She took a small sip in her mouth and rolled it in her mouth, looking seductively towards me then put the glass down to the sofa. She had the looks ” come and fuck me sweety” looks in her eyes. Taking hints from her I shifted closer to her and wrapped my left hand around her shoulder and pulled her close to me and bent slowly over her lips. I kissed her juicy lips and she reciprocated by opening her lips and letting my tongue wander her lips. I hugged her tight and pulled her right leg over my leg and pulled her closer. I kiss her gently behind her right ear, inhaling her clean, fresh smell along with that wonderful perfume. Pulling back, I look for a moment into her sexy eyes before kissing her, gently but firmly, on her velvet lips. After a moment, we break the kiss, only to start another, with more passion in it…. and then another, and another.

As we kiss, I run my fingers through her silky hair and down onto her neck, lightly scratching down her spine, then back up in large circles across her back. She shivers, and as she presses closer against me I can feel her nipples harden against me. She retaliated by drawing circles with her nails on the small of my back, driving sparks up my spine and down into my groin. She smiled invitingly and seemed to purr. Well, I didn’t want to be forward, but I couldn’t stand it. I slipped off the sofa and came next to her on kneeling on the carpet and began licking behind her left knee. She didn’t pull away, but instead leaned further back and made it easier to get to her knee, then up her left thigh while my left hand massaged her right leg. Soon my head was inside her thighs as I kissed and gently licked first left then switched over to the right. She slipped down further, put her hand gently on my head, and urged me forward. It didn’t take any urging, as I was eager to explore.

Soon my nose was just next to her crotch I could smell a wonderful sweet, tangy, musty odor that was overwhelming. I raised her dress above her waist and kissed on her panty and inserted two fingers on the waistband. She lifted her ass off the sofa and allowed me to take it off. I could see her lips pink, pouting, sensuous, and closed with a wavy border projecting beyond her pubes. The tip of my tongue soon explored the lower limits of her lips and I ran the tip up and down their edges without parting them. Then, just a little inside, and the taste was delicious. A mirror of the odor: Pert, musky, sweet, and just wonderful. Rasika was moaning, her legs fell further apart, and her hand on my head urged me onward. Soon I was bold enough to run the tip of my tongue around her vagina. Just pushing on the edge. Then I worked up to the base of her clitoris. It just peeked out from the lips with a pink tip. I tongued the base on the left first, then over to the right. Then I tried circling the base. Her clitoris began to twitch, her hand was pressing a little firmer, and her moans indicated I wasn’t off base. Soon I ran the tip of my tongue from the base up to the tip and then flicked over the tip from left to right, right to left. Her fingers tightened in my hairs and she started rhythmically pulling me to her. As my lips circled her clitoris and I started sucking deeply, while flicking the tip with the tip of my tongue, I eased my right hand up her left thigh and found her gorgeous buttocks. They were soft, smooth silky and soon I could get down the crack to her ass. My index fingers just found it and started to gently circle it on the outside in time with my sucking of her clitoris.

She was getting very wet and I was waiting for that subtle change in flavor as her special glands secreted their fluid around the base of her clitoris. That was the signal that she was about to orgasm and I wanted to see if she could get up to a true plateau and hold that orgasmic and pre orgasmic sensation for a half hour or more. I alternated sucking hard and deep and pressing firmly with my tongue on the tip of her clitoris with backing off and blowing down the clitoral shaft, gently massaging her anus, and reaching up with my left hand to feel her breast over the silk gown. I circled it with one finger and then gently squeezed it with three fingers in time with sucking her clitoris. She began arching her back and her pelvic thrusts grew more vigorous and faster. She was sighing deeply and her hand relaxed a little on my hair indicating I shouldn’t drive her through her first orgasm. After three or four minutes her clitoris started twitching and I knew she was entering her first orgasm and so backed slightly off and ran my tongue between her clitoris and vagina. Soon her hand urged me back to her clitoris and I sucked vigorously while picking up the pace with either hand. Her moans, arching, bucking, and hand in my hair soon showed that things were going well and she orgasmed a second time quickly.

She had the lovely seductive smile and content on her face. She pulled me up to her gorgeous mouth and kissed me deeply, sticking her tongue deeply into my mouth. She was rubbing my face, fingering my ears, while kissing me deeply and repeatedly. She licked all over my face, tongued me repeatedly, and then asked what she could do to help with the very large bulge she now felt through my pants. I hadn’t even taken off my shirt so she stripped that off pulled my T-shirt over my head, and started licking and sucking my nipples. That blew me over the edge. We exchanged positions, she was sitting between my legs and me on the sofa. She undid my belt while kissing the outside of my fly. Then she grabbed the zipper in her fingers and inched it down. I tried to keep myself calm, but it was hard not to buck just a little. With my button undone, my belt open, and my fly unzipped all the way, she reached in with her lips and caught my dick in her lips through my frenchie shorts. I about melted. She stripped my shorts and pants off my shoes in one swift pull and there I was in shoes, socks, and a massive red erection. She brought her lips over my dick and her tongue going around and around, while her lips stretched widely to get over my swollen glans. She made it and was wise enough to keep stimulating the glans which was driving me quickly to relief. As she felt my testicles engorged and began gently squeezing them and circling my dick with her fingers, I knew I couldn’t wait. Just then she began deep strokes and for the first time I knew what deep throat really meant. She got all the way to the roots and I could feel her contracting on my glans deep in her throat. That was it. I exploded. Never before have I felt such an incredible orgasm that went on and on. She stayed with me all the way to the end, gently released my sex, and then tentatively raised her head as I rushed to kiss and tongue her deeply. She just smiled and said that she had never enjoyed it before, but with the incredible orgasm I had given her she had wanted badly to see if she could reciprocate and had gotten stimulated from my obvious excitement.

We caught our breath and sat on the sofa while drinking soft drinks. She came over me and sat on my lap. I could feel her warm thighs over my legs and her hands wrapped around my neck. She leaned forward and her hairs fell on my face. She moved her head left to right and I enjoyed the feel of her sexy hairs on my face. Rasika’s silky hairs smelled great and wrapped my hands across her waist and pulled her closer in my lap and kissed her softly on her inviting lips. Her silky gown was still on, and she kind of liked its feel. Her breast felt so smooth and silky under her gown. I cupped her boobs with both my hands and she moaned a little and bent away, arching her back towards me. I kissed her boobs over the silk and with my other hand I caressed it. She was enjoying the touch of my hands on her boobs, as her nipples were getting erect and poking out of the silk. We both were on fire by this time and I lifted her in the same position. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I holding her by her butts, lifted her and carried her towards the bedroom. She is very fond of silk, as her bed has a silk pink color bed sheet. She told me that she loves the feel of silk against her body and it turns her on. I put her down on the bed and she pulled me over her. She was still in the gown. I grabbed the hem of the gown and pulled it over her. She raised her back and shoulders and helped me remove it over her head. I was amazed and too excited to see her beautiful breast cupped into sexy lace white bra held tight to her that gave sexy cleavage to her. I bent down and kissed her between the breasts and licked her soft skin. It was front hooked bra. So I opened the bra and there are those wonderful treasures that were longing to be free now. I placed my hand lightly on the right breast and kissed the left one with my tongue circling her nipple. She sighed and closed her eyes. I loved sucking her breast and she arched her back and was pressing more of her breasts into my mouth.

She then brought down her right hand and grabbed my dick, which started to come alive by then. She has got one of the silkiest skins I have seen so far. I licked her nipples and her back arches toward me with approval. As my warm lips cover her tingling nipples moving from one to the other, a soft moan escapes her lips. I start to nibble her nipples gently. She grabs my head with her left hand and pulls me even closer to her heaving breast, while her right hand is caressing my balls and dick. Her magical hands had made me full erect in such a short span of time. It’s amazing. I slid down and spread her legs a bit and position myself in between her thighs. She spread her legs and I hold her legs for her support and point my dick over her cunt lips. I push deep into her and in one shot more than half of me was inside her feeling the hotness and wetness of her cunt. I hold both her legs in air in V position and keep fucking her in circular motions. She brings her hands and grabs my ass and started caressing it. She hold my ass and pulls me closer while pushing her hips more towards me so that she can feel the most of my dick deep inside her. She was heaving and moaning deeply and I could see her tits jiggle with rhythmic motions. It was difficult to hold anymore and I was on the verge of coming. Suddenly I feel her vagina muscles contract around my dick and start squeezing it. It felt so erotic and then she groaned loudly and gave a jerk. I felt her hot cum around my dick and I too exploded inside her. She brought her legs down and we lay down like this for some time, feeling the heat of each other’s body.

We were a bit exhausted now and lay down on the bed, facing each other and felt asleep in each other’s arms. It was 07:00 pm in the evening when we got up. We kissed each other and got dressed. She told me that her aunt will arrive at 8:00 pm. So we bid goodbye and promised to meet again the coming weekend. This time the venue was my place. We kissed each other and she gave me a full body warm hug. Since then I have met her couple of more times. Each time it’s better than the last one and worth the time spent together.

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