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Sex With My Hot Maid

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  • September 4, 2015

Hi readers of desipapa, I am Richard from trichy. Iam studying in engineering college. Iam good football player and a silent boy. i like sex very much . I like to study sex story. My dad got transfer so I took one separate house and staying. Jayanthi my maid gave me hot and nice sex which cannot forget.

I learned how to cook well. I washed my clothes neatly. I did all my household works by myself. In my curries I liked tomatoes and coriander leaves much. There was a lady who sold curry leaves and tomatoes. She carried them in a basket on her head from door to door. Her name was jayanthi. She was an ordinary rural woman. She was a widow. We became close through our short but regular morning talks. One morning, I asked her, “What time would you finish selling all these?” I finish it by 8.30 ” she replied.
“What will you do after that?”

I’ve a work in the ‘Modern Bakery’. I reach there by 10 o’clock. This is for earning an additional income.” “Do you get a good payment from the bakery?””Yes I do.”When she came the next morning, she told me that she wanted to stop the selling.”Why do you wanna stop this?” I asked her.”I’ve to walk a long distance sometimes to sell off everything. I’m getting tired. So I feel difficulty to work well in the bakery. I know it isn’t a good thinking to quit the job with the bakery for this.””What would you do then for the additional income?””I’ll search for a part time cleaning work in a house somewhere near. I can cook too. I’m sure I’ll get it.”

“Okay….Try well.” I stood up saying this. Then she asked,”Sir, is there any work here for me?””I think no now…. I’m alone here. I need a little bit of rice and curry. So I can cook easily.””If you give me work, I’ll do everything neatly for you. I’ll wash your clothes too.””I’ll think over it, and tell you when you come tomorrow.”I bought some tomatoes and coriander leaves for my dal curry. I paid for what I have bought.jayanthi took her basket to her head and went away to the next lane to sell off the remaining. I was thinking about her request to become my maid. I didn’t know what to be my decision. I thought about it over and over, and again and again.

By evening, I took a decision to give her the work she asked for. When she came next morning, I told her my decision. I saw a smile of happiness spreading on her face. It was the last week of a month. I told her to come by the first day of the next month. She agreed. On the first day of the next month, she came by 6am. I told her of my likes and dislikes. She came by 6 o’clock in morning and 6.30pm in evening. She was very punctual. I was satisfied. One day, as usual by 6.30pm she didn’t come. I was waiting for her. Suddenly, my cell phone started ringing.

It wasjayanthi on the other end. She told me that she would be late by two hours. As she had an emergency, she went to her village to see her relatives there. By 8.40 she came. I was in the room then. She went to kitchen. She started working fast. She finished the cooking of my supper fast. She said she was leaving. She opened the door and went out. I closed the door. I was hungry. I entered my kitchen. I took my plate and served my supper myself. I. then, heard somebody pushing on my door to open it. It didn’t open as the door was locked inside.

Sir…….”It wasjayanthi, my maid. I wondered why she came back. I thought she might have forgotten something in my room. I opened the door.jayanthi was standing there.”What happened?” I asked her.“Sir…..” she was hesitating to speak.“Tell me….! What happened?””Sir, can I sleep here tonight?” she asked me instead of answering what had happened. I gazed at her. I didn’t say anything. As I watched her, she entered my room and closed the door behind.”Sir, I want to sleep here tonight.” she expressed her wish again.”What about your children, then? Won’t they be afraid in your house, if you aren’t there?”

My children aren’t there, at home. They are in the village with our relatives.””Sujatha……..I’m…..I don’t……””I’ll sleep in the kitchen. You can sleep as usual in this room.”Though I was not sure what to tell her, I said “Okay..”I’ve given half of the rice and curry to her. We had it together. I didn’t talk to her while having supper. After supper, she washed everything and kept properly for tomorrow’s cooking. I lighted a cigarette. I sat in my chair near the table. As a flash, Kanakamma, my former maid whom I fucked many times came to my mind. I began to get an erection.jayanthi came near and asked me, “Sir, what are you thinking?”

Nothing…..!” I replied.”May I sleep near you?”I looked into her eyes. I said smilingly, “Will you hug me while sleeping?””I’ll hug and if you want I’ll give you everything.””Everything? Will you suck my cock?”Yes I’ll. I love you.””Come on, then…Kiss me on my lips…!”She bent forward and kissed me.jayanthi sat on my lap kissing me deeply. She tried to put her tongue into my mouth. I opened my mouth a little, allowing her tongue enter my mouth. Her tongue touched mine. Our tongues mingled. We were kissing. We were kissing hard. Her tongue-work inside my mouth electrified me. We opened our mouths. We stretched our tongues out.

We licked our tongues. Then she placed kisses on my cheeks and neck. I hugged her tightly. Her boobs pressed against my chest. She too held me passionately. She told me to sit on floor. I loosened my embrace. She got up. I too stood up. I sat on the floor. I sat putting the whole weight of my upper body on the side wall of my room. I placed my legs long and wide. She came near and sat to the right side of my body. Then, she began to unbutton my shirt. She moved the two halves of my shirt to the sides. She saw my bare chest and stomach. She began to kiss all over my chest. She licked my nipples. When her soft tongue touched my nipples and licked them, I was feeling a great sensation which I never experienced.

I moaned, “Ahhhhh……” and said, “Sujatha…. bite my nipples and chest!” She obeyed. I was watching her closely. I placed my hands on her back. I have told her to give kisses on my stomach. Her mouth moved down from my chest. She kissed my stomach. Her tongue tip once touched my small belly button. Her mouth ran all over my stomach placing kisses. My penis bulged strongly inside my underwear. She placed her right hand on the bulge. She pressed my penis softly. I was wearing a saffron colored long cloth. She removed it. She placed a kiss on my bulge.

She didn’t take my penis out. Her mouth moved through my left leg. She was placing quick butterfly kisses on my leg. After kissing her left foot she switched over to my right foot. Now her mouth was moving upward placing kisses on my right leg. She kissed the inner side of my right thigh. Then she stopped kissing me.jayanthi took my penis out of my underwear. I wanted to remove my underwear then. She helped me remove it. I moved my legs to the sides and brought jayanthi just in front of me. She fondled it happily. She squeezed it. My penis was standing erect. She moved my foreskin down. She licked its red mound.

She twirled her tongue around it. Then she put her penis in her mouth. She began to move her head. She was sucking my cock. She was holding her lips tight to my penis. Her head moved up and down. Her head began to move faster and faster. I moaned, “Aaaahhhh…..hhh……..” She was working well on my seven inch long rock hard cock. jayanthi was sucking me hard. With her fingers, she moved down the fore skin as much as possible. She groaned, “Uhmm…….” She worked non-stop. She groaned again, Her saliva was dribbling out. My balls were made wet. Her head was moving up and down fast. I held her by her upper arms. She was sucking me faster and faster.

I felt I would lose soon. I didn’t want it then. So I stopped her. She took my dick out of her mouth. She stood up. She took the mat, blanket and pillow. Quickly she arranged them. She then removed her blouse, sari and underskirt. She was wearing no bra and panties. I too removed my unbuttoned shirt. We were become stark naked. She lay on the mat adjusting the pillow under her head. She spread her legs showing her marvelous cunt. I sat beside her. I wanted to suck her breasts. I held them with each hand. I saw her black nipples. I squeezed her breasts.

I moved my mouth close to her tits. I kissed them. I placed kisses on all sides of her boobs. I licked her nipples. I licked them alternately. It tasted well in my mouth. Her nipples became wet with my saliva. I gave repeated sucking kisses keeping her nipples inside my mouth. Then I decided to lick her pussy. On my knees I sat in front of her vulva. I moved my face close to it. I saw her moist vulva clearly. My lips touched her vagina. She moaned, “Ahhhhh…” I started to lick. I licked her split. My tongue moved along the split tasting her vulva.

I bit the lips of her pussy and pulled. She moaned again. I licked her clitoris. I moved my tongue over it again and again. “Ooooohhhh…..” she said. I then put my tongue into her pussy. I began to tongue fuck her. My tongue moved in and out of her vulva. I teased her asshole with my finger. She placed her hands on my head. Her fingers ran through my hair. She was enjoying it. She was moaning and groaning. “Ahhhhh…. Ahhhh…….” My tongue worked hard. After a few minutes I began to finger her vagina. Two fingers of of my right hand are now inside her. I began to move my fingers in and out fast. Keeping her hands on the sides of her pussy, she opened it up well.

I was fingering her fast. I moved my hand faster and faster. My fingers were running in and out very fast. She was moaning and groaning, “AhAhhhh…….” I was continuing fingering her. After some time she told me to stop and fuck her. She sat up and kissed me on my lips. We shared a deep kiss quickly. I stood up on my mat. I had a packet of condom in my bag. I took one of them from my bag.jayanthi helped me wear the condom on my penis. She lay then on the mat. I stood on my knees and slowly placed my penis into her pussy. My hard cock entered her. A quick moan escaped her mouth, “Ooooohhhhh…..” Propping my hands on her two sides I began pounding her. I moved my hips. I was hitting her hard.

She spread her legs wide. She held by my shoulders. I moved faster. I said, Ahhhh….Ahhhh…..Ahhhhh….” My cock was moving in and out faster and faster. She responded to me well. I was fully using my body weight to pound her hard. I groaned, Uhhmmm…..” My hitting became harder. My pounding became faster. I was entering her pussy. I knew I was nearing the explosion. I was nearing the cum shot. It happened. I exploded. My juice was deposited inside the condom. I lay on her naked body. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I explored and experienced my new maid,jayanthi. She hugged me with passion. I looked into her eyes. She kissed me on my lips. If any girls and aunty like to have sex with me contact me

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