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Sex With My Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 21, 2015

Let’s coming to the story ..I’m Raja from andhra pradesh..I’m living in a small village with less facilities…actually you people know how village buddies can enjoy with natural beauties not like city beauties…I am also such kind of person loving women shapes……coming to my family my father was a farmer 48years with well built body and my mother was house wife 46 years maintain good shapes still and sisters with ages of 27,25,23 , all they married near to our villages…and I had a brother with age of 21 doing agriculture and finally me with age of 18 completed just 12th(inter) maintaining good physique…..Actually my parents marriage will happened very early that’s why …..Recently my brother got married with my aunt’s daughter , doing agriculture…actually my brother got married with my lover i.E., my sister in law …..

Due to father’s decision I can’t oppose him, she too not oppose her mother’s decision…marriage finished…. Next day when she was coming out from first night room tears will rolled down for both of us .This tragedy change my life…..

I asked my mom I want to go to further studies to other place not here…then she discuss with my father …. After lot of discussion they agreed…but they put one condition I want stay in my cousin sister’s home..Why because my dad was fear about my stay in bachelor’s room…next day I & mom packed all my luggage…whenever I seen my sil I can’t bear that situation…my mom was talk my cousin sister on phone…actually her name was subbalakshmi simply subbulu, she was illiterate …. She was my mom’s elder sister daughter…when my peddamma(aunty) was died at her childhood..My mom only was take care of her& married her..That’s why she agreed quickly my stay with her and she convince her husband also……

After that we take our uncle’s car and moved to my sister’s home with my parents…at evening we reached her home, my mom called her subbulu…she came very happily to receive us …then I saw her after a long gap…her shapes made me very horny, she maintaining 38-32-40 shapes and her body was full of sweat I think due to cooking…her pallu struck between two boobs & hip curve..I was watching her beauties totally when she called me I came into this world she was smiling to me and took my hand took into her house . Her house was nice with all facilities. My mom & sister were busy in their cooking…after some time my bil came ,he was doing business.

My dad & bil greeted to each other..They were talk to each other , I was watching tv… we take nice dinner and slept…..Next morning my dad ,bil &me went to college and took admission…my dad paid full amount in single term..We purchased all things for me includind mobile and reached home…after taking food my dad given full rights on me to my bil, and gave some money to bil ..And also to my sister to purchase some sari or others…… my mom given some money to me without knowing father…..Then onwards to forgot my past story I was going to college daily and helping to my sister in all things…….

As usual I got some good friends in college as usual we bunk to college and going to movies and doing friendly parties & small trips and they made me a habit of watching iss site & x videos site…..After watching I went to home by looking at my sister’s body went to bathroom for doing hand pump…actually she was black in color due to her figure made me mad and too she not good in her clothes…..Like this going on….

One day we were cleaning & arranging things in the home …she stuck her sari and pallu struck between her boobs and watching her half thighs, to put items in the upper cupboard my sister take some ladder she ask me to hold ladder ,when she was climbing my eyes were glad to see her black thighs light view of hairy pussy…she didn’t care of this she arrange all things….My dick stand like iron pole on my lower. After finishing she get down ,she slips and fall on me ,i caught her my hands on her boobs and my dick touching her pussy, then we both laugh by watching our positions..

Then onwards her intentions towards me will changes…my bil went to tour with his friends..One day for some function she got ready with good sari..She didn’t apply any powder or anything , then I said to her to make up, she told that i’m not interested not all in that, I convince and apply some facial tips and made her beauty, then by watching in the mirror ,she wondered and thanks to me…then I said that my bil was so lucky to got this beauty..She shyly give a smile ….Like this our naughty conversation going on…then stopped on her pregnancy lastly …i asked about her pregnancy and about children….

Then she started crying and telling with low voice that her husband was less sperm count he was unable to fuck but apart from this he was good and we consult a doctor ,but he was not listening their words about his impotency and behave like idiot…when he was in mood ,he fucked me and leaked with in short time, then onwards I hugged husband or pillow and remove all sexual pleasure..

After telling this she hugged me tightly..I also try to convince from her situation …then our feelings got exchanges, I also placed hand on her ,kissed over forehead and later on realizes our position…. We move to our position…we attend that party.. When going for dinner there was a lot of queue and people were pushing each other ,anyway we also join in that, my sister was front and I was in back to her,, ,due to pushing my dick got raised and pressing my sister’s ass ,she too enjoying that scene but not to disclose each other and also pressing another mature aunty boobs from backside, I was sandwich between them, anyway we finish our dinner and rain will started and we two members fully drenches in the rain…..

I started bike ,we both reached house, we both fully drenched .My sister take two towels from sofa side room and gave it to me to remove dress. I feel shy to remove dress in front of sister, she told me I have seen you lot of times nude from childhood onwards nothing to feel shy in front of me. Then I remove my shirt first my bare chest with hair will appear ,then I remove my trouser & under ware and tied towel around hip. When I was going unexpectedly my towel will fell down I appeared full nude in front of my sister, she started laughing and after some time stare to see my erected penis. I instantly take towel went to my room. My sister shout loudly to bring some dress for her.

Then I take dress went to side room at entrance, she was only on blouse & petticoat to dry herself with towel. Her shapes will clearly visible& feast to my eyes. Her boobs with black nipples were clearly visible from transparent blouse & her ass shape also made me horny. I given dress to her. She told me to leave room,i said you have seen fully, I am also use stay to watch. She simply giving smile turned back and remove both& blouse and petticoat. Her bare back with side view of boobs & naked pots like ass will fully visible.

To my luck when she wearing petticoat it fell down , to take petticoat she turned towards me ,i was seen her big water melons & bushy vagina, we pass some horny comments to each other. One strong thunderstorm came, for that sound she hugged me . For that heat generated on both of us, I became nude and I used to kiss all over her body .We both exchange our saliva, I smooched her boobs and by pressing butts I used to kiss navel and then I put my tongue inside her bushy vagina some kind smell came that made me horny,

I used to lick totally pussy and then like a child I drink milk from her boobs. Later by pressing butts & boobs I finger fucked her vagina till her orgy. To my behavior she too got responding, she was wonder to watch my behavior compare to her husband I am giving 100% sexual pleasure. We both forgot we were sister & brother at that time .Finally I insert my erected penis into her vagina ,

Firstly it was half went inside, I pushed forcibly my dick went inside fully she shouted and later on she too enjoyed our fucking, finally she released her juices and I cummed fully on her vagina, her vagina became full of my sperms it went for ½ hour .That total night we fucked for 5-6 times. Next onwards we behave like new couple ,whenever we got a chance we fuck in the total house. My sister asked me about pregnancy. I told that you can also enjoy with bil, then no one can’t doubt on us.. Within a short time ,sister told me good news that she was pregnant, we enjoyed fully.

On holidays I went to my village. When I reached home no one was at home, door was locked at front side, as usual I went through back door when I opened the door ,my sil just came from bathroom by wrapping a towel around her chest, by looking at me with grace her towel will fell down on feet, i’m feel shame of that I turned back, she took towel and wrap it and she came towards me & hold my hand, I told to her it was wrong please leave me, I don’t want stay with u, she was telling that no one was at home all will come at night time, by looking at me tears will rolled on eyes and hugged me tightly.

By that incident I too responded firstly later on I pushed her ,i was sin I can’t cheat my brother. She didn’t listen my words and hugged me tightly and she was telling that dear I miss you so much and kissed me totally and remove her towel and throw it away and give me baby like you until my life I can grow your child like you. Then her words make me sentimental and I too respond for her behavior, we became nude and enjoyed fully until night…like this my sister & sister in law got children with me…thank you for reading my story

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