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Sex With My Girlfriend Mini

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

This is Vinu. We are four people in our house. My uncle, my aunty their daughter Mini and myself. My uncle works as lower Division clerk in railways. We live in a small house in a group of flats. There is only one room and a small store room attached to it. Since childhood I used to hang around with my friends and since beginning we used to talk about male female relations in a crude way. I started masturbating very early and we friends used to do it in-group after we had teased some beautiful girl. As I grew into early teens my sex drive increased out of control. In the house my aunty and uncle used to sleep in the only room and myself and Mini used to sleep in the small store room. There was a window between the store and the room and for going to the toilet we had to cross through the room.

When I started masturbating I had to be very careful as I used to sleep with Mini. The fans in both the rooms were quite noisy so I think the rustling of clothes as I pulled my Bermudas down was not heard. Our bed was near the window and I used to sleep with my head towards the window side. One day Mini insisted on sleeping on my side of the bed. That day uncle had come back from ten days tour. I didn’t think much about it and slept on the other side. It was mid summer and very hot. At around 1 o’clock in the night power went off and fans stopped. I was sleeping till sweat started to trickle down my neck. I opened my eyes and placed my arm where usually Mini’s legs used to be. My hand fell on the bed. I lifted my head to see where she was. She was on the bed all right but she was lying on her stomach and her shoulders were about a foot high and her chin was at the sill of the window. She was looking from the side of the curtain into the room. At that moment power came back and fans started again. Now my eye caught the flicker of her kameez and I noticed that her kameez was lifted up a bit and her salwar was untied. Her salwar was still in its position but because of her kameez lifting up a bit about one inch of her back flesh was visible. The night lamp in the room was on but our store was totally dark except for the dim ray of light coming in from the side of curtain that Mini had lifted. I slowly lifted my body and sat on the bed. Mini was totally engrossed in what she was looking at so my gaze fell on her body. Her body had that girlish teenage tightness and in that pose her figure was looking perfect that small V cut from her chest to her waist and then the tight expand of her buttocks. My body involuntarily started Responding to the sight and my cock started getting hard.

I opened my Bermuda and loosened my cock. Then I also bent forward and slowly went towards the window side. Mini was so engrossed in seeing out of the window that she did not even notice me and I sat by the other side of the window and looked into the room from the other corner of the window. The first site that hit my eyes made me crazy. I could see two big wide buttocks moving up and down. The person was facing down with both the legs bent at knees and both the knees were wide apart resting on the floor. In this pose both the buttocks were spread and I could clearly see the asshole. My eyes were riveted to the site when it dawned on me that I was looking at my auntie’s asshole. Now I actually saw the full scene. My aunty was lying on top of my uncle and now I could see his small penis in the big folds of auntie’s pussy. My aunty was grinding her hips over my uncle’s cock and desperately trying to take it within the depths of her hole. This sight had made my hardening cock still harder and it was jetting from within my thighs like a big pole and it had swollen to such proportion, as it had never done before. Just then I felt a soft hand on the shaft of my cock. My hand involuntarily went down and I caught hold of the hand on my cock. As I looked down I saw that I was holding Mini’s hand. We both slowly went back down towards our sleeping position but neither was she leaving my cock nor had I stopped holding her hand over top of it. As we slowly lay back side by side in excitement I put my hand on Mini’s waist and pulled her towards me. She didn’t resist and pushed her body against mine. I then put both my arms around her shoulders and tightly embraced Mini. I could see that in her virgin excitement she was clinging to my body.

Our faces were almost touching each others and I placed my lips on mini’s lips. For a moment she was hesitant but then all resistance gave way and we both were kissing each other on the lips. It seems that the scene in the next room had made her quite horny and excited for she withdrew her lips and placed them near my ear. Then in an excited voice she said “Hai vinuvettaaa……athu…. kando avaru cheyyu nath uuu …ahhhhhhuummmm.” I knew that in the loud noise of fans whispering would not be heard anywhere so I decided to be a bit naughty and placed my lips on her ear and asked her “Mini avaru enthanu cheyunnathu.” She simply banged her fist on my shoulder so I again whispered to her “mini avaru nalla yittu sugikkuva kalichuuuu.” Now we were whispering to each other She said “vinuvetta entae mummy yudae ellam kanam.” I said “sssss mini molae nintae mummy yudae ellam kanam.” She took her hand down again and held my cock and said “vinuvetta entae mummy yudae kandu ettantae sadanam valuthayalo.”.I said “ss molae nintae mummidathil kalikkan thonnunnu atha sadanam valuthayathu” Now she was totally jealous , she pulled up the bed sheets over our heads held my head in her hands and placed her lips on my ear and whispered “etta vinuvetttaaaa entae kandal mummyyudaethu maranolum.” Her one comment made both of us dead serious. Then I took my hand down and started sliding her already open salwar down. As I slowly started removing Mini’s clothes she helped me. When I had removed her salwar we both sat up in the bed she facing me. She was sitting with her legs folded at knees and her smooth thighs were visible. I held Mini’s kameez at the bottom and started lifting it up. She helped me and lifted her arms above her shoulders.

After I had removed her Kameez I opened my shirt and removed it. She was wearing white bra so I pulled the straps of her white bra and placed both my hands on her boobs and massaged them. It seems mini enjoyed talking dirty while doing all this. She whispered in my ear “vinuvetta ettan swantam cousinae nangnathayanu aswathikkunnathuuu..ithu thettalae.” I was also out of control, so I whispered “molae ninae njan nintae mummyyae polae sughipikkam athinu thuni muzhuvan oorathe pattilla” I then slowly held her pink panty from both sides and pulled it down. I then pulled down my own bermudas and now we both were standing on our knees in front of each other. My cock was jetting from between my thighs and touching mini’s cunt hairs. I then placed both my hands on her shoulders and made her lay in front of me. Now mini was laying in front of me with her legs wide open. I then bent forward and slowly lay on top of mini. She had opened her thighs wide apart and her cunt-lips were stretched wide apart. Since she was excited her cunt hole was oozing with her cunt juice. I took my hand down and held my cock in my hand. Then I placed my swollen knob on top of my sister’s hole. Then I slowly thrust my hips forward a bit so that the tip of my cock was wedged in her cunt hole. Then I placed both my hands on my her shoulders and placed my mouth over top of her mouth. Just then the moaning from the other room got louder. My aunty was moaning in excitement and whispering loudly. We both could hear her. Aunty was talking loudly “ummm..chettaaa…sharikku adikkuuu…speedilll…aaahhhyioooo…ummmm..aahh.” Hearing this mini widened her thighs still further and I pushed my cock in her pussy I could feel a bit of resistance but I pushed my cock inside the cunt. The slimy passage of Mini’s cunt opened up and my cock went in. I knew that I had deflowered her when she bit me on my shoulder.

I left her shoulders and pushed my hands under her body and held her tightly. Then I whispered in her ear “mini nintae sealuu potttiii.” She replied “entha chettaaa?” I said “molae nee ini kanyaka allannnuuu” My sister was holding me and she whispered “chettaa..enikkkuuu avidae vedanayedukkuunnuuuu….ayioooo…aaaa.hhh.” I said “mini molae chettan ninnae sharikkum sughipichae kalikkathollu molu pedikkanada.” Just then we heard aunties voice. She was coaxing uncle to fuck her nicely. “chetta sharkku adikkuu entae samanam adichu polikkuuuuu.” We were excited just by hearing this. I started slowly fucking mini and she also started oozing juices from her cunt. By now mini was also getting into the act. She whispered to me “vinuvetta mummy ku chettantae sathan kondu sughipikkanam ennu thonnunnuuu.” I replied “ummm athiyam molae kalikattu athu kazhinju moludae mummy yayum kalikkanam” Now I was fucking mini with full force. I knew that in the other room aunty was not being fucked properly. We both were enjoying our fuck properly so I whispered in Mini’s ear “molae nintae mummy yae nintae daddy sharikku kalikkunilla.” I bit mini on her cheek and said “mini molae entae manasu parayunnu nintae mummy yae sharikku kalichu sughipikan.” But now we both wanted to enjoy our fucking so we started fucking in earnest and soon we were totally engrossed. I m fucking mini and she in getting fucked by me. After I had fucked mini thoroughly she lay down quietly and I discharged my sperm inside her cunt. After that we both lay down quietly in each other’s arms. We both knew that aunty had not been fucked properly that day. Uncle was snoring and aunty lay there quietly. Anyway after that day I and mini used to fuck regularly. Then one day uncle went on a long tour. It was the fifth night that he had gone. Previous day mini and I had enjoyed sex. On that night also by twelve thirty I had fucked mini in the ass once and now she was sleeping nicely in the bed besides me. I felt like pissing and got out of the bed. I had to cross our living room where aunty was sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Today she was sleeping alone.

My aunty was lying on her stomach and a bed sheet was covering her body. I glanced at her and went inside the bathroom. I took out my cock for pissing. As I held my cock in my hand I thought that it can satisfy aunty. But I started pissing. After that I turned around and walked towards my store room. But as I reached the center of living room a different sight greeted me. My aunty was lying in the same position but now her sari was lifted up to her back and her paloo was down. Now I knew that my aunty was trying to show me her cleavage, thighs & buttocks and trying to entice me. I simply went behind and quietly stood near her feet. I knew that she was awake and waited for her to make the next move. After some time my aunty slowly opened her legs a bit more. Then she slowly lifted her buttocks up. Now I knew that she was trying to show me her cunt. In that pose my auntie’s red panty covered cunt was open for my sight. Now I also lowered my Bermuda and took out my cock. I held my cock in my hand and looked at my auntie’s panty covered cunt. Then I went ahead and sat in between my auntie’s open thighs. Night lamp was burning. Aunty slowly turned her face behind and looked at me. I was sitting in between her open thighs holding my penis. I first looked at auntie’s panty covered cunt and then looking at her face I said “Koch kalliiiii aunty onnu shrikku kanikku.” Lying in that position aunty widened her thighs and opened her cunt wide for me. Now was the time. I was going to fuck my aunty. I was really excited and my Lund was swollen. Aunty slowly looked back and whispered “vinu monae ennai onnu sharikku sughipikkada kuttaaaa.” I sat down between my auntie’s thighs properly pulled the elastic of her wet red panties little down and held my cock in one hand. Then I placed the tip of my cock on my auntie’s cunt. Then with a little pressure I inserted my Lund inside her cunt. Finally I was going to Mini’s mother. I looked down, mini’s mother was in kneeling position in front of me, her thighs were wide apart, her buttocks were spread out, my cock was inside her cunt and I was looking directly at mini’s mother’s asshole.

I placed both my hands on her buttocks and massaged her buttocks. Then I took my hands up and held her waist in both my hands and with one push of my buttocks pushed the whole length of my cock in Mini’s mother’s cunt. Now Mini’s mother was getting excited and just like the other night started saying dirty things. Only difference was that last time she was saying “sharikku kaliku chettaaa.”And this time she was saying “vinu..entae monae kuttaa adichu thakarkada nintae auntyaee.”As I was standing on my knees and mini’s mother was kneeling in front of me I was not enjoying the fuck fully. Now I wanted that she should lie under me naked and I would lie on top of her naked body and fuck her. I slowly bent forward and put my whole weight on mini’s mother’s back. Now she slowly stretched her legs behind her and with my cock still in her cunt she lay down underneath me. I also stretched my arms and caught mini’s mother’s hands in my hand. Then I pushed my fingers through her fingers and down below increased pressure from my buttocks so that she was pressing against her Buttocks and my Lund (penis) went still inside her cunt. I had wanted to fuck mini’s mother and now I was doing it in full glory. My cock was like a rod and she was also enjoying my fucking very much. I asked her “aunty kali sughikunnundoo ?” She said “kolaam monaeee vinukutta enaai ummma vachuuuu vachuuu kalikkuuuuu…ummmmmmmaaaaaaaa…aaaa….” Now I wanted to make mini’s mother naked. I said to her “aunty auntyae oru thunumilathae ennikku kalikanam ennale kalisugam kittulluuu.” Then I pulled my long cock from her cunt and sat down besides her. she slowly rolled over and now she was facing me. She said “thuniyallammm ooranam ooo?” I replied. “motham thuniyum ooriyaal nalla sugham kittum auntyyyy.” Then mini’s mother sat down and held her sari in both her hands and slowly un wounded it and throw sari away. She was now wearing a black blouse through which the outline of her white bra can be seen through the blouse. Slowly she started to UN hook her light black blouse and throw her blouse and slowly she UN hooked her white bra from the back and pull it away. So in one shot her upper torso was naked and I was looking at my mother’s boobs.

Then she removed her black petticoat and wet red panty and was sitting in front of me fully naked. I looked at mini’s mother’s naked body and my cock started tightening again. she looked between my thighs at my cock and said “entha vinu nintae antyudae body kandu nintae sadanam pongiyallooo?” I slowly stretched my hand and placed it on top of mini’s mother’s breast. she also brought her hand forward and caught hold of my cock. Holding my cock in her hand she said “vinuuu nintae sadanam kandapom thottu entae pootil vellam vannu thudangiiiii…ummmmmmi.” I bent forward and kissed mini’s mom on the lips and said “aunty antiyudae pooru kandappam muthal enikku poingii ini thazhanmengil auntyudae poorinakathae then kudikkanam.” Then I pushed mini’s mom on to the floor and climbed over top of her. Within no time I was fucking mini’s mother again. That night I must have fucked mini’s mother for more than two hours and many times I discharged my sperm in my her womb. When I climbed down from her mini’s mother was lying with her legs spread wide apart and her cunt hole was fully loose. After some time mini’s mom said that she wanted to pee. I on listening this became horny and asked her “aunty pooru entae palukodu niranju poyooooo?” she pushed me aside and said “monaee nee entae samanam adichu nintae palu nirachilae athanu mulan vittunnathu.” I knew that she was behaving like a slut and I was enjoying it. simply kissed her on the cheeks and said “njan aunty mullunanthu kandotae?” mini’s Mother said “poda vinuuu nintae munil irunnu muliyal nee udane adutha kali thudangum.” We both got up and went to the bathroom. There mini’s mother turned around and faced me. Then she spread her feet apart and squatted down. As she sat down I also sat in front of her. She then placed both her hands on her knees and spread them further apart. Now mini’s mother was sitting with her cunt wide open in front of me. I was excited as I was going to see mini’s mother piss in front of me. Then I lifted my eyes from her cunt and looked at her face and said “muluuuuu auntiiii.” Mini’s Mother then looked down and looked at her cunt and started pissing. I was looking at the golden stream that was coming out of mini’s mother’s cunt and was wetting my feet. After some time we got up and went back to the room.

She wanted me to go to my bed but I lay down by her side. I then put my hand on her cunt and started foundling it. Now mini’s mother was slowly getting excited again. She slowly shifted towards the wall and sat with her back towards the wall. Then she spread her thighs and looked at me. I was directly looking at her. She lifted her buttocks and pushed her cunt towards me and said “sharikku entae pooru kandoo.” I shifted towards her and looked between her thighs. I looked at her and said “aunty kurachu kudiii kal akathuuu.” She widened her thighs still further and now her hole was open to my gaze. Then she motioned me to come near her. I went and sat near her. She Put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me near her. Then she asked me “vinu…mini moludae sathanavum ippam kali pakamayittunduuu.” I looked at her and said “aunty njangal sharikkum kalichu sugikkarundu.” Mini’s Mom Whispered “vinu nee enayum entae molayum kalichoooo!!!!.” I asked her “aunty Mini yayum vilikattae.” she was a bit hesitant. She said “hey vendaaaa…aval 15 vayasulla kochu pennalae njan 36 vayasulla prayamaya avludae ammayum athu shariyakilla monaeee. Athu engananu shariyakunathu?” I replied “aunty aval ippam oru prayapurthy ayavala..aval ippam avaludae kundiyum enikku kalikkan tharunnundu.” I caught hold of her wrist and pulled her up. “vaa namukku mini kidakunnayidathu pokam.” As we went inside the store room I saw Mini suddenly pulling the bed sheets over her body. I knew that she had seen our fucking and was naked. Aunty was behind me. I pulled her into the room and with one hand pulled Mini’s bed sheet. I sat down besides mini and pulled mini’s mother into the bed with us. Now we all were sitting naked in the same bed. I put my arms around both of them and pulled them near me. “ok inium randu perum nanikandaaaa.” I told them. Both of them had their heads on my two shoulders slowly mini’s mom without seeing took her hand towards my cock and at the same time mini also took her hand towards my cock. Their hands simultaneously touched my cock and each other’s hands. mini looked down and said to aunty “Mummy , mummt sadanam pidicho njan balls pidicholam. Now mini’s mom looked up towards Mini and said “namlay randinayum vinu kalikunnundu pinay enthina namulu nanikunnathu.” Then Mini’s mom said “Mini entae mukatheyku nokku.” Mini looked up and looked into her mother’s eyes. Aunty asked “molae ninakku vinu vinae ishtamano.” Mini replied “Mummy othiri…..enai ithraym nanayittu vinuvettan alathae arum sughipichittillaaa.” aunty smiled and said “Mini molae enikku ariyam nintae daddy ennai sughipichathilum sugham nintae vinuvettan enikku innu thannuuu.”

Aunty now asked me “vinu entha oru book mattressinadiyil?” I put my hand under the mattress and pulled out a dirty book. Aunty switched on the night lamp and kept the book on the bed. I and Mini lay down besides her. aunty slowly looked at me and asked “ethangilum aunty yayum molayum orimichu kalikkunna story undo?” I looked at mini and said” Mini nintae mummykku kanichu kodukku.” Now both Mini and her mother were lying on their stomachs and they both were naked. I went behind them and looked at their lovely choots. Mini was showing the story to her mom. I slowly lay down on top of Mini’s mother’s naked back. Now my cock was between her buttocks. Mini’s mother was reading the book lying down and her shoulders were up. Her boobs were hanging down. I caught hold of her boobs. Then I slowly put my hand down and with one hand opened Mini’s mother’s buttocks and placed the knob of my cock on her asshole. “vinu nokku ee kathayil enganayanu oruthan avantae aunty yudae thunkal oori sughipikkunathannu” Mini’s Mom told mini excitedly about the story. Meanwhile I took some spit on my fingers and then took my hand down and lubricated mini’s mother’s asshole. Mini did n’t know what I was doing down below but her mother was silently assisting me. Now I slowly applied pressure from my hips and let my lund press over Mini’s mother’s ass. Mini’s mother loosened up her buttocks a bit and now my cock tip was pressing Mini’s mother’s sphincter muscles. Both Mini and her mother were reading the story very excitedly. mini said “Hey mummy kathayil enthokae azhukku vakanu ullathannu nokkiyae.” her mother explained “molae nalla kalisugam venamagil ithu polayulla varthanam parayanam.” I again put my hands through Mini’s mother’s shoulders and caught hold of her boobs. At the same time I could feel Mini’s mother’s asshole opening up.

My cock was slowly going inside her ass. She lying in the same position slowly opened her legs a bit. As Mini turned the page they saw a photograph with a caption “Aunty yae pannunna payan” And the photograph showed a small boy with his cock in the cunt of a big mature lady. Mini’s mother on seeing the photo got excited and pushed her buttocks back as a result my cock went fully inside her ass-hole. As soon as my cock was fully in Mini’s mother tightened her hole to acknowledge my feat. Now I had taken Mini’s mom under my thighs and my cock was fully inside her ass-hole. This was enough excitement for me and I started fucking Mini’s mother in her back hole. As I pushed my buttocks up and down and started pumping my cock in and out of her ass Mini noticed for the first time what was going on down there. She looked down and didn’t say one word. She just took her hand down below and slowly inserted it between my thighs and her mom’s buttocks. She then touched my cock and then stretched her fingers and touched her mom’s stretched asshole with my cock in it. She slowly ran her finger around my cock and also touched the circumference of her mom’s ass where my cock had stretched it. A look of incredulity came on her face and she turned and looked towards her mother and said “Vinu vettantae samanam muzhuvan mummyyudae chanthikakathayiiii.” Aunty widened her thighs and widened her buttocks and turned her face back and said to me “monae sharikku nintae aunty yudae chandi adichu polikkuuu.” Mini sat down and went behind between our thighs. Suddenly she got up and switched on the light. The she looked back at us fucking and said “ayiooo enna nala kaliyaaa nadakunnathuu.” Then again she came back and sat down between our thighs.

Then she touched my lund that was a bit outside and said “vinu vettaa kurachu samanam kudi entae mummyyudae chandikakathu kayaranunduuu athu kudi kayattuuu.” Mini’s Mom opened her thighs further arched her back and pushed her buttocks back and took my full cock in. Suddenly her mom looked back and said “monae vinuuu ini entae chandikakathu ninnu oori entae poorinakathu vaykadaaaa”. After some time I pulled my cock out of her hole and made her sit on her knees. Then I made her bend forward so that she was bent with her buttocks high in the air. Now her ass hole was fully wide open. Really her ass hole was looking lovely in between her big wide choot. then I pushed my cock into her cunt and started to fuck. After some time we both exploded. Any moms and daughters who want to have a good sex can mail me at

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