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Sex With My Marwadi Aunt In Nashik

  • desipapa
  • November 11, 2015

I’m now 25years of age and she is 30 years. This incident happened recently with me, I’m in M.B.A. 2nd year living in NASHIK. She is 30 years old, married to a business man, having one boy age 4-5 years and living in joint family.
This is a true story so bit long, but I am sure you will enjoy it. You can email me your feedback, comments, etc and sexy aunties, ladies and girls can contact me for friendship, relationship, etc at and I would love to hear from you coz this is first time I’m sharing this incident with anyone so I’m excited for your views and comment.

I use to fantasize about this aunty since they came to live in our area. I was in 12th or 1st year that time. I use to masturbate and fantasize about fucking her after reading different stories on ISS about fucking neighbour aunties or big age ladies because since I enter all this world of sex in my 10th STD and started watching porn and talking dirty things with friend I use to like aunties and ladies more than girls of my age.

Because they had big breast and sexy figure soon this aunty after coming to live in my area became friend with my mother and use to often visit my home after finishing all the household work to chat with my mother in evening and afternoon. I use to fantasize about her but I’m shy by nature so dint use to talk to her much. This went on till 9th when I had one girlfriend and had some problem in relationship with her.

My relation with girlfriend was not any sexual kind it was all just love coz that time I was in my teenage and it was all new things so I was blindly in love and all the pain. That time my friendship with aunty got closer we use to sit and chat in evening and I use to share all my problems with her and she use to help and make me understand things.

Earlier since she became a friend with my mom she use to chat and sometimes send forwards to mom’s mobile and same way my mom use to forward text and chat with her sometimes. But after our friendship got closer she exchanged mobile no. with me and she asked me to send some good forwards if possible and chat with her sometimes as she gets bore at home when free.

I use to forward her some good messages and hardly use to chat with her because was busy in problems with girlfriend and use to chat with girlfriend only whole day. This all continued till I came in 10th and due to all problems me and my GF broke up and I became busy in studies. Now I and aunty hardly use to meet text or chat with on another girlfriend whole day I use to be busy with studies at home or tuitions. So 10th got over liked that and then finally it all happened when I came in 11th.

After completing 10th it was like little bit rest from pressure girlfriend tension about studies and I use to be free in evenings and again little chit-chat started with the aunty once when we met in evening she told me that now you don’t have girlfriend and problems so you completely forgot me, now you don’t sms or talk with me. So I said sorry aunty it’s nothing like that we are still good friends and will text you. So again our chatting on SMS started in free time.

As her husband was business man he use to travel many times in month for 7-15 days or even when he use to be in city he use to come home very late. But now after 2-3 years I dint had any hope that I will get chance to fuck her so I only use to chat with her on sms when free and in just friendly way but later our friendship got even closer she started calling me on mobile when getting bore and we started sharing problems, views etc about daily life.

This went on and as her husband was busy business man and whole day aunty just use to do household work and work (Seve Kind) for her in-laws. So she was totally bore with life and use to feel lonely. We got closer and now not a single day use to pass without talking to each other on mobile. Now it was schedule kind we daily use to talk on mobile after 9-9:30pm after completing all works and before going to bed and we both got attached with each other.

She also started developing feelings for me and we were like developing love for each other. One day while talking on phone till 2am.She asked me why suddenly we got so close and we can’t live a day without talking to one another? I knew the answer that she wants to hear it from me that we are in love with on another but I did not want to take any risk or get in problem by saying so.

I named it friendship but she said that we were friends before also then why suddenly so close and attached I said I don’t know, you only say but she knew I know the answer but I am not saying it. So she said no I don’t think it’s friendship and you will have to say then we were like both knew the answer but none of us wanted to tell it first. Finally she said it’s like hum-Tum’ movie, both of us know the answer but none of us want to tell.

I said you mean Love? She said yes, I think we are in love, why don’t you love me? I said I love you lot then we had all love and other chat and decided to meet at her home at next day afternoon when she is alone. I went to her house and we had all general chat first because it was first time we were meeting like this. Later after sometimes she said that I think this is all wrong and I’m married lady and it will be the problem for me.

I hope you will understand me. I had no other option but to say yes and I was all sad and it was all over my face. I went back home. Soon she called me and asked why you were sad? I said just a day before we confessed our love for each other and just today you are saying so of course it will hurt me but I did not want to lose this aunty any way. So I said its ok I understand your problems but I love you and just want to see you happy and all and did all this drama.

She also said I love you too but I am scared as I’m a married lady and have family but let me think on this and whole day I was thinking what will be her answer and whether all my dreams will come true after this many years. Later that night she called me and she said she loves me very much and whole day she was thinking of me only. Now all romantic chat like boyfriend and girlfriend more like husband wife started and we made a plan to meet when she is alone at home.

Next day I rang door bell in afternoon and she opened we were like seeing each other with lustful eyes and she asked me to come in and she took me to her bedroom. We both hugged each other and had all love talks and promises. This made both of us hornier and she started caressing my body and it was my first time so I was bit afraid and did not want to make a wrong move and lose her and but she pushed me on bed.

We both started kissing each other wildly and caressing each other. She started moaning and closed her eyes and she lifted her top. She generally use to wear tops and pyjamas and took out her breast from her bra and pushed and direct my head on towards her breast and I started sucking it madly all my dreams were coming true. I always use to like her big breast and use to fantasize about it.

She had very large boobs and she is bit fat so looks mast sexy hot aunty her moaning increase and while I was sucking and pressing her breast and nipple she slide her hands inside my underwear and started caressing my cock. It was very hard and erect. I was busy playing with boobs as it was all first time heaven for me. She after playing with my cock little while slide her pyjama down put my cock on it and asked me to fuck her.

Fuck me! Now I’m all yours, I’m your wife. I love you lot. Fuck me please! she said and I inserted my cock inside her pussy. It was very good and amazing feeling. It was heaven and all dreams coming true as she is married and has once child. So her pussy was not too tight and we dint had any problem in fucking. We caressed each other madly kissing each other’s neck and body. She ejaculated it was more cool wet pussy. We continued fucking.

I played with her breast wildly and we were making love with all the lust. Finally, I was about to ejaculate but as she was married and if gets pregnant it can be a problem for her and I removed my dick from her pussy. She was very happy and satisfied. She said you won’t believe but I am very happy today. I had such a love making after long time but I said I also dreamed and fantasized of all this but never thought would get a chance.

I love you aunty I satisfied you but I dint ejaculate! I am still un-satisfied. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. It was similar kind of new experience like fucking and I was totally in heaven and couldn’t believe whatever was happening. Later I ejaculated in her mouth, she drank all of it. We remained lying on bed for sometime looking with more lust at each other.

Later, I went back home and we use to chat and talk daily on mobile and enjoyed every sex occasion whenever possible. Whenever we get chance we use to meet and have sex sessions even in public sometimes we use to hold hands or caress each other when nobody is watching. This was my first sex relationship and a real heaven type. I never imagined all my fantasy about this aunty will come true and use to think all ISS stories are fake and just a fantasy for masturbation but now I know everyone loves sex and it’s also a basic need after certain age.

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