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Sex With My Beautiful Cousin Who Is Two Years Younger To Me

  • desipapa
  • October 21, 2015

Hi my name is krishna and I am from nelore.

This happened when I was doing my inter second year and my cousin is doing her 10th class.

Coming to me I am 5″ 11 toll and we’ll built body with a 8 inch cock.

My sister she is 5″ 5 with a very well structured body 28 B. She is fair and very attractive.

We both are very close to each other since childhood. I got attracted to her on her mature function till that I never had any sexual feeling on her. That day she was waring a light pink color half saree with a dark maroon color bottom. She looked like a beautiful angel came from heaven.

As usual girl when she get matured she will made to sit and sleep on the floor instad of bed. I was so angry on all other because they made my little sister sleep on floor. I was angry because every time she use to sleep in my arms or on my lap when ever she was with me even though we sleep on bed. That day I was sitting beside her as she asked me to sit with her on the floor. As I could not leave her like that I sat along with her. It was almost 12:30 mid night every one slept.

I slowly moved near her took her head on my lap and made her sleep she holded my hand tight and started kissing it. I thought she was just doing it normally after few min she just got up and started hugging me I holded her in my hands her boobs got pressed to my shoulder hardly she whispered in my ears to hug her tight so I started hugging and pressing her body smoothly after sometime I got hard and slowly started kissing on her forehead cheeks and slowly kissed on her lips she respond to it and started kissing while kissing she took my hand kept inside her inners oh god what a smooth and sponge boobs she got started pressing them slowly she asked me keep the second hand in her bleeding pussy asked me to rub on it. I could feel the wet thing I thought it blood first I took my hand and saw it was not red in color. She said the bleeding was stopped yesterday now it’s all female juice.

Then I took her on me started kissing she said in my ears that she was waiting for this day and asked me to fuck her. I was shocked to hear her words started kissing her neck and above the boobs slowly removed her blouse and pallu started kissing her boobs and sucking her nipples what a beautiful boobs she got white color boobs with a brownish pink color nipples sucked them for a while she was mooning with pleasure I kissed all over her body and rubbed her pussy and clit it went for 2 hours I cumed once in my boxer and she cumed 2 times her panty was completely wet with her juices. In no time she said break my virgin which got matured now for you. By hearing I was very very happy and made her sleep and just got on her started kissing her again and licked her pussy with full hunger she released her pre cum which was little salty but the taste was good licked and drank some she said can’t wait more so took my dick and started putting it in.

It was very very hard but pushed little she started mooning louder with pain I locked her mouth with mine and kept little more pressure she could not bare it just 1/2 of mine went in tears rolling out of her eyes I could not give her more pain so took it out and saw there was some blood to my cock. I just fingered her that night. She asked me to get a vesaline so that she will help me in getting the complete cock inside her.

The next day she wore a very hot and sexy dress it was a black tight t shirt and a long skirt. As we both are very close to each other no one suspect us. That day we both went to the upstairs room were we use to sleep regularly . she was really bam good looking with her tight t shirt and long skirt.

I hugged her and started kissing her and had a tongue fight for a while she asked me did u get the vesaline I said yes she was so excited and hugged and said first u keep u r thing inside mine. I am waiting for getting fucked by you since ever I saw u r cock. I started kissing her with out any time from her top when I took her t shirt she was naked no bra or inner pressed them hard she moaned aaaahhaaaaaa hmmm

I have sucked her nipples and kept my hand in side her middy her pussy was wet she started moaning louder while rubbing her pussy and kissing her boobs that made me more hot she took the vesaline and applied to her pussy and she pulled my short and took my dick in her hands and applied vesaline to it and pushed me over bed got up on me spread her legs wide sat on me keeping my dick near pussy lips which are really wet with her juices and also the vesaline she applied to my dick helped going in little easy when I pushed little she moaned loud ahhhaaaa abbbaa hmmm

She was moving up and down slowly and I was keeping pressure slowly I have increased the pressure I holded her at her hip and pulled her down and I applied pressure upward direction my dick went all in one go she made a loud voice aaaaaaa haahhmaa uhhaaa

Brother its very very nice do more more and more “Annaya baga nopega undhi kani chala chala bagudhi inka cheyu inka cheyu ”

After fucking her for 6 min she cummed out and fell on bed I went up on her started kissing her lips and sucking her boobs. While fucking her pussy after some time I went down to lick but there was some blood spread around her pussy lips and my dick. I woke her up took her to washroom washed every thing and slept by hugging her and kissing her.

It was my first sex experience which I had with my virgin sister both of us lost our virgin at once.

After this we. Both had sex very often when ever we feel depressed and teased we use to have sex to get peace and happiness. This went for almost 8 years she got married and got settled in foreign.

When ever I go there we have a session for sure depends on her husband timings.

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Please give me the feed back and comments for my story based on u r feed back i will tell you guys about my second affair with a girl from FB.

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