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Sex With My Aunt’s Daughter In Village

  • desipapa
  • November 18, 2015

Hi, I am Raj 25 from Andhra near ongole. Currently I am in Bangalore working as software engineer in mnc. I am fair homely and handsome guy with 5.7 height. This is very true incident happen from 3 years to 1 year back when I am doing be. My aunt’s daughter is 18 yrs old and studying 12th class and ours is village so most of the time she used to stay at my home only from childhood and we used to tease her with nick names from childhood and became very close to me some times we used to lie on top of each other when there were no one at home.
Until she got matured I don’t have any bad intentions towards her. One day I heard some affairs about my neighbors from my friends like having sex with other’s wife’s in farm fields because no one catch them in farm fields.

After that I got aroused and thinking of sex whom to seduce then suddenly I heard some news that my aunt daughter got matured after that I started thinking about her and how to seduce her. Its January session I came to home for pongal holidays and no one at home I mean in village in January time heavy work will be there in cultivation and no one at home at that time..At that time since she got matured she is at home and I came for holidays and my parents went to cultivate. When she came she used to ask me how are you? When you came from college? I told I am fine and came today morning.

Still some discussions are going on between us after some time she sat beside me and I was lied on bed in hall by turning left side and cracking some jokes while laughing each other her back touched my penis and because she just sat opposite to my penis with some distance. After touching my penis I got electric shock and I put my hand on her back and started rubbing.

Then she became close to and when ever we start laughing she used to lied on me partially. At that time her left boob touches me partially after some time I got aroused and penis at 90 degrees and I was not in my control then I pressed my penis towards her back by holding her hair at back and she simply closed her eyes and sat calm with out any talk after some time I asked her r u interested I marriage? Then she replied no I asked why are u not interested? She told my age is small and my parents won’t accept my marriage right now.

After some time she told me I have to leave for home my father will come to my home and I have to serve food to him then I told wait for some time and I started pressing her shoulders and back then she realized and asked me if you aroused like this why don’t you get married? I got shocked and wait for some time then I replied I am doing be right now and no one will marry me and I have to settle in my life then only its possible. Then she said it’s ok.

After some time I touched her right boob and pressed it she sat calm and closed her eyes then I started pressing her both the boobs and I asked her did you see penis in your life she told no..Ok do you want to see mine? She told no I don’t want.

But I opened my pant zip and opened my penis and I asked her to see it but she refused after some time I took her hand and put on my penis and rubbed it .After some time she again told I have to leave for home I told her by holding her wait some time and lets go to bed room she refused it..After I inserted my hand in pant and starts rubbing her pussy then she started moaning like hmmm .. Haa .. Mmm…

After 5 minutes again I asked her lets go to bed room only for 5 min and then she accepted and she went out to see any one is around my home because ours is village and if any one knows we are alone at home they get doubt..

After she directly entered to bed room and I followed her then immediately I removed her top and started sucking her boobs..Since it is first time for me to see a girls boobs and I rubbed them roughly and she told its paining me please do it slow then I kept in my mouth and sucked them I did it for 10 min after that I remover her pant and saw her pussy there was no hair on it and very clean then I rubbed it and inserted my finger in it

After 5 min I removed my pant and kept my penis in her hand I asked her to suck it but she refused it.She shook my penis for 10 mins and then I asked her to lie down on the bed she lied on the bed and I lied on top of her by kissing her cheeks then she hold my face and kept my lips in her lips and gave me passionate kiss like that pressing and kissing gone for 15 mins and started pressing on her pussy with pant with my penis she told its paining then I removed her pant and started to insert my penis but she refused it saying that it will be a problem like pregnancy..

Then I hold her tightly and laid on her for some more time and ejaculated on her novel.Then she dressed up and left for her home immediately…After that we used to do anal sex when ever we get chance like wise 2 years passed and she got married and settled in bangalore at that time I was in hyd and after marriage once she came to my home and I asked her casually how was marriage life and all and she told everything is fine and happy at that time I was watching movie in laptop and she came close me started watching it

After some time some school children also came to watch movie since it is a new movie then I put off the lights in room so the room is full dark and children at front watching the movie me and she sat at back and watching movie after 10 min she lied on me and started watching the movie at that time she wore saree and I started pressing her boobs like wise I did 10mins and cooperating very well then I took her hand inserted in my pant she started to rub my thing after some time my mother came and we stopped it then she asked me to come to bangalore and no one will be there at her home and she took my mobile number and left for her home..

After 1yr I got job in bangalore I shifted to bangalore .After 6 months I got call from her and saying about her life and told everything is fine and I asked her about sexual life then she told her husband is not much interested in sex and used to go to work in early morning come at late night so some times I used to sleep early before he come.

Some times when her husband at home while sleeping she used to take her husband penis and insert into her cunt..But she told me that her husband penis is very small and she can’t able to enjoy it much.After some days her brother and mom(my aunt) came to her house in bangalore and they invited me to her house because he is my aunt son.

I went there and casually spoke to her after that I used to visit their house frequently but not getting any chance by the time she is pregnant and gave birth to one baby and then I stopped visiting her house now..This is the my first and last real exp in my life if you like it and any one interested in bangalore pls reply me at

Sex With My Aunt’s Daughter In Village

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