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Sex With My Chachie

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  • August 16, 2015

Hello desipapa fans. My name is IMRAN (not real) I live in Gujranwala Pakistan. I am a student of 2nd year in. I am very fond of desipapa stories. I have read almost all stories and today I am going to share my sex experience with you I am 19 years 6.2 feet and have a cute body, thats why every one in my family likes me.

I belong to a very big family. I have three uncles (brothers of my dad), five aunts (sisters of my dad). This incident happened with my chachi (my uncle’s wife). One day every one was gone out to attend a marriage at Karachi. My parents told me to stay back in the house as it is not safe to leave the house alone for almost a week, they also left my chachi with me. Now let me tell you about my chachi she is 26 years 5.7 feet 38, 28, 40, great isn’t she!

My parents left at afternoon after some time we had breakfast and then she went to her bedroom as it was summer season and everyone feel sleepy after breakfast. I also went to my bed to have a nap. After 2 hours I woke up and went to her bedroom her door was open a bit as I peeped inside I was shocked to see that she was fingering her pussy. Watching her I also started playing with my 7 inch monster. that was the first time I ever saw a naked pussy (as I was still a virgin) and it was the pussy of my beautiful chachi.When I came to realize that I was going to cum I rained towards bathroom, unloaded my self there and come back to her room. she was also finished and was lying in her bed. I pretended that I had not saw her and started to wake her she asked for tea and I went to make it for my sexy aunty as I can do some house hold work my self and making tea is my spatiality) meanwhile the scene of masturbation was flashing into my mind and I was thinking a way to fuck her.

After a while I went to her bedroom with the tae in my hands. After having tea she said that she is going to take a bath as she is feeling dizzy. When she was gone to bath room I turned on the TV. a song which was very sexy was going on and I also had the latest experience in my mind I got A quick erection then I heard the sound of the shower. I looked at the door there was a key hole in the door I started gazing through the hole there the beauty was taking a shower her boobs were fully erect with cold water after taking shower she realized that she has forgotten to take towel she turned to the door I quickly jumped back on the bed as I was watching TV.

She peeped from the door and asked me to give her towel. I was in erection and that area of pent was looking like a tent when I gave her the towel, she looked at my erection and gave my a sexy smile. when she came out of the bath she was wearing a blue color salwar kames. I did not even talked with her. She went to kitchen to cook some thing for supper.

During supper she asked me about the erection she said that do not become shy it is a part on teen age. After supper she asked me let us play draft. It is a very tough game as the name. while playing the game the phone bell rang. I went to attend the phone and she hide one of my playing slot in her cleavage when I came back I found my slot was gone I asked her about my slot she said she did not have it I said her to give back she offered to search her I began to search there then I pointed to her shirt that u have hided it there she offered me search I thought for some time and then began to search wow her breasts were soft like cream I was praying to grab one boob of her.

She was letting out soft sounds with which I was getting erection again but then I found my slot and began to play again. When she was going to sleep she asked me if I will press her back as she was very tired. I agreed and went into her bedroom she went to bed and I began to press her she asked me that if has any girl friend I said no “I do not have any” then she asked “have you see any girl without her clothes.” I hesitated a moment and then replied again NO she asked ” do u want to see one “I answered YES. She then said “come on take my clothes off” My head was spinning as I was still a virgin

I started to take her clothes off WOW what a beauty was caged in there in the bra soft milky white and with perfect pink nipples without wasting another second I started to suck on her one boob while my hands were working on her salwar as her salwar fell down her another beauty was unleashed there was her beautiful pussy she was not wearing her panty. Then she started to remove my clothes I at once caught her and began to arouse her madly she said “relax! we have all the night to enjoy.” Then she took my clothes off and began to suck on my monster sized cock after a few minutes I cumed in her mouth and she swallowed all the cum then we went into position 69 I put my mouth on her pussy lips I was going mad with the sweet aroma of her pussy and I began to suck her pussy madly she was letting out soft moans after few moments she reached her orgasms my cock was hard again I told her that I want to fuck her now she asked me in what position I asked what r these positions ? she laughed and said don’t worry u will learn about them she taught me how to enter my cock in her pussy I obeyed her as she told me to I entered my cock in the pussy.

The pussy was hot inside it was feeling great She was also enjoying and was screaming I asked her y she was screaming she said the screams mean that I m enjoying very much she was ordering me hardssssssssssssssssssssyessssssssssssssohohohohohohoh ahahahahahahahahmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwwcome on fuck me fuck me hard

after about 10 minutes I screamed I am cuming she told me to cum in her I cumed deep inside her womb I was very tired I fell on the bed but she said that she want to ride again on the cock I asked her to suck my cock so it can get hard she sucked good and in 5 minutes my cock was hard so I can fuck her again then I went for her ass her butt cheeks were also soft white and attractive. I entered and began to move my dick in and out in the mean time I was pressing her boobs from behind. I never had a feeling like that before. I was feeling like I am in heaven then we spread ourselves on the bed and started french kissing she said that she had never enjoyed such fuck. I promise her that I will make her satisfy when ever she will ask to. Than all the night I remain sucking her boobs, ass and pussy and all through the weak we had the best fucks of our life.

Believe me friends she is sitting beside me and is masturbating me and I also hope you have masturbated a lot while reading the story. If Any girls want to be fucked or to be my friends they are welcome and can mail me at I promise That I will reply to each and every mail I will get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye for now and wish u a nice sex life .Don’t for get to mail me at

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